Commentary for Ezekiel 2

The prophet is directed what he is to do. (1-5) And encouraged to be resolute, faithful, and devoted. (6-10)1-5 Lest Ezekiel should be lifted up with the abundance of the revelations, he is put in mind that still he is a son of man, a weak, mortal creature. As Christ usually called himself the Son of man, it was also an honourable distinction. Ezekiel's posture showed reverence, but his standing up would be a posture of greater readiness and fitness for business. God will speak to us, when we stand ready to do what he commands us. As Ezekiel had not strength of his own, the Spirit entered into him. God is graciously pleased to work in us whatever he requires of us. The Holy Spirit sets us upon our feet, by inclining our wills to our duty. Thus, when the Lord calls upon the sinner to awake, and attend to the concerns of his soul, the Spirit of life and grace comes with the call. Ezekiel is sent with a message to the children of Israel. Many might treat his message with contempt, yet they should know by the event that a prophet had been sent to them. God will be glorified, and his word made honourable, whether it be a savour of life unto life, or of death unto death.

6-10 Those who will do any thing to purpose in the service of God, must not fear men. Wicked men are as briers and thorns; but they are nigh unto cursing, and their end is to be burned. The prophet must be faithful to the souls of those to whom he was sent. All who speak from God to others, must obey his voice. The discoveries of sin, and the warnings of wrath, should be matter of lamentation. And those acquainted with the word of God, will clearly perceive it is filled with woe to impenitent sinners; and that all the precious promises of the gospel are for the repenting, believing servants of the Lord.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Ezekiel 2

  • Wesley Lawrence Curry II on Ezekiel 2
    Hello, The Scroll eaten by Ezekial is the same Little Book Eaten by John (on Patmos Island).
  • BSP on Ezekiel 2
    Verse 7: We have been commanded to preach God's message no matter what people's responses may be.
  • Stephen Wiggins on Ezekiel 2
    Hafford, yes, "Son of man, eat that thou findest" - that's you and I as we digest the true meaning of Ezekiel.
  • Nateram Roopchand on Ezekiel 2
    You are correct Mattew ch 28 mandate Go into ALL the world and TEACH.......
  • Dan on Ezekiel 2
    Ezekiel 2, in my opinion, is not only stressing the consequences for not obeying the word of GOD, but also stressing to those of us who profess ot be followers of the LORD to share his word with those that need to hear. whether they choose to listen is their choice. BUT, followers of the LORD GOD do not have a choice to be idle. For not sharing the word is not fulfilling the command to minister
  • Hafford E. Cook on Ezekiel 2
    God Almighty tells the prophet Ezekiel to eat a book. In Revelations the prophet (apostle) John is told by King Jesus to eat a book .Could it be a sign to each prophet that the words eaten by each prophet would be a reminder to only speak what they will be told and only that?
  • Joan Travick on Ezekiel 2
    Psalms 91:8, "Only with thine eyes shalt thou see the reward of the wicked and with thine ears shalt thou hear". The word also teaches that if the wicked increase, they increase for the slaughter. And, the FATHER tells us in Psalms 37 to fret not because of evildoers who prosper in their own way, for they shall soon be cut off. HE has already invited the great birds of air to the feast.
  • Trich on Ezekiel 2
    Yes, TRULY, the Israelites, are a peculiar/disobedient/trouble making people. That GOD has chosen for himself, to be called his people. Even though they rebelled.
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    . AMEN
  • Joyce evangelist Holt on Ezekiel 2
    The pastor spoke on this today, I needed to hear it, I'm in a apartment building, an the tenants in unit above mine, are very rebellious, it's been a year, that they've done very mean an evil vain vindictive things towards me, I pray, praise, give thanks, and been studying the word of god for twenty-two years,never seen nothing like it, it's just horrible and sad, I live alone, but god is with me.
  • Jennifer Isaacs on Ezekiel 2
    Right now am reading the book of Ezekiel , and it's so frightening these awful events that will take place if man do not give up sin . Then there is this awesome promise if we would turn from our wicked ways and serve God the He wants to God is going to bless us in ways imaginable .


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