Galatians 6:9 Inspirational Image

Galatians 6:9 Inspirational Image

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not."
Galatians 6:9 (KJV)

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"Jesus speaks to us in amazing ways. Long story...but this is my life verse and I was thinking about it earlier tonight while contemplating the trials I have endured and the fact that I'm finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I've never seen anyone post this on my timeline. Yet, tonight, as I recalled this special verse, it appears to me. Thank you, Jesus, for your love and compassion...and for providing that still, small voice when it's needed most."
"My beautiful wife Bunny Johnsey just used this verse today to cheer me up. Thank you Lord for encouragement and for my wife that you so often use to encourage me."
"Don't ever give up! It could be right around the corner!"
"God is really in control till hes ready"
"I am a living witness. Being good should make things easier but it actually goes against the nature of man and people find your goodness hard to believe but will quickly believe a lie. And we know what happens when they believe a lie. 2 Thessalonians 2, 7-12. Standing strong though."
"Just discussing this very topic in Bible study this morning"
"Let us ALWAYS do His will, or at least let us do our best in trying to do His will. And to do it with joy in our heart. Caring not what the world thinks of us. Will the world be there to save us from our sins? Certainly not! I pray that the unbelievers see our actions, and turn from their worldly ways to follow the only begotten Son of God. :-)"
"Not always easy especially when you do an act of kindness and it gets thrown back in your face."
"Praise Him in the middle of it!"
"Praise The Lord, Lord help us not to faint."
"That is good,bye & bye what ever a man sow,thesame shall he reap. So we need to do good things alway.!"
"The devil knows he has a short time thats why he's fighting us with discouragements so that we wil faint, but thank GOD for HIS WORD that encourages us not to faint."
"The faint not is were our faith starts and ends!"
"This verse has sustained many during many a difficult time"
"TRUE!!! :-)"
"Yea faint not saints, heaven z arnd d corner"
"~!~ Praise be ubto Jesus / God O:) ~!~ O:) Amen O:) ~!~"
"A reminder I constantly need to hear. Thanks!"
"A wonderful message was given from my pastor, Sunday evening about this!"
"Actually the only important thing we have to do is to do the good."
"Amen Amen!!!!! Thank you GOD for the opportunity to do well doing"
"Amen Co -Pastor I thank you for sharing that this morning, I will continue to praise God like my season is here ...God Bless you have a wonderful day."
"Amen! Needed this scripture right now."
"Amen!!pastor's preaching just last sunday."
"Amen. Don't faint. Persevere until the end."
"Amen.......the word I needed for today."
"Amen....praise d living God, he his alive."
"And it shall be all well.,Amem"
"Conformation!! that thought been on my mind for last couple of days! the Holy spirit is speaking!"
"Endurance is d key"
"Endurance is d way forward"
"God is good and provides for His children!"
"God REALLY is GOOD are of the time. You have to learn how to tap into his presence and let HIS light shine in you and be a blssing to people."
"GODs Word never fails!"
"Grant unto me d grace Lord!!!"
"Hard work pays off if we endure."
"How very true that verse is:)"
"I am not fainting! I got to make it to the city if it cast my life! always Love"
"I lov to eat sweet potato"
"I now work on the strength of goodwill one day at a time. For when my time comes, I know it will be liable to withstand all of the achievements of goodwill when they come."
"I pray that the Lord will keep me strong so that I don't become weary in well doing."
"I pray thee God, pls give mi strength to carry on. Shallom"
"I really needed to hear this this morning. Thanks"
"Just as my Bible reads. AMEN."
"Just keep hoping"
"Kaya't huwag tayong magsawa sa paggawa ng mabuti; pagdating ng takdang panahon, tayo'y mag- aani kung hindi tayo magsasawa. Samantalahin natin ang lahat ng pagkakataon sa paggawa ng mabuti sa ating kapwa, lalo na sa mga kapatid sa pananampalataya."
"Love those Words"
"May God strenthen us. oh what a sentence '..if we faint not..' how many of us deny our savety nd stand up forthe word of God?"
"One of my very favorites!!!!!!"
"Our Sunday School lesson was keep pushing through and faint not."
"Please God all the time"
"Praise thy Lord!"
"Really uplifting,praise God"
"Thank you Co-Pastor for sharing that with me I will praise God like my season is here, I thank you for. Letting. God use you this morning.."
"Thank you Lord Jesus Christ..... Amen....."
"This is really touching! Lord help me to continue. Thanks for sharing this!"
"This is so what was sade lastnite at church"
"What a word i have to hold on amen"
"What man sows, and gather as sow, sow I wish with all my heart for Jesus, Amen."
"When is due season, cuz I am getting really tired."
"Yes we mst nt slp we mst always b read 2 receiv our victory"
"Yes, faint not, babes u have come too far to faint now, your breakthru is around the corner, pull thru and God will do the rest. Surely our harvest is ready if we can only endure for a few minutes."

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