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  • Prosper amakpa on Exodus 1
    God is so wonderful because what God has done for isralies if we obey His word He would even do it for us too we must be courageous amen
  • Gene Browne on Exodus 1
    To find proof of Gods actual existence and or his visit to Earth from Heaven would be awesome! Imagine It. That 's what 's possible with this chapter Exodus
  • Olayinka Akinbode on Exodus 1:8
    The only King that can remember, even pay several years after serving Him is GOD. My goal is to do the work of Him that redeem me
  • Suti on Exodus 1
    God is God forever on his word.
  • Johannes andreas on Exodus 1
    God is good
  • Arnold Gezani on Exodus 1
    1:20,21 is a confirmation of God 's promise to Abram in Genesis 12:1-3 "I will bless he who blesses you.... "..therefore, God established the houses of the Egyptian midwives.
  • Ogbeifun Austin on Exodus 1:19
    To me, I see it as any one that accept Jesus christ as His lord and personal savior and believered that He is the son of God will not experience the hard labour that the unbeliever experience in terms of child bearing and other right the hebrew Isrealite have.
  • Njuba paul on Exodus 1
    vs8-10 teaches that a christian church must not put his trust in human leaders in authority b 'se they change die and other unmercyful take over. let us have faith in God who never changes.
  • Beauty on Exodus 1
    I believe that in exodus chapter 1. God was trying to speak to us.. That when the enemies see our greatness..they want to attack us so we lose the great treasure ahead of us
  • Esther on Exodus 1
    Verse 10-16 reveals a clear motive as why mankind and our men are under constant attack when they are about to receive a blessing. Jesus explains this better in Mark 4 vs 17 that tribulations come because of the seed of God. Our job is to make sure we protect and never loose the seed for it is so powerful like a mustard seed.
  • Thuso Dihoro on Exodus 1:22
    let 's understand this,there is a big difference between the earthly leader and the kingdom of god. the fear to be ousted by people in leadership makes us vulnerable and make wrong decisions.When there is suspicion that someone great is to be born, lets give him chance for we do not know the contents of his package with God.
  • Mercy on Exodus 1:19
    For those that belive they will delivered like an hebrews women but as for me I will delivered more than the hebrews women in jesus name amen
  • Val on Exodus 1
    Learn to be obedient and He will bless you,
  • Joseph G.Molina on Exodus 1
    This book is very interesting.We can learn a lot of its passages for teaching at the church.
  • Hannah on Exodus 1
    What is amazing to me is that it says in verse 12 but the more they afflicted them the more they grew and multiplied .. it 's like that with the children of God the more Satan afflicts us will not stop us because God is greater in us he puts stuff on us to stop us and bring us down but God is the one that has the last say
  • Hellen Raphael Tien on Exodus 1
    Exodus teaching is very power full to a human being to know about a covenant between God and a human being during moses times how our God is great and wonderful in our lives since those days till know days.
  • Billy on Exodus 1
    If God be for you.who can be against you. Gods children will prevail.
  • Ned on Exodus 1:19
    I think the verse is a statement of facts as the Egyptian midwives saw them. Hebrew women were rural, hardworking unsophisticated. Many delivered their kids in the fields. The more they did this, the easier their future labours became. Egyptian women were urban, sophisticated spoilt. They were more likely to make "a fuss " about having children including using the services of midwives.
  • Bro ThankGOD on Exodus 1
    Exodus is a book covenant and commandments.
  • Marlene on Exodus 1
    I think Joseph did a good job forgiving his brothers after what they did to him i read the bible a lot and this is one of my favorite stories. God has given me hope faith love and protection.
  • Hammerton C Kazungu on Exodus 1
    Excelent teaching
  • Pastor jay madison on Exodus 1:2
    i teach from the book of exodus alot i find it very helpful in my preachings and teachings and my congregation seems to be able to follow me when i use it it really helps them to learn more
  • Pastor jay madison on Exodus 1:2
    i teach from the book of exodus alot i find it very helpful in my preachings and teachings and ym congegation seems to be able to follow me when i use it it really hwlps them to learn more
  • Cherotich silas on Exodus 1
    As christians there is need to appreciate and value God creation
  • Junior Noon on Exodus 1
    I find exodus a very interesting Book
  • Stephen oyoo oluoch on Exodus 1
    Exodus is all about, moving on, shifting towards your devine destination.
  • Lydia eneji on Exodus 1
    The fear of God is very important for us as a christian,because the midwives have the fear of God they didn't do according to the law of the king of egypt,but save the lives of the men children.
  • Daniel on Exodus 1
    To Charles
    Your answer is not a simple yes! During the reign of the Pharaoh who "did not recognize Joseph" (Due to his hatred of the Israelites, could not give credit for the past for fear of repercussions in the future) . had three advisers to whom he gave great weight to their suggestions. Job (Iyov), Yetro (future father in law of Moses) and the worst of the three, Bil'am. He was the insidious adviser who came up with the idea of drowning all the male babies, and Pharaoh simply enjoyed the thought. He did order the women to do so but it was not his idea.
  • Taneisha on Exodus 1
    Exodus is not only inspirational, but it is a book of authority, a book of direction. This book teaches us how we should be guided by GOD! HE leads us but so often in the flesh we have our own agenda and decide to do what we want. We should listen and be obedient to what GOD says!
  • Charlotte Agbakla on Exodus 1
    Our God promises are unchangeable, he revealed to Jacob in Genesis that he should not be afraid to enter Egypt, for he will be fruitful and multiple. Therefore Pharoah just waiting his time and energy it is written that God words that not come back to him voided.

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