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6/17/2020, 9:10pm by "Chris": Sadly, this type of behaviour has been known to happen & leads to many of the congregation leaving the Church looking for somewhere else to worship. What happened to the Elders who appointed this man to lead the fellowship? You mentioned the 'founders' of the Church, but every Bible-based Church has to have elders that govern & administer the Church's affairs. They are primarily responsible for who leads, teaches & shepherds the flock. If only the one man is the Elder cum Pastor, then the Church is subject to his direction only & is not operating as Christ intended His Church to be. Is there any possibility for the concerned members to approach the man to discuss this matter & alert him to the biblical standards? However, ultimately only God can change his attitude & direction, or else, members need to look elsewhere to worship.

6/17/2020, 5:21pm by "Mishael": Verse 20-21 are saying the Lord is leading and we are to follow Him. He will help us. By staying close to Him, he will build you up on your most holy faith. Your understanding of his wisdom will abound and be a treasury.

6/17/2020, 4:12pm by "bj": Explain proverbs 8:21

6/17/2020, 3:42pm by "Mary Singletary": I would like to know how do you regain your Church after someone has come in and after 3 short years has run the founders of the Churches Family off and almost all the older congregation off that has been there from day one the founders passed with in the last 5-6 years This man was brought in to Pastor the Church but has completely turned it upside down and taken it over..These people have no one to ask how they can get it back..All they can do is pray and are so afraid that he will sell it.. Thank you

6/17/2020, 5:11am by "Vendall": 7 years later this comment is still the most helpful. Thank you, this blessed me today!

6/17/2020, 4:45am by "D.J.": Mike and Chris, In response to your comment concerning Genesis 1:3. The "Light" of Genesis 1:3 is the Hebrew word "owr" meaning; to be or to make luminous. This Light is is the Light of the Father Himself. The "luminary" created by God on the 4th day in Genesis 1:14-19 is the Hebrew word "maowr," a derivative of the primary word given in Genesis 1:3, and simply means a light, or a luminous body.

6/17/2020, 3:46am by "Chris": Mike, after you read Gen 1:3, have a look at verses 4, 5, 14-18. Do you think that these other verses have any bearing on verse 3? Though, your NT references were lovely to read & meditate on.

6/16/2020, 7:58pm by "Jesse": John, The tribulation period is a seven year period. To be more technical, the entire seven year period is known as the tribulation period, and the last 3 1/2 years is known as the Great Tribulation. This last 3 1/2 years would be the time of Jacob's trouble as spoken of in Jeremiah 30:7. We see at the end of Verse 7 that it says "but he shall be saved out of it." This is referring to Judah and Israel. They will be spared from those last 3 1/2 years. These will be the 144,000 Jews who are told to flee into the mountains, probably the rock city of Petra. God will keep them from being harmed.

6/16/2020, 6:25pm by "Mishael": You can search the word Tribulation when you enter this website: type it in the search box and copy the places in New Testament only, on a piece of paper.

6/16/2020, 10:01am by "John L": QUESTION Is the time of the Tribulation a 7 year period of time (from Daniel)? I have heard the time of the Tribulation to be the time of Jacob's Trouble" (Jeremiah 30:7)

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