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  • Bill Colborn
    The most pertinent chapter to current world events. Research the names and put modern faces on the countries coming against Israel, and you will see the alliance is pretty much there. Keep an eye on Turkey: they will break from NATO and join the Russia/Iran Alliance.
  • Pamela Bynum
    It is a fantastic chapter. To bad more people don't read it. It is great watching all these things happen before us, just want everyone to keep praying and watching.Come quickly Lord .
  • BSP
    Verse 21~In the past, Jehovah God has used the wicked to destroy the wicked. He can cause the same to happen again. His enemies will turn against one another.
  • A disciple
    Rusty; Did you know that Russia and Iran are RIGHT NOW positioned on Israel's Golan border? and NO NEWS COVERAGE! Also, the things going on in the East: "Tidings from the East shall trouble him, and he shall go forth in a fury to utterly make away many...and arms shall stand on his part... and he shall devise devices and cause craft to prosper; (etc.)? Lord Jesus keep us all safe and come soon!
  • Rusty lopez
    I think this chapter untel 39 is happening right now few days ago russia iran and turkey joint
  • Katrina
    Iran is Persia, it' all those nation out of the old roman empire

  • Steve
    The countries referred to as "Sheba and Dedan" seem to refer to south Arabia which we call the present day "Gulf States", according to Wikipedia.
  • BSP
    Verses 18 to 23 are a very vivid description of Jehovah's war against his enemies. Before they are destroyed they will know that Jehovah is the true God and he is bringing judgement on them.
  • Gail Charlton
    RE, your comment that God will make it appear that he is a great and holy God He won't make it appear anything for He is a Great and Holy God He is the only GOD
  • Hugh
    perhaps this peace might be better understood as to be security
  • Aaron Roberts
    Marvins---are you really saying they had a word to transcribe Truck?
  • Aaron
    Interesting, I wonder if the IRON DOME has anything to do with that? Interesting thought at least. Isreal is said to be a peace at that time, I would not say it is very peaceful now... So maybe for some the time is not near?
  • Hazel for verse 23
    The Lord 's Day is near...Almighty Lord God Jehovah...many people will have to know his Holy name. Psalms 83:18
  • Jerry Leonard
    Andrea 's comment about verse 18 on 1-07-2015, 5:19 am... If you asking who Gog is in v.18? I 've aways been told Gog is the prince and Magog is the land of Russia.
  • Andrea for verse 18
    Can someone please tell me what 's Gog?
  • Dewey Jones
    Evelyn It appear that those horrors are committed by men possessed by demonic spirits as in Daniel 10 13 and 10 20. The archangel Gabriel spoke about his fight with the prince of persia for 21 days. Now we know by our common sense that no human being could prevail against an angel 1 second therefore Gabriel could only be referring to fallen angels or demons. He goes on to tell us that God dispatched Michael the archangel to help him battle through the demons air space to deliver the answer to Daniel 's prayer which he had been fasting and praying for for 21 days. Likewise we as Christians should be God 's instruments on this earth doing His work by His word as in the bible to humanity.
  • Elizabeth
    I believe we are living in the hours before this comes to pass surely soon We need to be sure of our testimony for Jesus and share it with others who need to be prepared Not knowing Jesus as our personal Savior would be an eternal mistake I believe America has failed Israel in the last years and I hope and pray that God will be merciful to America for the sake of the Christians who love and pray for Israel continually I believe Jesus is coming soon to take his bride out and then there will be evil on every hand and few that find their way to Jesus when the church has been removed
  • Dion
    This surely correct it means that the land of Israel is currently under occupation by Mogog Revelation 3 9 is clear in regards to those who call themselves Israel Jews are NOT but the synagogue of Satan coincidence No The current state of Israel was created in 1948 by President Roosevelt in conjunction with UK History tells us that Israelites were exiled in 70AD by the Romans as part of the curses of disobedience as the most high speaks in Deuteronomy 28 The word of God is clear unless someone also accuse God of lying
  • Cedric
    I believe this attack on Israel will most probably start just before the the tribulation period and the anti christ who has been present will come forth providing answers to an everlasting peace Once he gains more power and shows it Israel will accept him as their true messiah Jesus Christ warned that this would happen
  • Nell Roselie
    what i believed is that we are living in this time where nations are turning agaisnt their leaders, there's famine, etc.. the important thing is that if we believe and trust in God we will be saved. Keep believing. Praise the Lord.
  • Evelyn for verse 4
    Were the hor***** demon or human?
  • Connie
    I agree with Buddy. The most important thing and always, is that we are saved. That we have a personnel relationship with Jesus and have accepted Him in our heart, so we are ready for His return, to reign in the New Earth someday.
    This period of time will not come soon it's already here, all nations that hate Israel and the US and its allies are gearing up to destroy us. The only thing that matters is are you saved and ready to go with Jesus when he comes back FOR US.
  • Gods elect
    we are the Generation of the Fig Tree... this is it... THANK GOD!!!! Praise the LORD JESUS CHRIST 4 he is worthy to be Praise...
  • Zbee1
    I just read an article on line re the "arab spring" whereby revolt is happening in the Islamic world; but, a "revolution" is merely one turn of the sprocket and you're back to where you started. In the case of the "arab spring" the jihadists who hate Israel, hate women, and who worship the pedophile mohamed are indeed gearing up to come agains God's people, Israel, and the "young lions" of Ezek. 38--the latter day world-govening empires like the US, Great Britain, etc.--will stand by and watch, not intercede for Israel, but God will interced on their behalf and destroy nearly all the nations that seek to destroy Israel. That is what I get from Ezek. 38. GO GOD!
  • Peppergayle
    upon reading it, i have come to the conclusion, that we are "living" in the time as our lord did in stuck.
  • Mary-Anne Gerrard
    Adultery-lust of the flesh.
    listening to gossip.

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