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  • Geotge on Exodus 21:12
    I want to get a different verse every day can this be done?
  • Linda on Exodus 21
  • Adieykay on Exodus 21
    Amen amen to u all
  • Katie on Exodus 21
    My Goodness. All of this arguing over ridiculousness. Sometimes I wonder how some of you don 't realize just how different it was back then. EVERYTHING WAS DIFFERENT. People of different races wouldn 't even eat at the same table. Egyptians worshipped frogs and fishes and wouldn 't own sheep because it was an abomination to the Egyptians. God knew that some people were going to be crazy as crazy can be and God is trying to keep order and y 'all are trying to say that you are better than God and that your ideas and ways are much more righteous than God. I would never go there. Never debate or question almighty God. MAN has faults and FAILS. GOD DOES WONDERS. Another thing it would seem a lot of you need to get straight is that there is a difference between Gods Law and statues and Ordinances. Not all of them have been nailed to the cross with Christ. The Law is Good. Man ISN 'T.
  • Paul on Exodus 21
    People always try to make Themselves, Their opinion, Their righteousness, Their morals and principles superior to Gods. You have to remember God is dealing with evil mankind. Look around you, School shootings are almost monthly now. War all over the World. Murder, starving Children, abused Children, Corrupt Governments. Six thousand years of it. Mankind is sick and evil. Our righteousness is as filthy rags in Gods eyes. Yet we ignore all our evil acts, bow up to God and point our finger at him and say I 'm more righteous than thou. Mans gonna be and do evil that 's an absolute proven fact. So God made laws to try n curb our evil. People were gonna have slaves regardless of Gods law, so he gave laws to try n curb our evil. Man 's gonna rape regardless of God so, God made laws trying to curb mans evil. Mans Gonna murder, so God gave laws trying to curb mans evil. You have to remember Gods laws are dealing with evil mankind. God is Righteousness, Holy, Perfect. The definition of God is love. So the next time you believe your more righteous than God And think His laws are unjust. Read your newspaper, follow current events. Then go look in the mirror and you 'll find out Why God had to make some of the laws he made.
  • George Hartwell on Exodus 21
    I certainly do agree with the comment by Anonymous on 1/16/2014. In fact, this entire chapter is vile and disgusting as any moral person would agree. I do not think that the Old Testament is at all relevant in the modern world.
  • Anonymous on Exodus 21:10
    It's disturbing and sickening that RogerCox (or anyone) would even attempt to say that this act is ever okay. Whether it was commonplace then or not is entirely irrelevant. Owning slaves and doing the things to them that the Bible dictates is NEVER okay. In ANY context. EVER.
  • Allan on Exodus 21
    Its difficult for the modern mind to understand thes laws, however one should ask how in a day whenstate welfare didnt
    Exist and as today people for various reasons got into difficulty and couldn't provide for themselves or their family how were they to manage. These laws were given for their welfare and differed immensely from the practices the pagan nation of that day
  • Martinvillacg on Exodus 21
    It's pretty nice that you have to ask for explanations to other believers; it just supports the idea that some of you either haven't read the bible and say you follow it (blindly), or you just accept what you are being told because of your lack of initiative and curiousness.
  • Tommy on Exodus 21:32
    Thirty shekels of silver,the only amount given in the whole chapter.Thirty shekels for a servant. The same amount Judas got to betray Jesus.Coincidence ,I don't think so.
  • Mike on Exodus 21:20
    Thank you brother. An atheist has actually challenged me to explain this to him. Exodus 21:20-21 KJV. In verse 21-is the master at the discretion of the judges (magistrates), upon consideration of circumstances. I know it doesn't say that in this verse, so I can I prove it to the atheist. Because he feels the master got away with killing the slave even if he survives a day or two. Thank you, God is great !
  • Colleen on Exodus 21:24
    How does it work if three differant people have said something wrongful & hurtfull to those same differant people you have done nothing wronged by you but have said very hurtful things to you about your dead & saved son ?
  • Alancoote on Exodus 21
    The later section of the book is teaching the Old Testament system of law and praise God that system was ripped through the blood of Jesus the mediator of the new and perfect covenant. And the earlier section is teaching the gospel through the Old Testament.
  • RogerCox on Exodus 21:10
    You are right in that in the current century things are much different, however my own feelings toward this teaching is that yes much of it is a head scratcher, I feel that in those times there were very many obligations to slaves, if not exactly like employees in current times and obligations are being spelled out as well as Marriage rules and obligations based on biblical times! I'm thankful that I no longer feel I have to understand every single detail, but that my faith and knowledge that Jesus is All Powerful and All Knowing and it is not necessary for me to comprehend it All as my mind at any one moment I couldn't handle all the wisdom, knowledge, and Truth that is in his Book the Holy Bible! I laid down my life before Jesus on October 25th at 2:15 am, and confessed my darkest sins ! My life is no longer a struggle, it is his to do as he pleases, as long as I remember to let go and get out of the way...... I've had a miraculous awakening and more is being revealed, my life has changed forever! I currently have a fiancé who is a Christian but I was not, instantly Our relationship was transformed to something that I couldn’t have ever conceived! I will pray for you......... These words and these actions were not mine 4 weeks ago.......... May the Holy Spirit envelop your body and soul and bring eternal peace into your Life here and in eternity and with time all the knowledge and wisdom you crave for.
  • Nizam on Exodus 21:24
    View Wesley's Notes for Exodus 21:24

    As per the above notes, the Holy Bible's verses has to be ruled out by some body elses.

    The verses Exodus 21:24 is very clear in itself and need no clarifications, justifications from any others.

    The Holy Quran also witnesses and confirms that in the religion Torah Eye for ..... is mentioned and giving additional ruling in the verses 2:178, 179 and 194, 4:92 and 4:148, 5:45, 16:126, 17:33, 22:60, 42:39,40, 41, 42 and 43.

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