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  • Star1964 - In Reply on Ezekiel 19 - 9 months ago
    Thank you for the smile! God Bless you all your days!
  • Chris - In Reply on Ezekiel 19 - 10 months ago
    Thank you Sister Star1964 for your reply & I can understand the difficulty in sometimes understanding the Scriptures & how they all fit together. These were the words given to Israel, often words of warning & impending suffering & judgement, but also words of hope & consolation if they should repent of their wickedness & unfaithfulness and they turn their hearts back to the LORD. When we partition this Book of Ezekiel (as also with other Bible books), we can see the picture more clearly & this will help us understand the times, the people, the judgements, & the promises.

    The chapter you were reading (chap 19), is just a small section of Ezekiel's prophecies against Judah & Jerusalem (actually from chapter 4 to chapter 24), & it is understood that Ezekiel gave these prophetical warnings (in these chapters) prior to the fall of Jerusalem, reminding his fellow captives (even as Ezekiel was one of them) that God's Judgement on the city & Temple was certain.

    When you get to chapters 25 to 32, Ezekiel prophesies against the Gentile nations, that God's Judgement was also coming upon them; but there was still hope for Israel (chapters 33 to 38) & of course this newly revived Israel's role in the coming Millennial Kingdom of their Messiah (chapters 40 to 48). This is just a very brief outline to help you divide the Book & see to whom God is speaking to and of God's Promise that God will "save my flock...will set up one shepherd over them...even my servant David...And I the LORD will be their God, and my servant David a prince among them; I the LORD have spoken it" ( Ezekiel 34:22-24; referring to their coming Messiah Jesus, son of David (a term that some Jews knew of the Messiah referred to in the Old Testament, Matthew 21:15 & others).

    So, when you write, "...it says that we are looking at it is happening today", I'm unsure what you are supposed to be reading in that chapter or the book that indicates this - maybe the problem lies here in that message.
  • Jema - In Reply on Ezekiel 19 - 10 months ago
    Dear Star1964 , Ezekiel is one of the hardest books to understand , probably the hardest in the old testament , for me anyway :) . The best advice I can give you regarding the old testament would be , to start at the beginning and just read through it as it is presented . I think you said that you read this chapter three times ? I have read the entire Bible many many times and I'm still learning new things every time I read it . It's a lifelong commitment and , it's a lifelong friend . And like any other friendship , the more time and energy you put into it , the stronger that bond with your friend will get :) . It's not a race , relax and enjoy getting to know your God , I would defo advise to start at Genesis and just keep going .
  • Star1964 - In Reply on Ezekiel 19 - 10 months ago
    I do, thank you, it seems so simple for you. and it rounded it up with few words

    Sister in Christ Star
  • Star1964 - In Reply on Ezekiel 19 - 10 months ago
    Thank you for the time to explain, at times it is hard for me to understand. I read the chapter over and over, and it didn't stick. I am in this book because it says that we are looking at it is happening today. But have a hard time to see it. The days of Noah explain as it is today, is so much easier to comprehend. That I understand fully. I have read the New Testament long ago, but only read a couple of books in the old. I have a bible that reads itself audio.... maybe that's the way I should go?

    Sister in Christ, Star
  • Chris - In Reply on Ezekiel 19 - 10 months ago
    Hello Star1964. As Jema as shared, the theme of this chapter is in the first verse of the chapter. Yet the chapter is clouded in metaphors; the people could understand it if they were conversant with the Scriptures, but to others it seemed as just another story spoken by a prophet. In this portion of Ezekiel, the prophet is not prophesying any new thing, rather, he is recounting what had taken place & why their princes (& themselves) were in this predicament.

    The prophet Ezekiel was ministering to the southern kingdom, Judah, & Ezekiel himself was one of the many captives taken to Babylon. So he was re-telling the story of their downfall & their present suffering. If you understand these metaphors, then the picture of this chapter will become clearer.

    Verse 2, 'mother, a lioness': is the Kingdom of Judah; 'the lions, whelps': are the kings of Judah. When Judah "brought up one of her whelps, it became a young lion" (v3): referring to King Jehoahaz - for he was taken as a prisoner to Egypt (v4) by Pharaoh-Necho (see 2 Kings 23:31-34 for this account).

    Verses 5-9: when Judah waited too long for Jehoahaz to return & all hope was gone, she took "another of her whelps" (Jehoiachin) & made him king. But when Babylon attacked Judah & Jerusalem & took captives, Jehoiachin was also taken with them (v9; also 2 Kings 24:15). Then in verses 10-14, "the mother" Judah is seen as a vine, plucked up in fury by Nebuchadnezzar, because of the rebellion of King Zedekiah ( 2 Kings 24:17-20; Jeremiah 52:3) against Babylon. Verses 11-14: even though Judah was strong, exalted, & stood out as a sceptre, she was soon removed & the branches of the vine were broken off & the vine withered. Therefore, she is in Babylon (as one now planted in the wilderness) & her greatness & that of her kings were now absolutely nothing. So Ezekiel weeps over such devastation of a great kingdom & will forever remain in the minds of the people. But God would give them hope ( Ezekiel 20:33-44).
  • Jema - In Reply on Ezekiel 19 - 10 months ago
    Verse 1 , a lamentation for the princes of Israel . There's your clue to this chapter . Who were captives in Egypt ? Who were captured and taken to Babylon ? I'm sure you understand now :) .
  • Star1964 on Ezekiel 19 - 10 months ago
    I read the chapter twice, because I couldn't grasp the concept. Can someone explain it in simple terms, THANK YOU !
  • CLETUS WAGBARA on Ezekiel 19:9 - 3 years ago
    i I want a bible commentary
  • BSP on Ezekiel 19 - 6 years ago
    This chapter is referring to what would happen to the kings and the people of Israel.
  • Otto on Ezekiel 19 - 8 years ago
    I see the fall of U.S.A. in Chapter 19. for we have sin again GOD. Turn are back to GOD. for when we say it is alright for men to men and women to women in marriage is all right are nation will not stand again the Almighty GOD that all thing made by HIM.

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