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  • Jesse - in Reply on Ezra 3

    Your concordance would have given you 7 eggs which would have been plenty for some delicious eggs benny!
  • S Spencer - in Reply on Ezra 3
    Hi Jaja.

    Here's the connection I found.

    Benedict of Nursia OSB was a Christian saint venerated in the Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Oriental Orthodox Churches, the Anglican Communion and Old Catholic Churches. He is a patron saint of Europe. Wikipedia.
  • S Spencer - in Reply on Ezra 3
    I almost grabbed my recipe book instead of my concordance.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Ezra 3
    I thought it had something to do with eggs!
  • Jaja Garavaragan on Ezra 3
    Saint had something to do with a Benedict.
  • Pastor Gwendolyn Beckwith on Ezra 3
    Great clarity - great outline
  • BSP on Ezra 3:12
    Verse 2-As soon as they got settled, they reinstituted Jehovah God's worship despite the fear of the surrounding lands. This was a very joyful time because of their courage.
  • BSP on Ezra 3
    Verse 11~Singing has always been a part of worship to Jehovah God. We should sing out praises joyfully.
  • Peter A. Okebukola on Ezra 3
    Like the Israelites of old did, we must continue to praise and give thanks unto the LORD; because he is good, for his mercy endureth for ever.
  • BSP on Ezra 3
    Verse 1: The people gathered together to worship Jehovah God. We should do the same today.
  • Lucky Matthew on Ezra 3
    Oh God!please stir up our spirit that collectively as a man we may do that which you want us to do.
  • Irene123 on Ezra 3
    v.13 - " and the noise was heard afar off." We, as His people, are to open our mouths and let the world know of His return and what's coming to the unsaved at that time. To let them know with love and true Godly concern for their everlasting souls; not with 'judgement' and a holier-than-thou attitude. That attitude of GODLY LOVE takes the indwelling of His spirit.
  • Dianna on Ezra 3
    Do we see ourselves as a type of "Christ's servant" in that all we do, do others see Christ in us? Is what we do daily honoring or glorifying to God? Our body is the temple of the Lord. The first temple was so beautiful
  • Shirl on Ezra 3
    what i got out of this, is there were 2 emotions. Those not knowing the old temple, were elated at what they had accomplished. Those old enough to compare the 2 temples, saw where they had defied their God, and what they had lost with the demolishing of the old temple. They probably felt (those elders who remembered), and felt the shame of this, knowing how much better the old temple was.
  • Johnbarasa on Ezra 3:1
    I want salvation
  • Segun on Ezra 3:12
    I had to quickly look up why the ancient men were crying and when I saw it, I became ashamed of myself for the things happening in the world these days making mockery of the original plan of God for creation. The purpose is defeated except we step up in faith and truism to really follow the original plan of God for mankind.
  • Danny on Ezra 3:12
    I read this and this is what came to my sprite if the ancient of old could see how we have made the foundations that where laid which is Jesus for he said the works that I have done these and greater works you will do. we are failing, now we have abominations standing in our holy places telling lies, all for the love of money.
  • Dwight on Ezra 3
    They understood that this new temple would never be the same
  • Bill Digby on Ezra 3:1
    Ez. 3:1 The section that states they came to Jerusalem "as one Man" reminds me of Ps.133: which states that anywhere God sees unity he blesses. Also did the grant given by Cyrus provide the income they had to give?
  • Andrew on Ezra 3
    I love the choosing of the words -they gathered themselves together as one man.

    If the laying of the temple foundation caused them such joy and weeping; how much we, who have Christ laid at the very foundation of our lives. Paul says we are temples of the Holy Spirit! God bless family. Love y'all

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