Genesis 1:31 Inspirational Image

Genesis 1:31 Inspirational Image

"And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good..."
Genesis 1:31 (KJV)

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"Everything that God made /makes is good... it is what man and satan do with it that ruins it."
"And man is ripping it apart"
"We are God's workmanship & Creation. everything He created is more than good, awesome and far beyond a human mind can imagine.we must worship one Creator,one God only.above Him there is no other,apart from there is none.there is only one Father who is in must not worship idols,carved images,foreign gods, multiple gods,neither w/ pluralities of gods. in doing so it is an abomination against Him.all praises, Honor, and glory,only to him we must offer or give. To God be the glory!!!!.........thank you Father for giving us another day of our life,so grateful!......."
"Still GOOD to this day! ?"
"The KJV is the only one we use!"
"A liitle taste of Heaven!"
"Amen it is good, praise God"
"He is forever excellent."
"Our God is Dynamic."
"This looks like Multinomah Falls that we just went to. It is so beautiful. God is so artistic to make such beauty."
"Yes it is was n always shall be"
"A fountain filled with love i <3 it"
"And he gave unto man the ability to build that bridge!"
"And He rested on the 7th day and Hallowed it, (made it Holy), Sanctified it, (set it apart for a Holy purpose); funny in the 4th Commandment He begins with the word REMEMBER. Do you think He knew we would forget which day we were supposed to KEEP Holy?"
"And praise the Lord it's still Good."
"And so it was - and still is :)."
"And this photo is AFTER the FALL. (a little play on words!)"
"Beautiful nature."
"Beautiful world"
"D Most High God is Mighty in deeds"
"Everything that God has created is perfect in his eyes and must not be changed. It must forever be that way. It was never the purpose of God that ur body should be crippled with a stroke, attacked by Hiv, diabates, cancer or any other illness. You were created whole and perfect. Receive this word and be restored in jesus name."
"For inquiring minds, the photo is of Wahclella Falls, just past Multnomah Falls in Oregon, USA (45 min east of Portland). It's one of the many beautiful places in this world."
"Fountain of life"
"Glory be 2 God!"
"Glory to the most high GOD !!!!!!!!"
"God created it all it is man who uses things wrongly and destroys. His handiwork is beautiful and in its original form before sin there was no briar or thorn etc."
"God is an awesome God!"
"GOD is awesome!!!!!!"
"God is so good!!"
"God the Father,Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit ,The Creator of the Heaven and the Earth was,is and will always be the most skilled architects the world can ever imagine.... Just look at yourself,the works of their hands so beutiful and like them"
"Gods handy works is so soo sooo soooo beautiful"
"How marvelous is his kingdom and even better we live in it,. glory to him in heavens and earth!"
"How wonderful is ur name O Lord?"
"I enjoy the KJV but we need to remember that English was not the original language The Scriptures were written. It is more important to keep our eyes on Jesus Christ than what translation we prefer. It's God's Word !"
"I think it's very Beautiful!"
"In this picture...I Love how little man is, and how Majestic Our Father Is ? Truly Alive with Beauty :)?(:"
"Indeed all things bright and beautiful, our GOD made them all."
"It's so nice"
"Its wasnt good it was beautiful."
"Karin, thank you so much for sharing these photos. So wonderful...and very special to me."
"Look at the scale of the whole picture , notice the person on the bridge....In comparison , we are but a " spec" in the scope of the scale of God....And we think for a second that HE needs US....WRONG , Reality check, WE need HIM.......Amen ?!"
"Oba nla: That is who is."
"Oh how alot of it has changed!! He has a good reason to be disappointed!!"
"Only our GOD could make such beauty!"
"Ooh my God,be still nd knw dat i a m God ur creator mmmmmmh.wonderful things of Heavens"
"Our God is an Awesome God."
"Perfect! It was very good!"
"Powerful good things must be thanked."
"Praise be to the living God"
"Praise GOD!!!!!!!!"
"Reminds me of the lake district...."
"Surely d nature is so vry beautifuly, 4who created it is awesome God"
"That's beautful"
"This is beautiful! How beautiful the garden of eden must have been!!!"
"Tnx kj teams for this photo"
"U kno... That also means every hearb he created"
"Wha a very nice nature made by God..."
"What beauty GOD is so good to us."
"What God do endures forever that is why even today is still Good...Amen!"
"Wonderful. I like thet,"
"Wow!Perfect Creation Perfect God!"
"Yes it was amen"


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