Ezekiel Chapter 5 Discussion

  • Zelma Mills - in Reply on Ezekiel 5:10
    He sent his son to die in our stead so we would have the right to eternal life. Also, God needed a mediator. No man goes to the Father but by me according to the Word of God. Jesus is our mediator. We can't get to God except we go through His Son. God gave his Son, the Son gave his life so that we could have the right to the tree of life. Jesus died so that many more wouldn't have to. But he didn't die an eternal death but he reins eternally.
  • Fred Scanlan - in Reply on Ezekiel 5:10
    Why did Christ give his body and blood as a reminder of what He did on the Cross? Why didn't they just have a simple day of food and drink, day of celebration? What kind of God is this, that would send His own Son to die for the sins of the world? Unimaginable!
  • Ashley on Ezekiel 5:10
    Ya... I'm gonna pass on your cannibalism. Why does anyone think is the true nature of a creative consciousness?
  • Chris - in Reply on Ezekiel 5:13
    As you may have read the earlier verses of that chapter, the LORD was against all the abominations, disobedience & their taking on of the wickednesses of the nations about them. In other words, verse 13 shows us that God is fired up, that nothing will cause Him to change His Mind about His people. They will feel the full force of His Anger & they will then know that it is the LORD Who has spoken & given out this Judgement against them. So He says they will know that His Word against them was said in zeal (ardour, force, eagerness to judge, jealous for their love). These are the words that fitly describe how the LORD felt & would respond.
  • Chabota Mangwatu on Ezekiel 5:13
    what does it mean when the Bible says," I the LORD have spoken it in my zeal,"
  • BSP on Ezekiel 5
    Verse 11~These were supposed to be Jehovah God's people and they disrespected him right in his own sanctuary. He would not feel sorry for executing judgment on these hardened immoral people.
  • Pamela on Ezekiel 5
    Many places and people have changed names throughout the scriptures, what is the USA referred to, if at all. And I know the Israelites do die as punishment in the times of Judgement. If the worthy ones might escape the tribulation, how is their death to come. Or will they just be spiritually brought into the times of the promiseland.
  • Egbayelo on Ezekiel 5
    The proposed punishment for the children of Israel by God was as the result of their sins. Because of the love he had for them, He had to warn them through his prophet maybe they will listen and turn from their evil ways. He was giving prophet Ezekiel an insight to what will befell Isreal if the do not repent. I know if they sat and think about the punishment that will come thereafter and cry to God in prayer,He would have lifted the burden and forgive them and He wouldn 't have brought such calamity against his beloved people.
  • Garythompson1 on Ezekiel 5:1
    barbering has a history that goes back many years
  • Enyinnaya Cosmos on Ezekiel 5
    Actually,yes.i concur to what Matthew Henry wrote concerning this chapter.But at the same time,i also want to remind us that we are in the position of Israelites,now. "How ? " Someone may ask.Because Israelites were people God loves.They Israelites also knew that.They knew how God has led,fed,protected,etc. them in the wilderness of suffery.God also gave them His Law and promised to make them His Treasured Possession Exod.19 4 6 yet that was nothing to them.God was helping them through the law so that they might not sin,according to Moses Exod.20 20 God Is holy,His people whom He called by His name 2 chr.7 14 must also be holy Lev.20 26 .in everything they were rebellious and that was why The wants to teach them a lesson.Therefore today we must be careful.most of us call themselves "christians ",but our lives do not reflect to godliness.This is our time to repent and accept Christ into our hearts today.So that when God "sees the blood,He will passover us " Exod.12 23.May God help us,Amen.

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