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  • Gary
    Verse 2 says so much. Leadership. By and large congregations will follow their leaders. If the leadership has gone south then the church will either split or follow. Leadership is key!
  • Candy Szymanski
    this chapter explains Clones among us.. beware!!
  • Len
    Thanks Nharna, I think sins pollution deafens our spirit, making giving and getting direction harder and harder. God wants us to hear him and believe, not struggle with every thing written in the word.
  • BSP
    Verse 5~Ezra was in great distress and he poured out his heart in prayer to Jehovah God. When we are in great distress we want to pour out our heart in prayer to God as well.
  • Vickie
    Actually, this passage show us that through it all God delivered Israel against insurmountable odds. And even after that, the childern of Israel still pursued things that they were NOT supposed to touch. After hearing of this travesty, Ezra realized that it was wrong and questioned the acts on a moral and ethical basis. "Oh God how can we stand before you? " Look at our shameful acts. He could have easily taken our lives before and even now. But yet He still blesses us. It makes one think about our loyalty to God through His son Jesus Christ. I am guilty of such from time to time going after the wrong things when God has clearly blessed and delivered me.
  • Nharna Aqcuiah
    This chapter reviews the fact that sin prevents us from having the actual view of God. As ezra ended the chapter saying " for we cannot stand before thee because of this " because He God is righteous and anyone who yearns to fellowship with Him must be as He Is.
  • Margaret
    When we pray for forgiveness and humble ourselves I believe God is a merciful God who will forgive sin.
  • Carolyn swint
    If we pray to god sincerely no matter what our sin he will forgive us. he is a god of love although he can move with wrath.
  • Charles Sarpong
    He was praying to God for forgiveness for the people of Israel because they had gone against the commandments of God by taking wives from the daughters of the nations that God commanded NOT to take wives and husbands from among them. As a servant of God he knew how devastating the wrath of God could be when it is unleashed on people, because of their act of iniquity.

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