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  • Elly
    Only a true prophet chosen by God can reveal the meaning of this vision. "I, the Lord God, will do nothing unto the children of men save I reveal it to my servant the Prophets first." After the death of Christ Apostles the fulness of truth was taken off the earth as prophesied it would be. Men had bits of truth, but not all. Scriptures tell us the fulness will be restored 1 last time before Christ
  • Renee
    It speaks about demonic alien creatures. I'm not sure which first remember Satan is the prince of air. And in the end of times I believe from the Rapture happens that this will be a Satanist excuse for where everyone went. The trust me the Bible speaks very much of what we call aliens. If you check your Bible for aliens and you will find the Bible speaks of them over 30 times.
  • Ann
    The UFO's are demons.
  • Don
    UFOs are real .. real?
  • Melkages
    the so-called UFOs do not exist. We live on the face of the earth which has ends and enclosed by the firmament!
  • Teodor
    You mean you have doubt? It is a well known fact UFO's are real. Besides i saw one in 2010 with my grandfather.
  • Gary Olsen
    What Ezekiel saw was a vision given to him by God. In Ezekiel 11:24 and 25, this is clearer. John was also given visions by our Lord. In Rev. 4:2 and 17:3, John writes about this.
  • Si13ntk40s
    He put the wheel of time on their heads to mark their deaths. He must have been angry with the people.
  • Tricia
    Unfortunately, I do not understand anything I just read in this chapter unfortunately. but I pray God give me wisdom.
    The only part I understand is the part with the throne and the figure of the man.
  • Paul Hai
    Ezekiel Chapter 1 is now fully translated at haitheory through a series of study slides.
    The wheels within wheels are the machines used to construct Khufu's Great Pyramid.
    The 'vault in the sky' is the twenty tonne entrance door of the Great Pyramid. This vault is seventeen metres above ground level, so 'in the sky', so to speak, as we speak today of 'skyscrapers', ground based and also in the sky
  • John norcal
    I believe... Ezekiel wrote exactly what he saw!
    No Helicopter/No Spacecraft/No Missiles... but exactly what GOD wanted him to see! To LOVE GOD, is to first fear GOD!

    Deuteronomy 10:12
    And now, Israel, what doth the LORD thy God require of thee, but to fear the LORD thy God, to walk in all his ways, and to love him, and to serve the LORD thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul,
  • Wolfen244
    Julee, to solve what the 4 living beings represent, first look at the attributes. Wheels as it were in the middle of a wheel. The spirit was in the wheels. Eyes were all around. Each had 4 faces - calf, man, lion
  • Wolfen244
    Julee, essentially the 4 living beings of this chapter are identical - in many ways - to Isaiah's meeting with the 4 Seraphs, Daniel's dream of 4 beasts and of course as you mentioned the four beasts of John the Revelator from chapter 4 through chapter 6 as John the Revelator was "in the spirit". But what do they all mean? Read Chap 1 of Ecclesiastes and solve the easy cryptogram for the reasoning
  • Julee Hodge
    What's happening here sounds so much like REVELATIONS! ... Does it not?
  • BSP
    Verse 28: The vision was so awe inspiring and amazing that it caused Ezekiel to fall face down. I think I would have done the same or fainted if I saw such magnificence.
  • Insight777
    Ezekiel sees 4 attack helicopters, the duel wheel type similar to a Kamov KA. The crystal is the windshield. Helicopter wings droop down when at rest. DAS surrounds the aircraft and allows the pilot to see the fire of missiles below his feet as if the floor was not there.
    This is the same vision as the 4 horsemen and it represents the End of Days War.
    Mysterious;fascinating and divine.
  • Jane
    Initially I got scared when I read Eze 1. I have read all the comment from you all and it seem fun to hear your descriptions and it shows our human limitations. God can choose any form to appear to anybody. Don't doubt its God cos this book started with he saw visions of God vs 2 says God hand was on Ezekiel. God is at it like in the book of revelation. Let us stand in awe of God
  • Keith Wayne Hall
    Prophet Ezekiel is one of the . rarest people ever to exist. He not only saw but, (in accordance with his understanding, over 2000 years before fire breathing rockets) attempts to describe an alien landing and interaction. I can see why this would be in a book as important as the Holy Bible, itself full of examples of "other-worldly" visitations.

    K. Hall
    [email protected]
  • Paul Hai
    A meeting by the River Chebar in Babylon where descendants of exiled Hebrew Pyramid builders gathered to explain what they knew in the presence of priest and scribe Ezekiel, who recorded their knowledge. Wheels within wheels are wooden lobed step-walking machines that when hoisted by rope, step-walked Pyramid blocks upwards, tier by tier progressively and more than two hundred tiers to completion.
  • Lu2677
    Karl, Do you believe Ezekiel 1:3?
  • Karl
    responds to Kenneth; GOOD QUESTION! What did Ezekiel see? The LORD of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Samuel, and Elijah (1Kings19) does not seem to be the God of Ezekiel. Perhaps the question we should be asking is not so much WHAT did he see, but WHY did he see it? My interpretation is that this manifestation was meant for a people familiar with Babylonian imagery. Does the LORD need a spaceship?
  • Allan
    The chapter is immensley poetic it is full of symbalism and imagery, it does not refer to spaceships or any other craft but rather beings possiby angelic or maybe human executing God purpose and will. The passage is full of movement colour and tremendous sound, it speaks of a great throne where a man sits upon I and this I believe to be the son of God our Lord Jesus.

  • A Lowe
    who did God send to the people in the book EZEKIEL
  • Spaceship of human beings who have attained a closeness with God that transcends the concept of time allowing them to praise God in all his glory during his visions to the prophets even in a past where they have yet to be born. That's only an hypothesis though but worry not, for there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed and nothing secret that will not be brought to light.
  • Mike garrett
    WHEN TOLD EZekiel to tell the person a needs to repent.before GOD.
  • Gabiel gomez
    how do opinions benefit a neighbor? find the fact which the holy-ghost verifies then say the words you shall be held accountable for.
  • Brian
    there is no mystery about it and Ezekiel 1 it clearly states what it is if you will take the time and read with understanding it is a spacecraftand God 's throne was a board.this is just the best way Ezekiel could describe what He sawand I have also seen them myself from a distance but I do know at least I believe at least three people I know have seen them probably within five hundred to a thousand feet above them. One friend of mine has written a book of her experience her name is Betty May Orkeland I believe she has a few copies left but believe me she did not make any money out this the publisher or publishing company was dishonest but you should be able to Google her I don 't want to lend out her information any more than a half..... Thanks and may God bless you!
  • Maria for verse 17
  • Barry Parrish for verse 16
    Daniel 7:22 Them 's some powerful wheels. Also they were not metallic. Probably carved out of precious stone as said in ea vs. They either generate or resonate. A nice mystery.

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