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  • Ellen Musakwa
    There is power in prayer and fasting, Esther and Modecai were prayer worriers who had faith in their God and He delivered them from evil. We should acknowledge God in all our ways.
  • Doyinsola
    Whoever is on the Lord side cannot be overcome in any battle of life. Esther and Mordecai were fighting the cause of God's people not for themselves and that was why Haman's wife told him that if Mordecai be of the seed of the Jews before whom he had started fallen,he cannot prevail against him but shall surely fall. There was no record that she was killed. It is save to be on the LORD's side.
  • Linda Spencer
    We are to pray for our enemies, that they will turn their hearts and minds to God.
  • Caridad excellent
    never aske for anything bad to happen to no body just because you don 't like the person... for that can go back to you.
  • Ann johnson
    What can we say to these things? "If God be for us, who can be against us "!!!!!!
  • Raven Williams
    Esther is a great book about a great queen.
  • Uloma
    Queen Esther obtained favor from God because she was dedicated and obedient to God. Queen Esther obeyed God's laws and commands like being submissive,respectful, loving, and obedient to her husband the King according to the word of God unlike Queen Vashti that was why the King was always ready to make Esther happy by doing whatsoever she desired. Because of the Jews devotion to God there was love, oneness, peace among Esther, Modecai and their pple the jews that was why God was with them and gave them victory over their enemies. Lesson to learn we should be devoted to God, and always do what glorifies God and what is right before God then God will in return surround us with favor, give us victory, lift us up higher and higher like Esther and Modecai.
  • Jack
    Esther cared for her people and was willing to do whatever she could to save her people.

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