Commentary for Ezekiel 15

Jerusalem like an unfruitful vine.

- If a vine be fruitful, it is valuable. But if not fruitful, it is worthless and useless, it is cast into the fire. Thus man is capable of yielding a precious fruit, in living to God; this is the sole end of his existence; and if he fails in this, he is of no use but to be destroyed. What blindness then attaches to those who live in the total neglect of God and of true religion! This similitude is applied to Jerusalem. Let us beware of an unfruitful profession. Let us come to Christ, and seek to abide in him, and to have his words abide in us.

Commentary by Matthew Henry, 1710.

Discussion for Ezekiel 15

  • Brigida solis
    Jesus Christ is the true vine, my vine. If I could be a branch, leaf,stem or any part of His vine would be totally awesome! Thank you Jesus, Lord for dying and saving me. Help me be part of the True Vine!
  • BSP
    Verse 6: The wayward people were not fit and they were only fit for destruction. They had fallen so far as a result of disobeying Jehovah God.
  • Maria Morales
    According to Ps80:8 Israel is both the vine and the branch. Just like the wood after it has been burned is no good for nothing so would Israel be v.6. Jerusalem was burned literally by Babylon and Rome and the Israelites were cast out of the land and God gave them over to their enemies. Soon he will save them from their enemies Lk1:68 for He is good and His mercy endureth forever.
  • Insight 777
    A vine springs from one root source out into many opposite directions. Verse 6 shows this symbolism of a vine tree to be the inhabitants of Jerusalem of the future. Ezekiel is shown visions of the future WW3. This is more than one religion springing from a common source and living in the same city which is Jerusalem. The wood of this vine tree is fuel for fire or destruction of the vine itself. The wood is the structure of doctrine that holds a religion together. The differences of doctrine cause rejection of people that do not believe the same way and cause the vine to go into different directions. All want the love of God but do not want to have compassion for men that do not think as they do. When the vine which is a group of opposing religions are together they do not prosper but are in a state of contention. Nothing prospers with hatred and rejection. Verse 7 shows that unless love for all men prevails regardless of differences, then there will always be a consuming fire of war to face. Verse 8, Perhaps the trespass is jealousy and hatred. Love God and love every man as you love yourself. That is the teaching of Jesus. God is perfect, man is not. It is easy to love what is perfect but may be difficult to have love, compassion and mercy for the imperfect.
  • Titi
    God is not partial. disobedience and rebellion against HIM attract his judgment no matter what we have enjoyed from HIM. May we not know the judgment of Go after knowing and enjoying HIS grace and goodness.
  • Colby
    The vine has no choice in the matter. It is all in how it is planted, tended and cared for. It would seem we need looking after too...
  • Godwin
    Without JESUS we you can 't be fruitful.

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