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  • I agree with your comments. Our Religious attempts
    at self control. I think you hit it on the head. The word religion means " back to bondage " or to
    " re-bind " Paul talks about it much concerning the " law " and when it says to cast out the bond-
    woman, I think it could be saying; get rid of trying to keep the law to be lead, but be lead by
    the Spirit. The law might say, " Don't commit adultery," but only the Spirit can say, " Buy her
    some roses and some chocolates for valentines day. "
  • The fulness of time came when the 700 years had expired, as scripture said. God had divorced The Nation Israel around 722 BC he could not remarry Israel for 10 generations. A generation, according to Psalm 90:10 3 score plus 10, masking it 70 years. Jesus came to Israel when the 700 years had expired.
  • James Mahmudul Miah on Galatians 4
    Jesus Christ is my rock and my strong tower. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Yeshua/Jesus is my power and my shield. Praise the lord.
  • James Mahmudul Miah on Galatians 4
    Jesus Christ/Yeshua Hamashisch is the promised Messiah.
  • Elias francis on Galatians 4:23
    Always we need to have more bible verses to be forwarded in ur email
  • Malla on Galatians 4:25
    I think this scripture is emphasizing the power struggle Agar's descendents (Palestinian Muslims),through her seed, Ismael, would have with the Israelites, and, therefore, in essence,this scripture was more both historic and prophetic than current-- i.e in Paul's time!
  • Gift Eliwanse on Galatians 4:24
    Abraham is the Bible Word sent into the world; Sarah and Agar are by revelation not people but figuratively are the TWO COVENANTS in the Bible.

    Therefore, which of the two covenants are you born of? Gal.4:19-31.

    Are you born of old carnally taught handwritten Bible Covenant/ordinances, writtenin black and white from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation, called the Letter OR are you born of the New Covenant Bible ordinances taught by the Spirit of God?

  • One on Galatians 4
    Young Children, Understand that, the Law is not our obligation, to receive, or keep our salvation:

    But it is are lamp to see God's will.... And when we desire a close relationship with God; we will start to pray, more than what we already do; We'll start to Scarface more of our time, and even our bodies: denying ourselves food for days; replacing our indulgence of food, with praise and worship to God, for the hole time that we fast. .... For through observation we see that God requires a sacrifice; one out of many, and most important examples is Jesus Christ, but the Bible says in 1 Samuel 15:22,that, "Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD? Behold,TO OBEY IS BETTER THAN SACRIFICE, and to hearken than the fat of rams". .....

    So the law is like a mirror; showing us, how close or how far we are from God, cause the closer we are to God: the more in-line we will be with the Law. ... And to back up that quote is the scripture 1 John 5:13, and it says, "For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments". .... So the more we Love God, the more righteous we will become through his ***istance; not by our works of the Law; but through are level of relationship with him.
  • R. D. Mattock on Galatians 4
    To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons. I AM REDEEMED, Iíve been REDEEMED by the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST THE RIGHTEOUS. Redemption: Purchasing the slave; Christ purchased the sinner in the market place. The original Greek means that HE CAME OUT OF HIS WAY, WALKED INTO THE MARKET PLACE WHERE SLAVES WERE BEING SOLD AND WENT IN A BOUGHT THAT SLAVE FOR HIMSELF. I mean that Jesus said Father, I am going down on earth, let me disrobe myself, let me remove all the Glory, I am going to lay down my life for them, I am going to pay the price for them. I am going to redeemed them. I am going to go to the market place and I am going to pay the price for the slave. ďThou shalt call His Name Jesus, for He shall save His people from their sins.Ē The Greek word there comes from the word SATARIEA. Which means Salvation. In other words I just didnít come to wipe your sins out, but I came to heal your body, to deliver you and to set you free.
  • HARRY ALLISON on Galatians 4
    I get it!now to live it.....GRACE (with GRATITUDE) is the only way.not law....LIFE is in THE "BLOOD".,of JESUS.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Galatians 4
    Paul tells the Galatians have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth. We as ministers are to speak the truth in love, and while we sometimes make enemies of the people that we speak to, it is the truth that sets men free. The Galatian Church received Paul as an angel of God,and Paul faithfully preached the word of God to them with his weakness in the flesh. How the churches need to do that to those who have disabilities. My church voted to close down in 2008 after the pastor passed away, and due to my disability I was left without church to minister to. God be praised while I am disabled, the Gospel is not disabled, and the truth that sets men free continues to go out. We are the children of the free woman, and not the bond woman. So we must glorify God is our body, and wait for the blessed hope the glorious coming of our Lord Jesus Christ who shall change our vile bodies. We shall see him as he is, and we shall be like him.
  • ELIZABETH TAYLOR on Galatians 4
    what a wonderful promise in galatians..we are no longer sons and daughters of the bond woman but of the free woman.. We should no longer be enslaved by sin, but be freed through Jesus Christ who loved us and gave himself for us. What a saccrifice .
  • Jessica on Galatians 4
    at the beginning it says that an heir is like a servant under tutors and govenors until it is time for him to rule. so i feel like it is saying we must still work for the furtherence of Gods kingdom. learning under our pastors, studying the word, fasting, and praying, and then take what we learn and teach others through our actions words and deeds always giving God the glory, until we are called up into heaven with Him. but i think it is works that the ppl had to do under the law that we are free from. like no more animal sacrifices because Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice and things like that that we are not to do any longer.
  • Ben Weaver on Galatians 4:30
    Apparently we are to cast our our human attempts to bring about God's promises, because our well-meant worldly religious endeavors will not bring about God's life in us like Jesus does. We cannot be an overcomer on our own and God usually does not automatically change us, but only we can apply to our lives that which only Jesus could have made available for us. He that has the Son has life (otherwise/otherwise) ( 1 Jn. 5:12).
  • Ben Weaver on Galatians 4:30
    As God did not himself cast out Hagar and her son but told Abraham to cast them out, I feel he is telling us to cast out our well meant religious attempts at self control. It has been said that the final effort of the flesh is to try to save itself. In order to enter God's rest, we need to cease from our own labors ( Heb. 4:10). As we surrender, invite Jesus to be Lord in every area of our life and declare our safe position in him, we will find rest for our souls as he promised in Matt.11:29. May our Lord direct.

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