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5/12/2015, 12:16pm by "Bill": This is Romans 6-8, condensed into one verse. Notice the first half of the verse summarizes our death and resurrection with Christ. But the latter half of the verse focuses on our life of faith in Christ as our enabler. Progressive sanctification or, we could say, the resurrected life is by faith. That doesn t mean we sit back passively and do nothing. It means we trust our Lord to enable us in our doing! Paul makes very clear that sanctification is by faith. Credit James Hollandsworth - LIving the Resurrected Life pt.2

5/05/2015, 4:04pm by "Aliyu abraham": It is no longer self that takes charge it is the son of God living his life through me

10/21/2014, 12:29pm by "Bill": Which answer best describes your relationship with the Lord? a. I have been saved. b. I am being saved. c. I will be saved. d. all of the above. Of course, the correct answer for all born again children of God is d. all of the above. The extent of your reward or loss at the Judgment Seat will be determined by the extent to which your soul is saved in this life. credit James Hollandsworth the Three Tenses of Salvation

10/20/2014, 8:45am by "patty payne": I love Jesus with all my heart and I love praying for everybody . I asking for healing prayers for our family friends brothers and oirsister cousins pastor and his familiar friends. Our grandkids.thank you Jesus . And thank you for sister abby sister norma sister mary goodwin sister sandy. SisterSister patty Payne. All other brothers sisters . In church.

10/18/2014, 10:09am by "Bill": "Biblical sanctification is the lifelong process of learning to let Christ live His life through us. It is summed up well in Galatians 2 20. As one submits to the process, he grows spiritually. If one does not understand the process correctly or refuses to yield to the Holy Spirit s working in his life, growth will be stunted. Ongoing, experiential sanctification and spiritual growth are, therefore, closely related concepts.

8/10/2014, 12:56pm by "The Light of Life": He is in us living for us. Who missed it? We are in Him too. Try to steer myself away from future sin someone said? I say "behold the lamb of God who taketh AWAY the sins of the world ". He is living for me. Not I. Men get this so mixed up. It 's not a call to be righteous by a law that justifies no one. 's unchangeable reality! We do not make ourselves Holy. He makes us Holy. Get it right then "Shine your light ". He is the light. See where is says we "live " by faith. Faith in us ? so backwards Faith In Him! Glory to God.

7/02/2014, 6:12pm by "chris E": As He Jesus is so are we IN THIS WORLD. Confess this with your mouth!! Jesus lives in us, not for holiday but FOR US!. He faces life FOR US! The life we NOW live in the flesh we live by the faith OF Jesus.hence the prayer " 'May the Grace of our Lord with us "

6/18/2014, 6:50pm by "Rich": Paul just told it how it is. He died with Christ at Calvary, and was raised with Him. Not hypothetically, or charismatically, but in reality. He brought every thought into obedience, and spoke what God would have him say. A dead man animated by the sprit of Christ. A living sacrifice with the fire of the Holy Spirit on the sacrifice.

6/18/2014, 7:20am by "MockingBird": I am crucified with Christ When I became born again I became alive to God I am alive to doing things The old nature is crucified I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me . I Praise God for life in Christ Jesus .

6/18/2014, 2:28am by "sandrah,nalugo,f.": How much can i pay for christs crisfication,love, grace,patience and devotion for me salvation is not enough.

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