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  • Tekulvia on Galatians 5:26
    Galatians 5:26 verse is telling us that we shouldn 't provoke one another we shouldn 't hate each other cause we wouldn 't want to be treated the same wah and that we should learn that god as all power to do any thing so we should down talk people just to get attention we should be helping each other get closer to god.
  • Victor Marcus on Galatians 5:16
    In this context,the apostle Paul is giving us a solution in which we can live a pure life by not fulfilling the lustful desire of the flesh.Fleshly desires attack the flesh we give in to them when we are walking in the flesh because our mind is focused on what the flesh wants.But when we live in the spirit,we do what the spirit wants.The proverb states if you are in Rome do what the Romans do so when we walk in the spirit,the flesh loses its power over us.
  • Motdaugrnds on Galatians 5
    Here the Heavenly Father makes it so clear how simple a spiritual life is...not that it is easy to live such a life in this world...just that it is easy to understand. Nothing is hidden from those who wish to understand because God 's Holy Spirit guides us to Scripture after Scripture to assure our understanding. All communication not understood by man cannot teach man yet man 's heart-felt desires that he she may have no words for can be understood by God because the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us. So, make sure you can actually REASON with those studying Scripture with you that you be not misled.
  • Centyfano Arnold on Galatians 5:1
    "For He who called you is holy, therefore be ye also holy... " I love scriptures of that sort, reminding me of the plan of redemption of Rev 13:8 after the fall of man. God bless!!!
  • Dr.Selvon Seebran on Galatians 5
    America is in desperate need of revival, revival like unto the Ministry recorded in the Gospels the Book of Acts. If every Christian should read this chapter and practice this, we can have one of the greatest revival in America and souls would swept into the Kingdom of God. a
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson on Galatians 5
    Hello Steve O: The gifts of the spirit is from the selfsame spirit, 1 Corinthians 12: 11. This is the Holy Ghost and the evidence of having the Holy Ghost is speaking in other tongues as the spirit of God gives utterance. We are unified into one body that belongs to Jesus Christ. Gifts come without repentance. You can learn to speak many languages like Paul and some other people, but there is a language that no man can speak or know interpretation thereof unless God gives it to that person. This is why the tongues were split on the day of Pentecost to demonstrate there were two types of tongues. If a person never speaks another language other than their own, they have to have the language of God in order to know that they have the true Holy Ghost.
  • Steve O on Galatians 5
    Many are seeking the gifts of the spirit instead of the fruits of it. The gifts and calling are without repentance. The spirit comes in after our repentance and baptism in Jesus name, and not only when we speak in unknown tongues. Jesus is our high priest and example of this, and the spirit descend on Him after His baptism as it will you. Read Matthew 3:12-16: Romans 6:3-5 Galatians 3:27. Peace and prosperity to all who love God.
  • JIRIMIO DIGAL on Galatians 5:23
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson on Galatians 5
    Hello Beverly Johnson The circumcision of the male children was a twofold thing. First it was to keep the covenant with God and second their whole house was saved, if the men did this. Now we are circumcised of the heart, Romans 2 29. Even though circumcision of the ** does not save you this does not mean that we should not circumcise our young men. I believe that they should be circumcised because of all the health risk that are involved if they do not get circumcised. This is a parent s choice and when the child gets older it will be his choice. In the end, the circumcision of the heart is for everyone. We will all meet God in the end on our own merits, the deeds done in our own body individually not relying on anyone else.
  • Beverley Johnson on Galatians 5
    My understanding of the teachings of Galatians 5 is that circumcision was a means of purification in Moses ' days. If you were circumcised you had to obey all the other laws which were burdensome. Christ died for us so circumcision is not important. We should practise the works of the Spirit in our daily lives and do away with the works of the flesh.
  • Owolabi samuel on Galatians 5:22
    yes i know all these will help me to grow in spirit but its vey hard for one to withstand long suffering all we need is the grace of God
  • Geraldine cole on Galatians 5
    U cannot do anything dealing with God if u do not have his spirit .u must be born again .repent of your sin ask God to come into your life and be your savior ask him to help u be that new person u and he wants u to be I am one of his witness that knows he will do what u ask him
  • Dele Odofin on Galatians 5:1
    Remain steadfast in faith, obedience in the finish work of calvary. Do not put yourself in bondage by trying to please God through your actions, the practice of the law, human philosophies, self righteousness
  • John on Galatians 5
    verse 21. We can not be sin free in this world ever. only by the gosple that paul teaches can save us. If we could be sin free we would not need Jesus Christ to cover our sins to the father. to kei 'S
  • Richard on Galatians 5:4
    I think it suggests that it is imperative to know, understand and abide in grace through faith in what Jesus Christ has done for us. And realize that we cannot contribute to our salvation aside from believing the saving message that Christ paid for ALL sins and that God approved of the payment and has put sins out of his sight. It also appears to suggest that it is possible for someone who believed the gospel of the dispensation of Grace aka Paul 's gospel, aka the gospel that saves today, to fall from grace and no longer have Christ righteousness attributed to ourselves? I 'm still learning and studying and can 't say this is what I believe. It 's just one of the ideas or possibilities that I 'm considering.
