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  • Tamar
    God is a jealous God he stated that in the 10 commandments thou shalt have no other Gods and that's what he mean he is a consuming 🔥
  • Ella Armwood
    Be not deceived,for God demand that we do not worship Idols ,Abomination unto The Lord,for He is a jealous God,do not provoke He.Stay in His word,and live.
  • Max
    My heart is very sad for they are full of sin and filth,all love and blessing to the one true God of Abraham,issac and Jacob praise be to God.
  • Shellyann 5
    Thank you lord for my family
  • Andrew
    Verse 17 - putting a branch does not come "from the main body of the plane " as I read one of the comments above, interpreting beyond what is being said and speculating too much. It is simply a form of worship of idols, abominable to the LORD.
  • Insight 777
    Verse 17, when pilots put on their breathing apparatus it looks like a branch to the nose. This branch comes from the main body of the plane.
  • Insight 777
    Verse 4, a plain is a flat surface like the one you are looking at right now. This type of plain shows visions.
  • Sharoon
    I am read the holy bible every day
  • Nancy Kiongo
    My thoughts on the above chapter is that God was showing Ezekiel what the priests were doing in the dark and making Israel do as well thinking that nobody including God was aware of their doing. The last verses speaks of what the Almighty God would do to Israel starting with the priests for turning their backs on Him. This is a warning from the Almighty God to mankind Jehovah is a all knowing, all seeing God so do what you may knowing that.
  • Canoaguilar
    I think this passage Is a prophecy yet to be fulfilled ... because how can God ask seven men to defile the northgate... except when christ came turning over the money changers and say the house of my father will not be used as a .....uhhh almost had it... how many apostles testified this prophecy.
  • Joshua Jericho 777
    The WORSEST thing the Elders of Zion did was SUN WORSHIP they worshipped the sun toward the east v16 Heliocentrism Copernicanism Sun worship Lucifer Satan worship
  • Faithfull
    17 Then he said unto me Hast thou seen this O son of man Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here for they have filled the land with violence and have returned to provoke me to anger and lo they put the branch to their nose The Branch is Jesus the priests in Gods temple put their noses up at Jesus
  • Doris early
    In the first verse there is 6 year 6th month 5th day 665 right before the Mark of the Beast Like Jerusalem like America has lost it s way Heritage Homes and Houses of God are worshipping idols
  • Ian
    Whilst I agree with you in part the true wrath of God will be for taking the mark of the beast not idle gossip. I have just read a very lengthy sermon on the mark of the beast it shows what it is, how many Christians already have it, it's origin and why even though the bible spells it out Christians refuse to accept it. Jesus said they worship him in vain following traditions of men, not commandments of God.
  • Mick R
    This passage to me for years has always held a certain fascination. Here I see the picture the loving LORD, the patient Lord God, in graphic pros, the imagery of the thoughts and intent of the hearts of those that outwardly profess to love and serve the living God. Boy Oh boy, when I think of the advent of the internet in every house, the likes of facebook, twitter and their devotees.....just how many of Gods beloved servants are dappling in a secret romance with their lust, sending hateful communications, images of challenging sensual content all over the internet, living the part, but all the while professing their "love" for God. Is it any wonder when judgement comes on the house of the Lord....Thou shalt have no other gods before me.... This is the reality He must see daily in some of our lives, much to His displeasure. Oh Lord forgive ----

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