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  • Kooz
    So many replies in the old testament from people who cannot seem to discern between physical and spiritual Israel.
  • Jeffrey Gambill
    When your saved as a Gentile your adopted into the Jewish family...The Jews are and always will be God's ppl but anyone can be saved and become another of Gods children...Paul brought the Gospel to the Gentile...I'll know how to speak Hebrew the minute I die
  • A disciple
    We read how at the Great White Throne all shall stand before the KING for judgment, and it says that the books will be opened, and the book of Life. We read about how in the world to come the Saints will be in charge of the government of the world under Christ. Who are the Nations of the saved? Ezekiel 16:53-63 suggests that all Nations shall be restored to their former estate; minus the wicked.
  • A disciple
    "...Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?" The Day of the LORD shall be the commencement of the Regeneration, when the Lord Jesus Christ shall sit on the throne of His glory. In that day Israel shall say, Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the LORD; and in that day shall they repent and be converted with weeping and crying all over the Country and for ever changed!
  • The Great ELDER
    In this text, is God saying what he would do for Israel and Judah? Where is it in the bible where this actually came to past? I know after years had passed the children was restore there rightly place.
  • Pamela
    these are children of israel that turned to false idoles when moses went to the moutain, they parished because they broke gods laws,they were told god would have no other gods before him! so they pairished in the desert
  • Marie Williamson
    it's really amazing how God alone can bring back very dry dead bones to life. it's truly a devine miracle. just trust Him, He will do the same for you.
  • Irene123
    V. 9 - " .....Prophesy unto the wind ..... "; Acts 2:2 - " ..... and there came a sound as of a mighty rushing wind ..... "
  • Jambita adusi tiny
    Glory, blessings and honour be unto him who sits on the throne in heaven.
    Jehovah states clearly here that He will convert dry bones into mighty men.
    The dry bones are life's disasters that have literally grounded you. Diseases. Wars. Persecution. Famine. Rejection. Despair. Injustice. Poverty.
    God shall lift us up from all these but not before all hope is lost and only death is staring at us.
  • Scott
    That all seems pretty clear to me, David is a type of Jesus Christ. This chapter has nothing to do with you or anyone, unless they are Jews. You all need about one hundred pages a day Bible study. That is just it.
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    As God revived the dry bones of Israel and united the kingdoms decades after Ezekiel's prophecy so shall God restore all the dead elements in our lives as we obey His commandments and trust His Healing power.
  • Stephen F. Zielski
    PARADOX ! GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY YAHWEH IN AND THROUGH HIS SON OUR BLESSED LORD AND SAVIOR CHRIST YESHUA AMEN ! Israel Zion shall be Baptised with the everliving Fire of the Holy Ghost and fully restored into our Blessed Lords sheepfold in the Kingdom of God {GRACE} which is drawing to its close. God will send His Minister of Fire ELIJAH through Christ our Lord of Glory. The Sons of God will rise !
  • Irene123
    A-a-a-a-men, Eaglesrock!!!
  • Dustin
    To Karl;

    When you say the title, Christ, you are saying, from the Greek word 'Christos', The Anointed One.
    When you say the title, Messiah, you are saying, from the Hebrew word 'Mashiyach', The Anointed One.

    When you say Christ, you Are saying Messiah. You Are saying Jesus, Yahshua, The Anointed One.

