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  • Marcia Harriott
    Did Ezekiel ave to consume those food combined with dung
  • BSP
    Verse 15: Jehovah God was reasonable with Ezekiel when he found that Ezekiel would have a hard time taking a certain course.
  • Irene123
    As far as the dung is concerned, God says right there that he would allow 'cow's' dung in place of human. But, Jeremiah - building a model city and using things to represent a siege; he was a true Man of God. Can you imagine the scoffing and ribbing he took, yet he ignored it all. This is our example for these days; that "having done ALL - to stand!!" We must persevere to win at least one soul
  • Marcelo
    About the verses 1 to 5 we found a good prophesy for the future while them were still in captivity, ...the years of their iniquity, according to the number of the days, three hundred and ninety days... this meaning it seems that it is the same in Daniel Chapter 9 after he was fasting and praying because he was astonished after know the years of the captivity. but his supplication was heard from the beginning And a angel gave him understanding about it and the length of time in which his people should finished all their iniquities. More important meaning that we can applied in Daniel chapter 12 the last verses about the length of the of the desolation set up 1290 days and 2335 days a separate time of extreme desolation could be 45 years beginning 2023 to 2065 if we count from the last worst abominations of the Christian churches in 7033 ad. where there erected images and decorations.
  • Dave P.
    This is describing Ezekiel 's prediction of Jerusalem 's desolation where an awful famine is described during the siege from Babylon. When it speaks of man 's dung, it speaks of a ceremonial pollution in the Jewish law of the worst nature. It is a reflection on the sins of mankind cp. Job 15:16
  • Fana
    By the suffering of the prophet, the people of Israel were made to turn away from their sins to God. Jesus' suffering accomplished this even better. He is a prophet of all the prophets.
  • Stella
    Praise God for the sacrifice of Christ on the cross now we don't have to suffer as Ezekiel did for anyone to be saved or forgiven. We now operate under grace in ministry and in the salvation of mankind.

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