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  • Barlyn on Galatians 2:16
    Today the law does not justify a person's existence, nor does it give justification of a person's birth into this world. Christ, who died for us, however, is the justification why we exist in this world today possessing all the rights to reach salvation. For in order for us humans to be justified by the law, we must either be equal to it or above it. Example: Adam and Eve, before they sinned, were living above the law, therefore justified that their existence was righteous. But when they sinned, became under the law having to live up to it with no hope of salvation unless they were justified. Thus, something or someone greater (WILLING to pay the price) must had to either be made equal or inferior to them/us so they/we may yet again have a justified reason to live above the law and be restored to their/our first nature. While Adam and Eve's/our sinful, limited, and preoccupied mind could not even come close to think up a reason to justify their/our existence, God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, had already placed in action the plan that would permanently justify Adam and Eve's/our existence fully restoring once and for all their/our rights to live eternally. Now, definition of "justified" as specified by Merriam Webster Online dictionary is: 1. To prove or show to be just, right, or reasonable 2. To qualify (oneself) as a surety by taking oath to the ownership of sufficient property. 3. To judge, regard, or treat as righteous and worthy of salvation. 4. To qualify as bail or surety. That said, which of these definitions does Christ not fit?... Not only did Christ didn't consider leaving His throne, but also was concious of the humiliation He was put through as He was made inferior than humankind becoming the ultimate sacrifice to restore salvation to us all.
  • StephendeRafael on Galatians 2
    In this chapter I believe is the splitting off of the church from the Jewish religion. All of the Apostles were Jewish for Jesus was of that religion. Paul through revelation formulated these new ideas, that there was no salvation possible except through Faith or belief in the resurrection as a realized condition in which we become present with the Lord, on earth by gravity but spiritually in heaven with the Father. Before the resurrection their was only the righteousness of arc of the convenant. But the Jews were stiffnecked and always erred in their heart. So God in his mercy sent his Son, or himself in human form, as a living proof that God is alive in humans and to serve God is the way to please God. To please God is to receive his mercy. To be in that state with certainty is God realization , heaven, peace, fulness, bliss, happiness, and Rest.
  • StephenB on Galatians 2
    To Terri's comment on verse 16:
    To properly understand to what Paul is referring here, you don't need to know the greek. The answer itself lies in his rebuke of Peter. Peter thought it okay to eat with the Gentiles at first, but when "certain came from James", (which refers to the Jewish Christians sent by James from the Jerusalem church), Peter withdrew himself from eating with the Gentiles because to eat with the Gentiles violated the Jews' kosher standards. The scripture says that Peter dissimulated from the Gentiles because he feared them which "were of the circumcision". (the Jews from Jerusalem)
    However, Paul rebuked him for this because God had brought through Peter and Paul both the gospel to the Gentiles, and while Peter believed that the Gentiles were saved, he was hypocritical when the Jews showed up. Paul admonishes that the Gentiles were saved by faith in Jesus Christ, not by the works of circumcision, which was a part of the old mosaic tradition. This in no way infers that he was saying that we should not exemplify good works in our life, but that we are not justified by becoming Jews after the old traditions of Mosaic law. Hope that helps!
  • Terry on Galatians 2:16
    In Lamiens term what doe this verse mean? that by faith alone in Jesus Christ is all we need or by our works as well, justifies our faith?
  • Albert Villarreal on Galatians 2
    Have been a believer for 8+ years and am just now beginning to understand the freedom from guilt and bondage that these words yruly represent. Thank you Father God.
  • Michael Weeks on Galatians 2
    I think the gift of God, is so awesome,The Grace he has for us is so unconditional, if we just repent and believe his words,I myself know i was born a sinner,but by Gods grace his son the Lord Jesus Christ paid for my sins on the Cross. There is nothing i could possibly do to earn that," amen"
  • Brady on Galatians 2
    There are so many ways humans attempt to frustrate
    : to make ineffectual : bring to nothing the grace of God by false doctrine. We can do nothing to earn salvation. It is God who saves us and keeps us saved. Otherwise grace is not grace. If someone gives you a gift and afterwards throws in terms and conditions then it ceases to become a gift anymore. How often does someone get their paycheck and say thank you for this wonderful gift? It works both ways. If it's without strings it's a gift and anything else added to it makes it wages. Our righteousness is like filthy dirty disgusting rags. Christ did not die for us so we can say thanks but I got this. How offended would you be if you gave someone a gift and they pulled out their wallet and attempted to pay you for it.
    Now imagine to purchase that gift you had traded your only child for it. Now they want to pay you and what they hand you is a a tissue they blew their nose on. Is it any wonder that someone attempting to get into Heaven by their own merits hears to depart into the lake of fire prepared for the devil and his angels. Those on the outside were not able to stand such a concept and therefore just had to throw stuff on top of grace to bring people into bondage. Today you hear, "oh that's easy believism" How hard do you want God to make it? The door is wide open and if you don't take it, don't blame God. He did everything he could and gave everything he had to pay your debt. He is the only one that can. Let Him, and take your hands off the wheel.

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