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9/20/2015, 4:51pm by "Alex Nolden": I serve a mighty God! No one else has the devine capacity to liberate my mind, heart, and spirit from all the sins of this world. Jes s, is Lord!

3/30/2015, 6:15pm by "uzo": Oh! Lord my God help me to depend wholly on You.

3/30/2015, 3:48am by "MockingBird": I am to stand in the liberty of freedom from sin through my Lord Jesus Christ : Sin is bondage. Being made free from sin does not give me a license to sin. I am accountable to God to stand fast in the liberty that is purchased for me . I look back at what Jesus has brought me from and I see the horrible bondage that I was in : and I thought when I was in that bondage at the time that it was not bondage. OH !!! How manifold the Grace and Mercy of God toward me !!!!!!

3/19/2015, 11:25pm by "caleb samuel": Yes we dnt fight to win bt we stand in the liberty which Christ have set to win....

1/23/2015, 2:56am by "Centyfano Arnold": "For He who called you is holy, therefore be ye also holy... " I love scriptures of that sort, reminding me of the plan of redemption of Rev 13:8 after the fall of man. God bless!!!

9/11/2014, 7:25am by "Dele Odofin": Remain steadfast in faith, obedience in the finish work of calvary. Do not put yourself in bondage by trying to please God through your actions, the practice of the law, human philosophies, self righteousness

1/08/2014, 6:58pm by "omoayo": Christ the anointed has set you free from every yoke of bondage (Isah 10; 27) therefore u need to continue with Him and keep His fire burning in you. U can't afford to go back unto perdition(Heb10;39) or get cold bcos this can land u in a new bondage. The devil is walking about roaring like a lion seeking whom he may devour(1st pet 5;8). give the devil no chance but continue with Christ in all sincerity

10/27/2013, 4:03pm by "Henry": I think that the law of the Bible is good, especially the new Testament, but yes we need to be free in Christ and not be in bandage to law meaning to follow man made ideas or to just work our salvation out our self that is impossible, neither does bien free in Christ give me any license to SIN freely.

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