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  • His Daughter
    The fact that the Father takes time to give specific measurements of the temple He designed tells us how important the repentance of sin is. Thus the sacrifice that Jesus His son made for us is too detailed as the whole plan of redemption reveals God's love for us when Jesus and the Father met together before the creation of this world. All so that we'd continue to belong to Him despite the fall.
  • Insight 777
    Verse 5, 6 cubits is 9.84 feet. 9.84 feet is a popular size for a power return tape measure. By the cubit means it is measured by units of equal measure, the foot, and is a hands breadth meaning it fits in a mans hand.
  • Norman
    I love the word of this great man of GOD. I am always being inspired by this great man. I'm truly looking forward to see these things come to pass. I have been there at grave side in Jerusalem, I have seen some of the places and things they talk about. But one day I will see them with my own eyes.
  • Peter
    I also like the bible I have Memmoriezed a lot
  • Itsme Thistime
    Also see I Peter 3:18 forward, which concerns this very subject, and speaks of Jesus while He was yet in the tomb (3 days) went back to all the generations before his crucifiction and taught those on the wrong side of the gulf, refered to as "prison" by Peter
  • Itsme Thistime
    From this chapter on, the millinium is described, beginning with the building of the temple. The millinium is also known as "The day of the Lord" and is a 1,000 year time of teaching for those who didn't make it to the right side of the gulf in heaven. Side notes: We know from II Peter 3:8 that a day with the Lord is as 1,000 years with man. The gulf (or in the manuscripts, "laceration") is spoken of by Luke in the parable of Lazarus and the rich man, Luke 16:19..
  • Justin fruge
    I would confess that if god has decided that this temple be build by someone at somepoint in time then so be it as long as the lord jesus christ is the doorkeeper so be it.

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