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  • NEVER GOING BACK TO EGYPT - In Reply on Ezekiel 20:25 - 3 years ago
    I was taught that "Egypt" in our modern times means our old sins and idols in our lives. The difference between now and then, is that we have received the power of the risen Christ into our born again lives.

    No matter how God provided for them, they never let go of their idols and memories of Egyptian religious practices, like golden calves. They wandered in the deserts till the older generation died away. Moses died. Joshua then took them into the Promised land.

    We all must freely give our old sins; even the memories. How do you do that? You forgive your involvement and then give it to God. Satan will tempt periodically to see if you really meant it? We have power to step over that noose, through Jesus's blood sacrifice.

    We are in Covenant with Jesus. He gives us his armor and strength; and we give Him our weakness and failures.

    Stand sure upon that Covenant relationship.

    New Christians should search through their belongings and mementos; to see if an "old idol" of the memory of sin (Egypt), needs to be cast away. It is a very freeing experience to rid yourself of the baggage of sin.

    Most preachers don't teach on this, but I do. Familiar Spirits (follows ancestral sins), or keep track of hidden sins. They follow us around to remind us of those old things.

    You Take away their power to remind, re-injure the memories, tempt us to revisit sin (to see if it's really dead?) Get rid of them once and for all.

    (Bind them by name.) I bind and cast out all familiar spirits in the name of Jesus Christ!

    I break their power in my life and my ancestors all the way back to Adam and Eve. I loose the blessings of God to fill my life with blessing and restoration. I send those familiar spirits into outer darkness by the name and the power of Jesus Christ. I stand on Jesus's Authority and none other.

    I decree that those familiar spirits NEVER return. In the name of my Lord Jesus.

    May we go forward from Egypt into the Promised Land.

  • Patricia on Ezekiel 20:25 - 3 years ago
    Explain Ezekiel 20:7-8
  • Charlie on Ezekiel 20:25 - 3 years ago
    the sabbath was made for man not man for the sabbath. mark 2-27, col 2-16 let no man

    therefore judge you in meat or in drink, or in respect of an holyday or of the new moon or of

    the sabbath days. the sabbath for the born again christian is everyday. the early church worshipped

    the first day of the week or sunday.keeping the sabbath does not save from hell jesus saves from

    hell if you are a sda it is false cult denying hell and after death, and it is a works based cult founded

    by ellen g white who was a plagarist. acts 4-12 salvation is found in no other name there is no other name

    given among men which we must be saved.
  • Jill Johns on Ezekiel 20:35 - 3 years ago
    America is end time Israel where the gathering of his people is taking place. It is the only Nation that fulfills the prophecy to Abraham. Most of his people reside in the Christian Churches and are being called out, leaving in droves. Come out of her (the Babylonian whore) my people!)
  • Janie on Ezekiel 20 - 5 years ago
    God is very long suffering, kind, patient, and loving. He created us and wants us to be a part of who He is. But He is also Holy, Righteous, and Just. Ezekiel has shown me that God longs for His children to love Him and be Righteous as He is. He longs for our companionship but He hates sin (as do I and all of His children). He is Just in all His ways and judgments. LOVE HIM FOR WHO HE IS.
  • A disciple on Ezekiel 20 - 6 years ago
    BSP; I love Ezekiel! So much insight and instruction; like the Book of Revelation! See how these same Elders (pretenders of religion) sat before the Prophet to hear his words, like people go to hear someone who has a pleasant voice and can play well on an instrument; for they hear the word of the LORD, but will not do what the Lord says to them through the Prophet! We must be doers of THE WORD!
  • BSP on Ezekiel 20 - 6 years ago
    Verse 49: The older men did not take Ezekiel seriously, but thought that he was just speaking riddles or parables. We must take divine warnings and Scriptural warnings seriously.
  • Michael Hensley on Ezekiel 20 - 8 years ago
    The respect of the Sabbath Day was Jewish Law, as was the Commandments, all 613,
  • Ashbrit on Ezekiel 20 - 8 years ago
    God gives us new mercies daily. If you have fallen short, he give us grace so that we can repent and be forgiven of our sins. The chapters give us a reminder of what God freed the Israelites when they were in captivity and the covenant that he made them to deliver them to the promised land. It reminds us that there are consequences for not being faithful to God's word.
  • Lucinda Palestrant on Ezekiel 20 - 8 years ago
    All that the Lord does;He does all things so that all men might know him. Remove yourselves from idols! Fear the Lord! Consider that God made himself known to Adam and Eve,he walked and talked with them in the Garden of Eden.After they sinned and ate from the tree of good and evil, they were afraid. Romans 11:33 "For of him and through him and to him are all things,to whom be glory forever.Amen"
  • Bobbie Zaremba on Ezekiel 20 - 9 years ago
    All through Jeremiah, keeping of the Sabbath is stressed. It is a very important commandment uniting the Jews with God .I as a lowly Gentile, have begun honoring the Sabbath as per God 's command from sunset Friday evening to sunset Saturday evening, I try to do no work. I used to shop the sales on Saturday. I don 't do that anymore ..I try not to buy or sell on the Sabbath .God knows I am trying to honor His commandment and has blessed me with more time and more of other things .I am amazed at this I just wanted to keep the Sabbath as per God 's command .didn 't expect the blessings He has bestowed on me .God is good
  • Chakam Ben Hal Yah on Ezekiel 20:31 - 10 years ago
    I think its talking about people celebrating there birthdays and celebrating christmas giving gifts
  • Child of God on Ezekiel 20 - 10 years ago
    God gave them the ways in which they should live but because they would not listen.They made the wrong desions.Which had concequences.
  • Gordon on Ezekiel 20:35 - 11 years ago
    Revelations 12 states Israel will be fed in this "wilderness of the nations" for a period of 1,260 days. I interpret that symbolically to mean that Israel would be exiled throughout the nations but would be fed, meaning that Israel would survive. The only question I have is about the 1,260 days. If that is symbolic also, what does it mean?
  • Alexander Zephyr on Ezekiel 20:35 - 11 years ago
    The same what I think of Ezekiel 37:1, 12: no real physical resurrection of the dead (open graves and dry bones)and no real physical geographical place of 'The Wilderness of the nations, as all of symbolical, metaphorical expressions are 'in line with the fantastic symbolism of Ezekiel throughout his entire Book. So,
    why are we looking for particular geographical location of �The Wilderness of the nations�, if Ezekiel just uses this metaphorical symbol to show the spiritual emptiness of idolatrous nations who do not know Almighty God of Israel and His Immortal Torah. That is why God wants His People Israel get out of this �Wilderness�!
  • Doorgunner on Ezekiel 20:25 - 12 years ago
    (God gave them the Commandments, which could bring Peace, but they despised the Commandments because of the hardness of their hearts)Therefore God gave them Laws that no sane man should live by: an eye for an eye...a tooth for a tooth. Because God ordered them to do such things, they justified it by their hardened hearts. And he gave them judgements that they never should have carried out: When you enter into a city that God has given you, slay the young and the old, the men and the women, the children and the animals. And they did it (carried out his judgements that he gave them, hoping that they would come to their senses), but they did it willingly because their hearts were not right with God. This is why Jesus told them (their decendants) "It has been said of Old...".

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