Ezekiel Chapter 18 Discussion

  • Tunney on Ezekiel 18 - 5 months ago
    My sins, are those that I commit myself. I will only be held responsible for the ones I do. GOD is righteous in all HIS judgements.

    When I repent and confess my sins to HIM, HE is faithful and just to forgive me, and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9

    When I walk in the Spirit; it will keep me from sin. Galatians 5:16

    Thank YOU LORD JESUS for the joy of serving YOU.

    Merry Christmas to all, and a prosperous New Year.

    GOD to shine HIS blessed face on all who read, pray, and follow HIS precepts and commandments.

    December 21, 2023
  • GiGi - In Reply on Ezekiel 18 - 2 years ago
    Yes, Gianna, also see John Chapter 9 where Jesus heals a man born blind and is asked if he was born blind because of the sin of his parents. Jesus replied that neither of his parents had sinned, but that the works of God may be revealed in the man's healing.
  • Giannis - In Reply on Ezekiel 18 - 2 years ago
    It means that God attributes the sins of the fathers to their sons. That was a saying in Jews at the time but God rejects that and declares ( Ezekiel 18:4) that no sin is tranfered from parents to their children, everybody has to pay for his/her own sin.
  • Marke on Ezekiel 18 - 2 years ago
    Ezekiel 18:2

    Ezekiel 18:2

    What mean ye, that ye use this proverb concerning the land of Israel, saying, The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge?

    Some people think they are unfairly suffering evil or going to hell because of Adam's sin, but that is not true. God rebuked that idea in Ezekiel 18. Nobody goes to hell for Adam's sin but sinners who go to hell go there for their own sin of rejecting Jesus in favor of sin.

    18:20 The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him.
  • Rick - In Reply on Ezekiel 18 - 2 years ago
    Hi Berry In context both the people because of ramped idolatry where not worshipping the true God so they were spiritually lost, hence context all souls living people who sinneth commit idolatrous practices shall die.

    Now look at Gods position in this verse 25 you tell me my ways are not equal oh house of Israel tells you who they were blaming Gods Says are not my ways equal and your ways not equal. he establishes the same thing in 29 then 30 -31 is Gods wish turn from your idles because I have no pleasure in him that dieth the death. Destruction is not Gods will but

    if you continue in sin broken fellowship death is the wage I.E. if you choose to keep going against my will for you death spiritually and eventually physically is your end. Prayerfully this helps. God Bless
  • Berry on Ezekiel 18 - 2 years ago
    Which dead are GOD preferring to is it spiritually dead or like die natural dead?
  • Fred Scanlan - In Reply on Ezekiel 18 - 3 years ago
    We have parents who bring us up. If you are fortunate, you will be clothed and fed by them. Many grow without either! As long as we are subserviant to sin, we would carry on. Sin is still sin! Whether it is yours or your daddys!
  • Alex - In Reply on Ezekiel 18 - 3 years ago
    Comments by Alex on Ezekiel 18 : 20 which is True as it gets , the best scripture for Original sin,But what Ezek. does not tell ya is Israel cd not keep the law for long Father and Son a like they both died in their own sins, But God Promised them if they wd keep the law they wd not die.But here is where Original sin comes in, Original sin made them ALL VERY CORRUPTIBLE, Thats y God called then backsliding Israel. There was none righteous no not one .the law was the ministration of death . But if they wd keep the law they wd live but they wd get bit Remember the serpents ,God told em to build a bronze serpent and if they wd behold that bronze serpent they wd live EVEN THO THEY GOT BIT. Which was prophetic of Christ that wd be lifted up so that if we sin there wd be no condemnation . God knew that Israel wanted to keep the law but b/c of their old adamic nature ,satans head, Original sin made them corruptible and thats y we must be BORNAGAIN of an incorruptible seed etc. Even by the words of God ,But Ezek was so right every person died for their own sins. But b/c of Original sin they were easily corrupted which was Adams stain and spot . But when that new covenant is mediated it gonna be impossible to sin as them that are born of God CANNOT SIN, which is our new heart and new spirit. Christ in us. he is our bronze serpent ,If i be LIFTED UP i will draw ALL men unto me. The spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death, Snake bite and death. What the law cd not do in that it was weak thru the flesh God had to send his son to condemn sin in the flesh via that good seed th word the contents of that book. In the volume of the book it is written of ME i delight to do thy will O GOD...TO MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO SIN THUS FULFILLING THE LAW. k later
  • Adam - In Reply on Ezekiel 18 - 3 years ago

    Which is more credible: God's Word direct from the source, or someone else's interpretation it?

