Genesis 8:22 Inspirational Image

Genesis 8:22 Inspirational Image

"While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."
Genesis 8:22 (KJV)

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"My harvest is Jesus name seasons change amen"
"Pretty much defies all the scientific so-called claims on global warning!!! ...let God be true but every man a liar...!"
"Eat that global warming."
"This is a wonderful promise of God's care for this earth and ultimately His people until after He take His people to heaven and then He will destroy the earth. People keep saying that we are destroying the earth when we can't."
"And this, my friends, destroys the theory of global warming."
"JESUS is LORD!!!"
"We praise you Lord for our blessings, most of all for salvation!!"
"But there are those like MONSANTO, pilfering the EARTH W/O care while using us like guinea pigs to biotecnology"
"Don't be so worried about global warming. God is in control!"
"Even a child can understand the KJV. ..... But if they r told they can't , they will soon believe you!!!"
"Everything changes yet nothing changes. So much for global freezing. global warming and "climate change." It's called, "weather.""
"Happy Sabbath everyone from Papua New Guinea..."
"I have heard people say..."You know, the Bible says there will come a time where you can't tell the seasons apart!" I tell them it says the opposite of that."While the earth remaineth.....""
"Jesus said : " Lest you become as a little child you shall mot entet the Kingdom of God. " We must be childlike, but NOT childish."
"May God bless this country... God bless America !!!"
"Means life goes on until HE comes.. Amen love it"
"Amen!! Say NO to GMO's! :~)"
"Interesting pix nd comment, {God} giver of all good things, father we can nt thank u enough, lord may ur mercy continuel on our side in jesus name"
"So much for global warming."
"Thank God for his covenant, let us continue to sow seeds. apollos will water it and God will add the increase. Glory be to GOD!! You cant beat God giving! grace and peace.."
"Thank you Lord for your promises!"
"The end of the climate debate right here."
"The harvest is ready are we ready to go to work?"
"The word of GOD is true...i can plant any seeds of vegetables and GOD give plenty of harvest everyday...thanks GOD 4 everything..."
"These little ones are our future. Let us train them well in the ways of God. We need to be example to them."
"This is a covenant of promise God intends to keep. See Gen.9:17"
"This is the designed of the 2nd Heaven and Earth today(2 Pet.3:7)...we have this season Today..however time will change when God will be here on earth.(Rev. 22:3-5) As time Change before the Flood(1st Heaven and Earth,Rev.21:1,.,"is disappeared.....(flood)) and after the Flood which is now...and other which is to come."when all things shall be subdued unto him,then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him,that God may be all in all.(1 Cor..15:28)."
"TRUTH...GOD is so real!"
"Very awesome"
"What a wondrful Faithful God in Heaven. My heart yearns for Him"
"Yes Amen Amen Amen Amen."
"A direct rebuke to global warming theorist"
"Amen it never has...because God loves us and he wants us to have plentiful foods on the earth"
"Amen this is the sure word of the lord"
"Amen, Jessica!"
"And that verse tells us that there's no such thing as GLOBAL WARMING!!!"
"And wasn't it King Solomon who said,"There is nothing new under the sun"? Makes me think things just keep repeating themselves, over & over. Don't worry, be happy..."
"Ang Bagong Paraiso, na IPINANGAKO ni JESUKRISTO. Ang mananahanan lamang doon, ay iyon lamang na magbabalik sa KANYA."
"Believe Gods Word, or believe a tree hugger ??????"
"GOD has said to the jew : i give the land to you for an habitation forever ........god will not destroy what he has promised , the earth shall remain shalom ."
"God is a God of princepual,everything he created are orderly.!"
"God is good, all the time"
"God is good.."
"God smarter & more clever than whatever King James intended the King James Bible still translated from Greek to now the best we have Holy Spirit was there they may have meant to evil God's intent toward us is good & truthful He can not be outsmarted by man or Devil."
"God's word says it and it is so"
"Good one! Eric, may I friend request you ? :)"
"Great book to read and great verse!"
"Haleluya Amen."
"Happy sabbayh"
"In my life IJN, AMEN"
"It is the word of God which must be fulfill."
"Key words " while the earth remaineth ""
"Looks like some of my grandbabies."
"My people pleases don't think that this means that the earth is not coming to an end. Because it is going to end when Gods time comes..."
"Nice one, Amen"
"Oh yes because the Lord have said it."
"Psalm 72:7 In his days shall the righteous flourish; and abundance of peace so long as the moon endureth."
"So much for " global warning " !!! Lol"
"So much for global warming propoganda"
"So much for the warming thing huh"
"Thank You, Father!"
"Thank you, Lord for this promise!!!!!"
"That girl has a very tall forehead."
"That ones new to me . thanks"
"That's right amen,"
"The key words being "while the earth remaineth""
"The word of god is truth"
"This is the verse that blows a great big hole through the myth of global warming."
"Until He says different, blessed be He."
"We can always feed ourselves from the ground...if the "world food supply" runs low we always have seeds to make our own food...the wicked rulers of this world cant change that"
"While the Earth remaineth?"
"With God al tin re possible"
"Yes the End of the World hasn't come yet, we're still here with one purpose to plant the seeds in the hearts of men, while God harvests!!!"

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