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6/02/2014, 4:07am by "Toni": The Lord Himself will deal personally with those who love and honor Him. How do we do this? By coming out of the world and calling on the name of Jesus. The glory of the Lord will be upon those who fear Him. Jesus is that Rock. We are protected and hidden in Him. He will cover us and keep us safe and secure.

6/02/2014, 2:56am by "Mocking Bird": Moses wanted to see the glory of God. He was not liking talking to that cloud. So God stopped and said he could see the hinder part of Him in the cleft of the Rock. When we walk close to God He will reveal His glory. The Glory of God is His manifest presence. !!!! Totally amazing !!!! I like being in the manifest presence of God. . I am like Peter , James John I don 't want to come down from the mount !!!1 I would think that the cleft of the Rock is through Jesus.

1/05/2014, 5:38am by "Cheryl. C.": Peter, James, and John were in the mount with Jesus : They were close to Jesus : They also experienced the Glory along with Moses and Elijah. Only a few were able to see His glory : I must ask myself the Question : How much of the Lord J.esus do I want in my life : The other disciples were to close to the world to be in the mount Therefore ,No mighty works !!!!!

8/04/2013, 2:47pm by "Bro. Bob": Moses was able to perceive and appreciate God as few ever. Therefore his glory was revealed to him as few have ever seen it. The glory of God and man is much different. The glory of man is never hidden, always in plane view, only edifies the flesh so as to be easily though shamefully be seen. Gods glory as the "still small voice" has none of this, and only the discerning even know it when it appears. When the glory of the lord is revealed only his judgments ever prove anything to the undiserning.

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