    The Lord Jesus Christ is the Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One, the Son of God.
  • Karl
    David/Jacob - could not "David" refer symbolically to a more reverential and obedient people and "Jacob" the rebellious and disobedient people that went into captivity.
    Will Jesus Christ walk again on earth? the bible says yes, but Christ Jesus, not Jesus the messiah? How's that sound?
  • Jean
    What do you think about David my servant shall be Prince over us? Do you think Christ will walk on Earth again , or shall not be David my servant will rise and reign again?
  • STEPHEN for verse 15
    Ezekiel portrayed the fact that God communicates with mortal man. How this happens varies with individuals and circumstances.
  • Eaglesrock
    Let me give you some revelation: There are 10,396 verses of prophecy in the Bible, everyone of them depends on Israel being a nation and Jerusalem being the capital, and the Jews being back in their land. There are 613 laws in which you know only ten. 262 of them depend on Israel rebuilding the temple. But that s the law. 27 of the Bible is bible prophesy. Every time the first coming is mention the second coming is mentioned 7 times. If you can take Israel and wipe them out, if you can take Jerusalem and divide it like President Obama wants to do, if you can take the Jewish people and push them into the Red Sea, then you have made God a liar and the Word of God a lie. Why do you think Israel is under attack by so many nations of the world? She has no Gold, she has no silver, she has no brass, she has no Iron, she has no oil, she is not on a major trade route or a sea route. She has no natural resource. Yet she is the most covenant piece of property of the world. You see the enemy wants Jerusalem, because if he can take Jerusalem the Bible is a lie, but I got news for him, let God be true and every man a liar
  • Dikgopo Tshepang
    the church of God is dead like the dry bones due to the fact that the gospel commission is neither in progress nor alive. The church God shall revive when He will pour out his Holy Spirit represented by the wind just as the disciple received His God Spirit
  • Yared birkneh
    When I was with out Christ same like this bones but Holy Spirit revealed to me the gospel and Jesus be my king. Its all about Ezekel 37
  • Obakeng
    I think each and every situation that is dead in one's life will come back to life it might be dead for years but the power of God can make that come to life.
  • A B Jacobson for verse 25
    Proof that there are two houses, The Houses of Judah and also the House of Joseph Ephraim, Zachariah 11:7-14.There are the Jews Judah, Benjamin and Levi and also the Israelites, the rest of the ten tribes. Many in error call them "the lost tribes ".
  • Daphney pandelani
    the whole chapter from vrs 37 it show 's me that God is an amazing God he never fail us in our life all thing are possible to him .
  • Commy for verse 1
    what i understand in this chapter, is that there nothing that is impossible to God, Eziechiele taught that those bones can not live again, but thank God that the Spirit of God came upon him, when God asked "can these bones lived " then answered thou knows God which means God know everything concering his children
  • Diesel
  • Victorking
    I believe in every generation God will send somebody to represent him him on earth. in this our generation whom do you think he sent?
  • Lilian
    Seek the Kingdom of God first and love God with all of your heart and you shall find the truth. God provide us his heavenly manna The Word of God in order for us to live and have life. Believe and accept God 's words first and he will let his spirit to connect with your spirit in order for you to understand his words. Fix your eyes to Jesus as Jesus is the word of God. We are all God 's children mo matter what religion you have. He always confirmed his love and his mercy thru Jesus death and we live because of his forgiveness. Jesus loves you and he always with us. The Powerful message is God save his own people for those who have heared his voice and obey his word will shall have life and not be perished. God is so powerful, He is the creator and the owner of all things that he made and he is the only God who can destroy everything that is not pleasing to his eyes. Blessed are those who believe and follow Jesus because he loves us.
  • Trevon
    In this chapter he 's not talking about yeshua or Christ. It clearly says that the most high will raise up David and he will be our king and price not the fake Christ or hippie on a stick
  • Asea robert for verse 14
    is how the healing power of the lord heals
  • Rosemary Lohman
    In chapters 2 and 3 you will see the commission of Yeshua to this earth. Please compare it to the 50th and 53rd chapters of Isaiah. They are one and the same. Yeshua was the Son of man from whom this message came. Ezekiel was him telling of the message he received from God and Isaiah was him delivering this message. Also, Revelation is his final message. Yeshua will come back, his second coming, not some fake rapture, by the end of 2018. I so hope it is before then. Daniel 's prophecy has been fulfilled already through the nations of Islam. Everyone who reads this please p ** the information on. It 's detrimental to people around the globe. The prophecy of Daniel has already been fulfilled AD1967 Israel gets Jerusalem back AD632 Khalif Omar first conquered Jerusalem 1335 years Daniel 12 12 AD1967 Israel gets Jerusalem back AD677 Arabs recapture the temple mount, daily sacrifices stopped 1290 years Daniel 12 11 AD1967 Israel gets Jerusalem back AD707 Al Aqsa Mosque completed on the temple mount 1260 1260 years 30 days per month 42 Months Mark 13 even identifies the abomination as being an IT, not a HIM. Mark 13 14 "But when ye shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it ought not... " According to this the Mosque sitting on the Temple mount, is the Abomination of Desolation. This means Messiah is going to be back literally any day, this will be his second coming not some made up rapture, you are teaching lies. The seven year tribulation simply is not real. The pretribulation rapture is not real. Are you aware the Muslims people blocked the eastern gate, put a grave yard in front of it, like this could stop Yeshua from coming back. AGAIN... Islam is beast, and Mohammad was that man who came to the temple mount. That, too, has happened already. Daniel 7 24,25 All they talk about is peace while they are killing everyone, and they want us to observe their holidays and Sharia Laws. The church age ended when Israel became a nation again in 1948. The age of grace is over. God said Daniel 's prophecy was sealed until the end. This means that any attempt to decode this prophecy before 1948 is wrong. Daniel 12 9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. You are basing the last few years of your life on this earth on false theoretical events that are never going to happen. Yeshua said no man knows the day or hour but he did tell us this day would be after the tribulation. You people are a joke! Matthew 24 29 36 "Immediately after the tribulation...But of that day and hour knoweth no man... " Mark 13 2432 "But in those days, after that tribulation...But of that day and that hour knoweth no man... " He said in Revelation that he was coming back at the end of chapter 6, not chapter 3. You are leading the masses to their doom by lying to them about a rapture. The only Jesus they will see before the end of the tribulation is the fake Islamic one!

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