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  • Lewis
    This Galatians 5:4 is a comparison between the two remedies for sin. One is under the old dispensation law and the other under the new dispensation grace . The falling away from grace means that a returning to the keeping of the law for justification before God is in fact a moving away from Grace, which is the only acceptable method for righteousness before God. Please not that I submitted this comment earlier, but inadvertently cited Romans 5:4 instead of Galatians 5:4. Kindly excuse the error.
  • Timothy
    sons of God let us pratice forgiveness so that our heavenly father will also forgive us,us we forgive God will grant us peace,and joy.AMEN
  • Orchidharris for verse 13
    Lord Have Mercy On Me In Jesus Name: My Liberty Doesn't Give Me The Do Occasionally Allow My Flesh To Do Nor Say What I Want That Isn't Godly I Has Allowed Us To Forgive Others Who Has Harm or Wrong Us Forgiveness Is One Of The Best Gifts GOD Has Given Us We Have To FORGIVE OTHER NOT JUST FOR THEM BUT FOR US So That Our Flesh Won't Be Able To Control Our Minds We Are Free GOD Has Prepared Away Out Of No Way For and We Has Godly People Has To Appreciate Life That Has Been Given and Live Has Christians Every Day and Love One Another As GOD So Love Each One Of Us Continue Mercy and Grace Is My Prayer and Leaving My Fleshly Desires Behind Me or Completely Under My Feet Amen and Amen Again
  • Trinity adwoa kwofie for verse 13
    We have been freed from spiritual bondages,sin,curses, destruction and from the hands of the enemy, therefore it is good for us to stay away from sin and to worldly desires but rather we should pray that God will fill us with his love so that we will be like him.
  • Sheldon
    Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
  • Antoinette
    I love Verse 22 and 23 best about the Fruit of the Spirit from God.These fruits do not just come out overnight. Just like regular fruit trees, the farmer plants the seeds, water the plants and sooner or later the fruits come out. some take longer than others to bear fruits. Each us need to work on each fruit continuously by renewing our minds daily until we cultivate all the FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT.
  • Christine for verse 7
    Aman remain in Jesus don 't take your eyes off of him love him always
  • Lilian
    Thanks to Jesus for washing our unrighteousness from his precious blood. God doesnt want to bless us only but he want our soul also to be saved. By Accepting and inviting Jesus into your life and obey his words are the key to our salvation. From his words we have life in abundance. Thank you Lord for your precious blood, your resurrection, your ascencion and thanks for sending us the Holy Spirit. Amen
  • Blessed
    sin is the enemy oF GOD dont sin sin and GOD are not compatibile if you sin you have an advocate shall we sin GOD FORBID
  • Bro. Daniel FC
    Bro. Daniel FC 's on Ryan Jashua Shepperd 's comment about verse 4. Part Two: Yes, we are all saved by grace only and no one can boast. In Romans chapter 7, Apostle Paul makes it clear: 7 What shall we say then? Is the law sin? God forbid. Nay, I had not known sin, but by the law: for I had not known lust, except the law had said, Thou shalt not covet. 12 Wherefore the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good . Lip service only, to God, is not going to be enough. According to Jesus Himself: Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he that DOES the will of my Father which is in heaven. And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work INIQUITY Matt. 7: 21, 23 . The word iniquity according to Strong s concordance has the following meanings: 1. the condition of without law 2. because ignorant of it 3. because of violating it 4. contempt and violation of law, iniquity, wickedness. Remember: We keep the Moral Law not in order to be saved, but BECAUSE WE ARE SAVED AND LOVE THE LORD. Does that make sense?
  • Bro. Daniel FC
    Bro. Daniel FC 's on Ryan Jashua Shepperd 's comment about verse 4: how totally impossible it is to SIN our way into heaven Hi Ryan, are you saying that keeping the Ten Commandments is sin? Last time I checked, sin is the transgression of the law 1John 3:4 : not trying to keep it. In his letter to the Galatians, Apostle Paul is talking to the new converts who were misled by those maintaining that you need to be circumcised in order to be saved. Please don t confuse the Ceremonial Laws fulfilled by Jesus and rendered obsolete with the Moral Laws, which every Christian must live by.
  • Reinarudo Watanabe
    GALATIANS 5:1 COMMENTS 5 18 2015 9:16 PM Apostle Paul told the brethren, STAND fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, John8 32 1Cor.7:22 and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Acts 15: 10 Thank you Lord in liberty given to us, A-men.
  • Margaret
    Galatians 5 is a guide to live by if you know Christ Jesus and I am glad to know My Jesus for without him I probably wouldn 't be here now. I look at it as a way to check myself daily to make sure I have stayed in the right, and to ask forgiveness if I haven 't.
  • Reinarudo Watanabe
    GALATIANS 5:4 COMMENTS 3 31 2015 This verse Apostle Paul portraits unto the saints. Rom.9:31 Heb.12:15. We justified, called and save by the grace of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. As Rom. 3:24,6:14 Gal. 1:6, 15 Eph. 2:5,8. Thank you Lord for grace that you given to us. A-men.
