Ezekiel Chapter 47 Discussion

  • Albert Swanson on Ezekiel 47 - 2 years ago
    Suppose any one were to take time to look up the healing the leaves of the Olive currently known. In that case, it does strike as quite immense ..... larger than might be expected, for usually healing elements do not contain as near the number represented here. It strikes as being miraculous, to be a "calling forth," as would have been the case if it too had been situated by the tomb of Lazareth, and that is so far as we have been able to determine, that is the healing properties it has contained. But to the believer, it is enough, that is the list of what it heals, and fundamentally able to persuade them that more of its most likely shall come, as recognized, like Jesus on earth, as that which if need of healing confronted. It seems a hint of the plants, flowers, the great variety of growings, now sprawling about occurring in the heavenly.
  • Annysia on Ezekiel 47 - 4 years ago
    When I imagine Ezekiel crossing the river, I see it as a description of how we start our religious life. First shallowly, by the ankles, then we progress deeper and deeper. After crossing the river we reach a sea of life. Everyone's end goal essentially (heaven). People who don't cross the river completely will never reach the sea full of life but instead be stuck with a "Dead Sea".
  • Alvin on Ezekiel 47 - 9 years ago
    Just as Jesus prays in john 17 for people who will believe in the future Verses 21-23 of this passage speak of future believers of all generations and nations who will experiennce the benefits of this river of the Spirit
  • Shadreckchakwana on Ezekiel 47 - 9 years ago
    It means God is source of living waters life in christ Jesus
  • John mwangale on Ezekiel 47 - 9 years ago
    vs 1-6 ezekiel is speaking about the spirit man in us,that he should grow from strength to strength.thus to receive the spirit and receive and receive till you are lost that the old man in you is finished and you are a new.the stains must go
  • Rev. A. Long 11/22/2014, 7:30PM on Ezekiel 47 - 9 years ago
    Ezekiel is telling us all about the healing leaves on the tree, all we have to do is just trust God and believe. To God be the glory.
  • MLFreeman on Ezekiel 47 - 14 years ago
    I think Ezekiel has already told us that the cure for cancer or any other incurable disease will be cured by use of water some type of way. Ezekiel 47:8-9.

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