  • Felecia, Garth on Galatians 5
    Galatians 5 Speaks a lot on Grace,What is Grace,Underserving forgiveness and there 's nothing you can do or say that can convence God to love you more than he already does,we are all saved by Grace alone,Even when we don 't deserve it,That 's why it took a saviour like Christ to submit into the father for our benefit, Do you know who God is.He 's a all time Awesome God. Salvation is free and once you receive it it is contained. God Bless the readers with understanding. God loves you and so do I. Trust him!
  • Courage qudi on Galatians 5:22
  • Courage qudi on Galatians 5:22
    To bear the spirit is to LIVE FOREVER
  • Kevin on Galatians 5
    I believe that there is a life to live that is FREE FROM SIN. Yes I said it FREE FROM SIN. I don 't believe that someone can live a life free from sin without the Holy Ghost. I want Verses 22 and 23 in my life at all times.
  • "For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. " Romans 8 2 . Jesus paid the price for us and now we are loosened from the bonds of the devil. But this does not give us an excuse to given into the desires of the flesh. Instead, we are to be like Christ and walk as He walked. Jesus went about doing good and helping others.God 's love constrains His people to do good and serve and obey one another. We should have a willing heart to help people. We are to do good especially to the household of faith. Think about others and not ourselves. This is done by the will of God and being obedient to the call He has placed on our lives, when He called us out of darkness and into His marvelous and holy light.
  • Moses Njenga on Galatians 5:13
    I am called to liberty since I am raised and seated in heavenly places in CHRIST JESUS, I shall not give in to the lust of the eye and flesh or pride of life, for I serve a higher law which empowers me to serve the body of CHRIST.
  • Arlene Wells on Galatians 5:22
    This is a very good verse everytime I read it gives me more conformation.we are in Biblestudy for 3 months on verse 19 21.TO GOD BE THE GLORY
  • Vetres Hagwood on Galatians 5
    This scripture was meant for me. I needed to read this scripture. I need to walk in the spirit
  • Watson midzi on Galatians 5:3
    confused help me
  • Kei on Galatians 5
    I always notice that people skip over verses 19 21 go straight to verse 22.. You must understand that in order to have the fruit of the spirit, you have to get rid of sin. If you are doing anything that is described in verses 19 21 even if it 's once in a while, you are not save if you die in your sin, you will go to hell. You can 't have joy peace until you repent. God will take any desire of sin out of you once he do it, it 's gone for good. But know this, when he does it, the devil is waiting to draw you back. Yield not to temptation. If you stay willing obedient, ye shall eat the fat of the land , which means God will keep you save if you truly want to be save you will be blessed in everything you do. Repent today before it 's everlasting too late Jesus is coming back!!!!!!!!
  • Rosemary on Galatians 5
    As a Christian the only we to avoid the pollution of the world is to walk in the spirit. Verse 16 of chapter 5 sums it all! Holy Father, through my Lord Jesus enable us to remain pure by ur Spirit
  • Blessed on Galatians 5:22
    I love this scripture I first learned of this scripture in church It came alive right there as I sat in the chapel and was being taught the word First o learned there is two spirits The spirit of the devil or the spirit of the only wise GOD GOD THE FATHER WANT S US TO BE THE VERY EXAMPLE OF LOVE PEACE LONGSUFFERING GENTLENESS GOODNESS AND FAITH FOR GOD SO LOVE THE WORLD SANCTIFY YOURSELF AND THE GOD OF PEACE WILL SANCTIFY you wholly These scriptures are partners to the fruit of the spirit scriptures GOD LOVES
  • Evodia on Galatians 5
    Wen i walk in de spirit i have dominion over de flesh and all its disires
  • Renee on Galatians 5
    Vs 22-23 is a blessing to me, because this where Christ wants everyone of His children to come and be more like Him. Ask yourselves what is your fruit like, what kind of fruit are you producing everyday. Are we short patient? Are you kind? Are we gentle? Examine yourselves.
  • Met on Galatians 5
    Gal chapter 5 verse 22. Today is our 9th marriage anniversary. This verse referred to me by my mum for us to keep our love burning because it is the fruit of the spirit. I thank god for this long he has brought us. Blessed us with 3 kids. God is great

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