Ezekiel 40:24 MEANING

Ezekiel 40:24
Verses 24-27. - The south gate. Here again the same details recur as to the structure of the gate, its dimensions, and distance from the gate which led into the inner court.

40:1-49 The Vision of the Temple. - Here is a vision, beginning at ch. 40, and continued to the end of the book, ch. 48, which is justly looked upon to be one of the most difficult portions in all the book of God. When we despair to be satisfied as to any difficulty we meet with, let us bless God that our salvation does not depend upon it, but that things necessary are plain enough; and let us wait till God shall reveal even this unto us. This chapter describes two outward courts of the temple. Whether the personage here mentioned was the Son of God, or a created angel, is not clear. But Christ is both our Altar and our Sacrifice, to whom we must look with faith in all approaches to God; and he is Salvation in the midst of the earth, Ps 74:12, to be looked unto from all quarters.After that he brought me toward the south,.... Having taken the dimensions of the east and north gates, the prophet was had on the south side of the building:

and behold a gate toward the south; that led to the southern part of this fabric, and to the outward court there, exactly like the other two; there was no difference in them, which raised the prophet's wonder and attention; for, as Lipman (k) says, there was no outward court in the second temple, but to the east of the inward; and it did not encompass the other sides; and so the more wonderful:

and he measured the posts thereof, and the arches thereof, according, to these measures; the measures of the east and north gates, which were just alike; for these all signified but one gateway or door into the church below, into heaven above, or into the presence of God here and hereafter, which is Christ, John 14:6.

(k) Tzurath Beth Hamikdash, sect. 17.

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