  • Lilian
    God already gave us life in abundance we are already forgiven and pardoned from the precious blood of Jesus. We must invite the Holy Spirit and God to dwell in our life and all the desire of thine heart will be follow. Without Christ in our lives we cannot do anything. Blessed are those who are poor in their hearts for they shall see God. Blessed are those who believe in Jesus for they shall be saved and have eternal life. Give thanks to Jesus and praised him for he is worthy to be praised. He loves us so much and from his precious blood we are covered and washed from our sins. Thank you Jesus there is no other Jehovah is just you. Amen
  • Oh! Lord my God help me to depend wholly on You.
  • Blessed
  • Caleb samuel for verse 1
    Yes we dnt fight to win bt we stand in the liberty which Christ have set to win....
  • Phyllis henruchs
    Making it all practical. I will say, from experience the fruits of the spirit is awesome. It is fruitful, heart fulfilling, encouraging, easy to live. The art of sharing, caring, giving, sacrificing is like sewing seeds on the field or grooming your garden. The marvellous picture you see when everything grows is an amazing feeling. Can we all imagine a life where we all with care and concern for one another,live together, that is heaven on earth,what a lovely placece our world would be. Selfish interest pursue the fruit of the flesh. These fruits are bitter and destructive, no matter what. We need the grace to live the fulfilling life of the spirit. Yet as we keep pursuing it, the grace will make us whole. Life is unfair as long as human beings are concerned. Yet there is nothing fruitless like a life without peace, joy, love, unity stated to be the fruits of the spirit. Beloved, let us love. Love is of God, life is too short. Live it intensively, bearing the fruit of the spirit and leave a legacy of hope, joy and happiness for the generation to come. After all this was the example of Christ. May His amazing love and grace make us whole.
  • Tekulvia for verse 26
    Galatians 5:26 verse is telling us that we shouldn 't provoke one another we shouldn 't hate each other cause we wouldn 't want to be treated the same wah and that we should learn that god as all power to do any thing so we should down talk people just to get attention we should be helping each other get closer to god.
  • Victor Marcus for verse 16
    In this context,the apostle Paul is giving us a solution in which we can live a pure life by not fulfilling the lustful desire of the flesh.Fleshly desires attack the flesh we give in to them when we are walking in the flesh because our mind is focused on what the flesh wants.But when we live in the spirit,we do what the spirit wants.The proverb states if you are in Rome do what the Romans do so when we walk in the spirit,the flesh loses its power over us.
  • Motdaugrnds
    Here the Heavenly Father makes it so clear how simple a spiritual life is...not that it is easy to live such a life in this world...just that it is easy to understand. Nothing is hidden from those who wish to understand because God 's Holy Spirit guides us to Scripture after Scripture to assure our understanding. All communication not understood by man cannot teach man yet man 's heart-felt desires that he she may have no words for can be understood by God because the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us. So, make sure you can actually REASON with those studying Scripture with you that you be not misled.
  • Centyfano Arnold for verse 1
    "For He who called you is holy, therefore be ye also holy... " I love scriptures of that sort, reminding me of the plan of redemption of Rev 13:8 after the fall of man. God bless!!!
  • Dr.Selvon Seebran
    America is in desperate need of revival, revival like unto the Ministry recorded in the Gospels the Book of Acts. If every Christian should read this chapter and practice this, we can have one of the greatest revival in America and souls would swept into the Kingdom of God. a
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson
    Hello Steve O: The gifts of the spirit is from the selfsame spirit, 1 Corinthians 12: 11. This is the Holy Ghost and the evidence of having the Holy Ghost is speaking in other tongues as the spirit of God gives utterance. We are unified into one body that belongs to Jesus Christ. Gifts come without repentance. You can learn to speak many languages like Paul and some other people, but there is a language that no man can speak or know interpretation thereof unless God gives it to that person. This is why the tongues were split on the day of Pentecost to demonstrate there were two types of tongues. If a person never speaks another language other than their own, they have to have the language of God in order to know that they have the true Holy Ghost.
  • Steve O
    Many are seeking the gifts of the spirit instead of the fruits of it. The gifts and calling are without repentance. The spirit comes in after our repentance and baptism in Jesus name, and not only when we speak in unknown tongues. Jesus is our high priest and example of this, and the spirit descend on Him after His baptism as it will you. Read Matthew 3:12-16: Romans 6:3-5 Galatians 3:27. Peace and prosperity to all who love God.
  • JIRIMIO DIGAL for verse 23
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson
    Hello Beverly Johnson The circumcision of the male children was a twofold thing. First it was to keep the covenant with God and second their whole house was saved, if the men did this. Now we are circumcised of the heart, Romans 2 29. Even though circumcision of the ** does not save you this does not mean that we should not circumcise our young men. I believe that they should be circumcised because of all the health risk that are involved if they do not get circumcised. This is a parent s choice and when the child gets older it will be his choice. In the end, the circumcision of the heart is for everyone. We will all meet God in the end on our own merits, the deeds done in our own body individually not relying on anyone else.
  • Beverley Johnson
    My understanding of the teachings of Galatians 5 is that circumcision was a means of purification in Moses ' days. If you were circumcised you had to obey all the other laws which were burdensome. Christ died for us so circumcision is not important. We should practise the works of the Spirit in our daily lives and do away with the works of the flesh.
  • Owolabi samuel for verse 22
    yes i know all these will help me to grow in spirit but its vey hard for one to withstand long suffering all we need is the grace of God

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