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  • Cecilia
    I agreed with pastor that our leaders today only think about themselves not the people that they lead. God told Ezekiel tell your people to turn away from their old habits and get ready from get a plan for them.God had been begging his people don’t miss it for he always had a planned for you that manifested itself with the baby Jesus. God said a coming to be a shepherd to my people
  • Shaunda Melton Heine
    Heavenly Father knows all the intent behind our actions and thoughts. What is in our hearts need not be spoken as much as the example we set for those around us. We need not worry about the intent behind others so much as we do our best to be a good servant of Christ. We have free agency that comes with blessings or trials. Those trials are opportunities for our spiritual growth. Growth is good!!
    This Chapter of Ezekiel 34 is absolutely beautiful. I will copy this and pass it out to people. Everyone needs to read this 34th Chapter of Ezekiel. The church leaders clergy will answer to Great God Of Israel. They will not be able to hide. HalleluYAH!
  • A disciple
    I think there is sometimes too readily used the symbolism of things spoken of in the Bible; when it should better be understood by its intended meaning first. The Scriptures of the Prophets were primarily directed toward Israel; a real people, who really did the things written about them; and who are to this day really still like that! They are in the world among the Nation for a testimony to GOD.
  • A disciple
    Sisters in Christ; You are absolutely right with relating this to Pastors of Churches; but look closely also at whom exactly the LORD is speaking this; and remember the parable of the wicked husbandmen, who murdered the Heir and usurped control of the LORD's vineyard, the House of Israel; in whom you all have been grafted in through faith in Christ. This should open up your understanding to more.
  • A disciple
    While we easily see the use in describing a mutual relation between those to whom the Word is first directed, and their modern-day counterparts; it is in a spirit of error that men are willing to sacrifice (slaughter) what is morally right, for the advancement of their own base gain and for their Satanic need of being recognized by men as a "holy one" and a "very religious and influential" man.
  • Lucia szymanik
    I agree with Portia's comments. The Gospel must be preached only the Truth of God's Word.
  • Lucia szymanik
    All Pastors and Ministers must preach to the body of Christ His Church; to edify, to exhort, to build up and to correct. This is acceptable to the Lord.
  • Lucia szymanik
    I agree with Portia's comment. Pastor's today are not preaching the True Word of God to the Body of Christ except with few exceptions. There is mostly falsehood(error) that is leading the flock of God astray. All those called to Spiritual Authority hold the highest account before God and will have to give an account before Him.

  • Amber
    This is extremely helpful because I left my bi le at school so I can study from here.... thank you for making this!
  • Anne
    This chapter is reminiscent of Psalms 23 'The Lord is my shepherd'
  • Portia
    The chapter is referring to pastors of the church not doing what the Lord has delegated them to do, and as a result the people are suffering and not being fed with the gospel.the Lord says He will judge them and their punishment will be great, He will look for His people from where the shepherds have scattered them and He will set a new shepherd who will feed them and they will know that He is God
  • Michael C.
    Hi Annie, what the LORD is saying here through His servant Ezekiel, is first about the wicked rulers of the Jews, that condemned the Lord Jesus without a cause; and as a result, have scattered and destroyed His flock by their lies, unbelief, and all the evil they have done and taught against the name of Jesus. It is also directed at whosoever has done likewise among the churches of the Gentiles.
  • Annie jenkins
    what does this chapter means ?
  • Nicola
    Paints a glorious picture of Jehovah Raah. God cares about His sheep. Praying for Christians being persecuted by islamist n other terrorist that God would save themfrom their prey, break the yolk of affliction, cause them to dwell in safety because of His presence. Ipray Nahum 1:9 that God put an utter end to their affliction that it shall not rise again. Shalom.
    Crusading for righteousness.God cannot compromise His words.He said be thou holy for I am Holy.Sin has always be a barrier to our relationship with God.
  • Robert
    Ezekiel 34 is a prophesy of Israel 's restitution and renewal at the second coming of Christ.
  • Peter k maina
    The verse is wonderful
  • James for verse 29
    it is a big part of the holy anointing oil used in the anointing of prophets,preast 's and kings the nation of Israel excepts this whole heartedly its use is comanded in the anointing of the torah observant messianic belivers the Netzarim to all others it is forbiden untill the rebuilding of the temple when the leviticle high preast is anointed
  • Robert Schuenemann
    This chapter appropriately appliesg to the government of the United States of America.
  • Williamnowlen
    God does not need us he choose but if we don 't go he will do it his self but we should be willing
  • D GRAY
  • Eric goode for verse 29
    Response to commenter who said the plant is the messiah...who is the shepherd spoke of in the surrounding text of that chapter?
  • Peeva Lawrence
    I think those(pastors) that are in charge of leading the children of God the right way,if they fail to do it properly;God will do it.And He want us all to be save.God loves us that sure.Ezekiek34:25&26 tells us that,.What are we to do now is just to obey His commands through Jesus Christ cause we cannot do it on our own.
  • Ernest
    I think here God gives warning to those He has put in charge to take care of His people, to make sure that they are fed with the Word of Truth.
  • Therese
    I love starting in verse 11. I believe this scripture is speaking of what a Pastor/Shepherd should look like. Caring, nurturing, instructing, feeding, encouraging, helping, teaching, showing how to Love God!
  • Daniel Prendergast for verse 29
    I have not read the Bible in years, since I was a boy.
  • Sharon Wetmore
    Seems this is a warning to all who are pastors, those that have fed themselves, confused the sheep and scattered them. I think that it is also a warning to each of us. It is so easy to look at the pastor and judge. It is only God and His Son that are perfect. We should still not forsake the assemblies.
  • Bruceharris
    The restoration of Israel..

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