Ezra Chapter 5 Discussion

  • Mary Atkinson on Ezra 5
    I learned that when we are doing a great work for God, Satan will send out so many demonic forces to try and hinder your work for the Lord.We want to give up so many times,But God is always watching.So just remember things are going to fall in place the way he planned it all along,Even though it took about 15 years to get it started again,Are we willing to wait and see the salvation of God🤷🏽‍♀️
  • BSP on Ezra 5
    The Israelites had legal backing and divine backing for rebuilding the temple.
  • Irene123 on Ezra 5
    To S. Woehr - I've wondered the same thing about Nehemiah and Esther; They were both in "Shushan the Palace". Were they contemporaries? They were both around the time of the Babylonian captivity. But neither is mentioned in the others story.....? I know for a fact that's it's not a mistake; it's God's word and He does not make mistakes.
  • Stephen Woehr on Ezra 5
    I wonder . . . do you suppose that between the time that Darius was handed this letter and the time of his reply that he witnessed the power of God with Daniel and the lion's den?
  • Charles on Ezra 5
    I learnt from this chapter that,even if the lord instructed you in what your doing does not mean the enemy cannot hinder but He sends His prophet to give new direction.

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