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  • A disciple
    Charles; God made man in His image and likeness, and charged him with the overseership of the earth and all things in it, to have the mastery over it and subdue it and work it to fruitfulness and productivity for good and for God's glory. Until we repent of our debating and questioning and disagreement with God's Spirit, doubtful thoughts will darken and mislead men to stand in opposition to Him.
  • Charles
    (verses 18-19. The sun (the greater light) and moon (the lesser light) and stars were not made until day 4 ). From these, presumable, the 24-hour day was created. Ergo, the days prior to day 4 could not have been the fabled 24-hour day, could they? Can someone help me with that?
  • Alexander Ho
    God made man. Man betrayed the creator. God save us the reason because God love us despite we do not love God. We are always doing wrong as Satan its evil sprit is working in our mind. When we have awared so we can be victory all sins as we pray to our Lord for helpness.
  • Rusty
    Rereading to fully understand.
  • Brad
    Did anyone notice that in 1:14 that the night sky (stars, moon, etc.) were created to provide signs in addition to calendars? What signs is this passage referring to exactly? That is the real question.
  • Brian
    the " tree of life " is the law of god, adam as is written sinned, sin is transgression of the law, the tree of knowledge of good and evil is "Sin" all that is of satan, adam and eve coveted, thought they would become as gods a tree to be desired to make one wise, covetousness," thou shalt not covet" can only be found in the law,thus sin and death came upon all mankind by transgression of the law
  • Anonymous
    In The Beginning......Not Man...God Created! ....And It Was Good!... Remember... " You Can't Have It All Man... Because Everything Belongs To God! " ..... All His Resources For Us To Use... Not For Our Glory ... But His... Amen!
  • Dennis clauder
    Genesis is wonderful and very clear on what god looks like. He is a glorified resurrected man how wonderful that is to me..glory be to the father for ever and ever..
  • Jeff Berry
    Brian, sin entered creation when Adam
  • Nick
    When did sin enter the world? Book of Eziekel 28:13-18, Isaiah 14:12-15, sinned entered the world by Lucifer. Genesis 1:1-2 God created the Heaven and the Earth inhabitable on day one, (to create is to bring something new into nature which only God can do, for man and angels only manipulate their environment, trees for lumber, clay, brick, steel ect from the earth.)
  • Brian
    can anyone tell me what day did sin enter into the world and how?
  • Bright Billiotbwa
    Its all about the creation of the universe
  • Tony Searight
    In The Beginning......Not Man...God Created! ....And It Was Good! ....
    Remember.... " You Can't Have It All Man .... Cuz Everything Belongs To God! " ..... All His Resources For Us To Use.... Not For Our Glory ... But His.... Amen!
  • Israel G
    The greatness of the great chapter of the great verse of the great Bible.

    This is the work of God of the BIBLE
  • Jaime Marie Rea
    Jesus says he sits at the right hand of God. It says God will live amongst men and women in revelation after 1000 years of peace and Satan is finally fired We cannot imagine God's Holy Ghost omnipotent creator because we are not God. To God give the glory.. Money is not God.. God doesn't need money.. Satan said he could be more powerful than God and created money.. Murdering millions
  • Alex
    God does not want to destroy this LITERAL EARTH OR THE HEAVENS. Revelation 11 says that God will destroy them that destroy this earth,The earth that he wants to destroy is mans carnal mind meaning our evil and Adamic nature, Adam was of this earth earthy and his spirit was the old heaven DISOBEDEN spirit, y wd God want to destroy this earth when the scrip. say that the manchild will rule all nations. GBU
  • Alex
    Bill the H.G. is truly the multiplication of Christ in US via his seed which is the WORD planted in our hearts,Isaiah says behold Me and the children th lord has given Me. He will see his SEED ( HIS CHILDREN) and be satisfied, Just as 1st adam was multiplied making humanity Corruptible. 2 nd Adam will be multiplied via his seed the WORD MAKING HUMANITY INCORRUPTIBLE.Thus multiplication of CHRIST
  • Dennis W. Pourciau
    This is where it all begins. I always learn something new
  • BG
    Starting out the New year 2018 with the reading thru the Bible program on this website. I have used this website before to read thru the Bible but not using the new year format. God Bless and don't give up if you do this. It is ok to miss a day or read ahead. The idea is to allow the Lord to speak to you thru His holy word not to rigidly cling to a schedule - it is a prompt/guide. God Bless
  • Santo
    does anyone consider than the bible begins from the end?Genesis 1:28;2:5 2:24 is possible that genesi 1 replace the 2 ?
  • Alex
    No more SEAS means no more SEAS of humanity tossed to and fro by every wind of religious doctrine. ISAIAH said knowledge shall cover the earth, as the waters cover the seas .THUS THERE WILL BE NO MORE SEAS OF HUMANITY IGNORANT OF THE MYSTERY OF HIS KINGDOM AS HE IS GONNA SEND HIS RAIN N SON ON THE JUST AND UNJUST,TH GOOD AND THE BAD.I WILL POUR OUT MY SPIRIT ON ALL FLESH. HIS WORD IS THAT SPIRIT.
  • Lee
    Waters above refer to space having mass.That knowledge was "hidden" until recently...God reveals his truth when its time..God is Perfection personified...And miracle of miracles...We are made in his image!
  • A disciple
    M King (cont.) The Scriptures also say, that God created the world out of nothing; that He spoke, and they were; He commanded, and they stood fast. While God in past ages winked at (i.e.; overlooked and forgave) the ignorance and blindness of the Nations, for that they were born into a heathen society; but He now commands all men everywhere to repent and believe the Glad Tidings of His Son JESUS.
  • A disciple
    M King; As long as you're here in the first Chapter of Genesis; take some time and read what it says! "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." And further for learning more about that, there are many places in the Psalms and the Prophets as well the Writings of the Apostles that will help expound this. "The things which are made were not made of things which do appear."
  • Jeff Berry
    M.King, please expound using Scripture to support your belief. Also, why is it important to you to believe what you have stated? Blessings!
  • M.King
    The Earth And The Heaven was here sometime before the Creation of the HOSTS of the Earth.
  • Alex
    His blood is the living WORD as Jesus was the LIVING WORD made flesh and blood,not the written word but the living WORD ,TH written word is not God just paper and ink but the living WORD is,SPIRIT AND LIFE which is GOD,we are made clean by hearing the living WORD, IN THE O.T. THEY HAD TO APPLY A BIT O BLOOD TO THE TIP OF THE RIGHT EAR,BUT NOW THE BLOOD IS APPLIED BY HEARING HIS WORDS OUR RIGHT EAR
  • Alex
    Does anybody know what the good fruit is? I can give ya a hint,What was MARYS GOOD FRUIT ? The good fruit is a baby Christ,the child is spirit, thats y he is saying that which is born of the spirit is SPIRIT WHICH IS THE H.G.Thats y he refers to himself as the SON OF MAN,His word is his seed, Our hearts is the womb where that good seed will be sown, THEY DON'T CALL HIM THE BRIDEGROOM FOR NOTHING.
  • A disciple
    Vicki; No, haven't read or heard about that book you mentioned. As to you question about the angels possibly inhabiting the earth before men; I'm not completely convinced that that is in the Scriptures. Howbeit there is a long time teaching out there in a few circles, that there are some coded messages in a handful of verses; which "they" suppose suggests that very thing, and a cataclysmic event.
  • Rebecca
    Vicki.. I just made a comment.. and now I don't see it. Young earth creation is what we see in Genesis. The age of the earth is about 6000 to 7000 years old according to the biblical timeline.

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