Exodus 29:8 MEANING

Exodus 29:8
Verses 8, 9. - The Investiture of Aaron's sons. Verse 8. - Thou shalt bring his sons. See verse 4. They were to be brought to the door of the tabernacle. Put coats upon them. The investiture of the high priest consisted of nine acts (see the comment on ver. 5); that of the ordinary priests of three only.

1. The putting on of the linen tunics.

2. The girding with the girdles.

3. The putting on of the cap.

They do not seem to have been anointed, as Aaron was, by having the holy oil poured upon their heads, but only by having some of it sprinkled upon their garments (ver. 21; Leviticus 8:30).

29:1-37 Aaron and his sons were to be set apart for the priest's office, with ceremony and solemnity. Our Lord Jesus is the great High Priest of our profession, called of God to be so; anointed with the Spirit, whence he is called Messiah, the Christ; clothed with glory and beauty; sanctified by his own blood; made perfect, or consecrated through sufferings, Heb 2:10. All believers are spiritual priests, to offer spiritual sacrifices,And thou shalt bring his sons,.... Order the sons of Aaron to come to the same place where he was:

and put coats upon them: such as were ordered to be made for them, Exodus 28:40.

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