    And what exactly are you taught about original sin? Do you think whatever you're taught is somehow more correct than Ezekiel? The Bible doesn't contradict itself, only man has contradictory interpretations of it sometimes. In Ezekiel 18:20 it says we don't bear the iniquity of the father- is that the verse that doesn't seem consistent with what you were told? I personally don't see any evidence in the Bible that we are punished for others' sins. However, God changed the way he decided to deal wtih mankind based on Adam & Eve eating the fruit, but that's not exactly being punished for sin.
  • Elbusaidy on Ezekiel 18 - 3 years ago
    Ezekiel chpt 18 really contradicts what we are taught about the original sin. How can we be punished for the sins our Father Adam did thousands of years ago. Furthermore, he never asked us nor were we present. Nonetheless, our loving, forgiving creator promised us the opposit.
  • Amatullah on Ezekiel 18:20 - 3 years ago
    If you're alive, then You are a Living Soul! Genesis 2:7 KJV: "And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul." Human's are "Living Souls" or "Living Beings". The Body(physicality, physiology , cognizance, mental formations, etc.) + The Spirit( life force, energy) = A Living Soul!
  • Donna - In Reply on Ezekiel 18:26 - 3 years ago
    Thank you! I appreciate it ! May God Bless you
  • Marva - In Reply on Ezekiel 18:26 - 3 years ago
    Yes you can be forgiven, all have sinned and come short of the lord's glory. We serve a god of forgiveness, lift your head and move forward in the things of God. You're loved and you're forgiven Donna.
  • Donna - In Reply on Ezekiel 18:26 - 3 years ago
    Thank you
  • Donna - In Reply on Ezekiel 18:26 - 3 years ago
    Thank you
  • All Life is Precious with God He is LOVE - In Reply on Ezekiel 18:26 - 3 years ago
    iF all the money $$$$$ that goes to planned parenthood; was given to see that a baby was adopted by a family that would give that child everything and 2 parents to adore it: we wouldn't have these debates and riots for the right to destroy the "product" of conception.

    God knows when the conception occurs. He sees the child. The child already has a soul.

    The soul of that child immediately goes to heaven to live there eternally. That is scripture.

    All souls belong to God.

    Because our society says abortion is an option: does not make it right. You know in your heart that it's not right? If you are sorry for being misled, then repent and be born again with the receiving of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

    Being a Christian is much more than sitting in a pew every Sunday, battling sleepiness.

    The only person who can take away your sins is Jesus Christ. We don't deserve; and are not entitled to painless Christianity. We can eliminate a ton of pain just by reading the Bible for 1 hour each day. Start in Isaiah.

    Hurry. Jesus can return at any moment.

    I lost a very much wanted child. There's got to be a million people that have given up hope of being a parents. It makes no sense to me why babies are scraped out.

    I babysat my Grandson daily for 3 years; along with my mother who had dementia. He was brand new and at the same I sorrowed for my amazing mother and saw her struggle with things so hard. See? I participated in 2 lives that me and God loved on, every day! What a privilege.

    When we are right with God, life can be beautiful. It builds incredible strength into our faith.

  • Bendito Palavra - In Reply on Ezekiel 18:26 - 3 years ago
    Unto the children of Israel the LORD commanded:

    Ye shall do my judgments, and keep mine ordinances, to walk therein: I am the LORD your God. Ye shall therefore keep my statutes, and my judgments: which if a man do, he shall live in them: I am the LORD. ( Leviticus 18:4-5)

    By Ezekiel's time, Israel and Judah had strayed so far from the covenant in flagrant disobedience that the LORD judged the nation, delivering them up to destruction and captivity. Ezekiel 18:26 is part of this judgement.

    For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse: for it is written, Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them. But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident: for, The just shall live by faith. And the law is not of faith: but, The man that doeth them shall live in them. ( Galatians 3:10-12)

    In Jesus Christ, though free from condemnation, we are subject to Christ and are accountable to him:

    For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad. ( 2 Corinthians 5:10)

    Consequences of sin can be far reaching and ruinous to ourselves and those near and dear to us. Our prime example is David, who to cover his adultery had Uriah killed, then suffered the loss of fellowship with God, lost four children, and endured a bloody insurrection among other consequences. (beginning 2 Samuel 11)

    For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons. ( Hebrews 12:6-8)
  • Donna - In Reply on Ezekiel 18:26 - 3 years ago
    Thank you so very much! May God Bless you
  • Adam - In Reply on Ezekiel 18:26 - 3 years ago
    Hi Donna,

