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11/05/2020, 4:10am by "ATEGEKA ZEBLON": This is so great..!!! I just can't stop rejoicing in the Lord my God for His wonderful promises to me! When i feel so lost and away, His word renews my hope and trust in Him.

3/08/2015, 10:41am by "wd holt": I dodnt care what people say anymore god knows the truth because he that 's in me is greather the he that 's in them

3/08/2015, 10:37am by "wd holt": Jesus gave his life for me now I must give my life for his name I am not afraid.......

9/02/2014, 4:20pm by "myself Ken ....": I am sending myself a copy of this KJB online I like what I see already ......

9/02/2014, 5:12am by "MockingBird": Behold The Lord with me and will keep me in all the places I go no matter what I go through He will bring me into the promised land He will not leave me I have the assurance that He will do what He promised in His word.

9/02/2014, 3:40am by "Olabode": This particular verse to me is talking about the promises of God concerning his faithful children. because there are five basic things to consider here. 1. I am with thee that is God 's presence. 2. will keep thee in all places whither thou goes, God 's protection. 3.and will bring thee again into this land God 's promises. 4.for I will not leave thee God 's assurance 5. until I have done that which I have spoken to thee of God 's fulfillment.

9/02/2014, 12:36am by "Rev. Kayode Afolabi": As believers we should cultivate the habit of hearing from God. When we feel weak, lonely and troubled, the ability to hear His voice brings hope alive in us and strengthens us within to carry on.

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