    Yes, God can forgive all sin, except blasphemy of the Holy Spirit as it says in the Bible. Prominent men of God have committed murder and God still chose and used them, like Paul, Moses, David, etc. Many in the Bible have committed unspeakable sins, but Jesus died exactly for that, He died for them and you, He paid your debt already if you accept it and follow Him. This is a profound sacrifice. God bless you.
  • Donna on Ezekiel 18:26 - 3 years ago
    Could someone explain verse 26 please? If you are a believer and you have an abortion are you still forgiven?
  • Donna on Ezekiel 18 - 3 years ago
    Ezekiel 18-26 Could someone explain what this means please.
  • God has no respect of Persons we are judged separately - In Reply on Ezekiel 18 - 3 years ago
    Commentary for Ezekiel 18:6

    By Matthew Henry

    God has no respect of persons.

    1-20 The soul that sinneth it shall die. As to eternity, every man was, is, and will be dealt with, as his conduct shows him to have been under the old covenant of works, or the new covenant of grace. Whatever outward sufferings come upon men through the sins of others, they deserve for their own sins all they suffer; and the Lord overrules every event for the eternal good of believers. All souls are in the hand of the great Creator: he will deal with them in justice or mercy; nor will any perish for the sins of another, who is not in some sense worthy of death for his own. We all have sinned, and our souls must be lost, if God deal with us according to his holy law; but we are invited to come to Christ. If a man who had shown his faith by his works, had a wicked son, whose character and conduct were the reverse of his parent's, could it be expected he should escape the Divine vengeance on account of his father's piety? Surely not. And should a wicked man have a son who walked before God as righteous, this man would not perish for his father's sins. If the son was not free from evils in this life, still he should be partaker of salvation. The question here is not about the meritorious ground of justification, but about the Lord's dealings with the righteous and the wicked.

    My comment: this entire chapter is about people being held responsible for their own sinfulness or, for what they know to be righteousness. To choose good and choose Gods way; is to choose life. If your parents or your children choose evil; they are choosing death. It's the choices we make individually, that determines life or death. We can repent of wrong and choose life. And vice versa.

    The children do not bear the penalty for the parents choices; and vice versa.

    In the Bible, idol worship or evil works we're committed on the mountaintops. In full view of God and everybody.

  • Rob - In Reply on Ezekiel 18 - 3 years ago
    1 Corinthians 10 v 21 not v 1

    I get a lot of typos, not sure why
  • Rob - In Reply on Ezekiel 18 - 3 years ago
    1 Corinthians 10 v1

    This explains what I was referring to in the NT . I hope this helps you
  • Rob - In Reply on Ezekiel 18 - 3 years ago
    To me my first impression is it's a secretive type of devil worship .

    Read Deuteronomy 12. 2

    I think that's the verse , other places in the Bible indicates that in the mountains evil things took place , Israel at one time was forbidden to go into the mountains because of the pagan gods and nations that dwelt there .

    New Testament teaches we can not eat at the Lords table and table of devils . Maybe 1 Corinthians it talks about this .
  • JLotaj on Ezekiel 18 - 3 years ago
    I was hoping someone to have commented on ch.18:6 about "And hath not eaten upon the mountains". What's so bad about that, I wonder?
  • Statuo sine peccatum on Ezekiel 18 - 3 years ago
    Ezekiel 18 has been one of my favorite chapter in Scriptures, because it reminds me and assures me that my Lord will judge me by who I am and not for who I was, that my righteousness is solely in my hands and in my power. Knowing that my God is a just god gives me comfort in my life knowing His words...his promises...his assurances in Ezekiel 18.
  • Carol tousignant on Ezekiel 18:30 - 3 years ago
    In this verse of Ezekiel 18:30 God is not making us a new heart but we are responsible to making us a new heart for Him.
  • A disciple on Ezekiel 18 - 6 years ago
    In this Chapter it is obvious that man is responsible for his own ways before God. Also that God gives us years of life and opportunities and the power to choose the good and avoid the evil, shows His understanding and mercy upon our childish minds and selfishness, allowing space to consider and repent. We are made to be good and righteous, and the commandment is to prepare us for giving account.
  • Tammy on Ezekiel 18 - 6 years ago
    When you are employed to sin your pay check is death. The soul that sinneth shall surely die, not maybey, will die whatsoever a man sow he shall reap.Whether it's sin or righteousness Romans says shall we continue in sin that grace may abound, God said no, but if you sow unto righteousness ye shall live, Jesus said blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

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