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  • Jimmie Mcintyre - in Reply on Esther 10
    Yes, they knew he could, but they didn't see it happening until the resurrection day! When Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life,though he believeth in me yet shall he live. Doeth thou believeth this? At the point they didnt show any faith ;)
  • Carleton - in Reply on Esther 10
    Later, I think only a week ahead of Calvary, Jesus actually justified Mary by her faith as perhaps our first example of Justification by Faith later taught by Paul. Martha did not resist this teaching that Jesus gave to her benefit.
  • Sacha - in Reply on Esther 10
    Hi jimmie ,honestly no ,i dont think thats why Jesus cried ,i also think that martha and mary subtily reproached Jesus for not getting there sooner as they actually had faith in Jesus and his abilty to have saved Lazarus if he had been there earlier ,John ch 11 v21 and 22 and 32 .
  • Sacha - in Reply on Esther 10
    Hi jimmie ,honestly no ,i dont think that martha and marys lack of faith in him made Jesus cry ,i think that martha and mary very subtily reproached Jesus for not getting there sooner because they had faith in Jesus and belived that if Jesus had come straight away their brother would not have died in the first place ,John ch11 v 21 and 22 and 32 .
  • Jimmie Mcintyre - in Reply on Esther 10
    Why did Jesus cry?...Hi Sacha, Do you feel it may be possible that the lack of Faith in Martha and Mary could have made him cry?..Jesus knew Lazarus was to die as it was for others to see the Glory of God!..I may be wrong, I just feel If it was because Jesus was sad, would have not went soon as the messagers came ti let him know Lazatus had died? ..I know Jesus loved him, He loved all..but i have looked so hard and close at the scriptures that just maybe, Jesus cried because of th elack of faith they had in Him :) ...God Bless You
  • Sacha - in Reply on Esther 10
    Hi jimmie ,i belive that Jesus cried because he was very moved by the sorrow of his friends because Lazarus had died ,i could be wrong i know ,Jesus was a human being and had feelings the same as us ,i think also that he had a very tender heart ,much softer than mine !
  • Jimmie Mcintyre on Esther 10
    Why did Jesus really cry ?
  • Carolyn Scott Hunt on Esther 10
    At no time in the book of Esther is God's name mentioned. And yet we know that because Esther requested three days of fasting from her people, when she learned of their possible fate, it had to be accompanied by prayer. God requires that the two are performed in unison. We know that as always, God is in control of every aspect of the situation. If someone has another explanation or theory regarding the outcome of this story, could you please share it, so I'll know that I'm interpreting it correctly. Thank you. Blessings!
  • Adam - in Reply on Esther 10
    You distorted what he said, just like what the media does. Hope that wasn't intentional.
  • Daniel - in Reply on Esther 10
    Moses also killed an Egyptian. All these GREAT men chosen of God have committed sin. Yet God chose them. Paul the apostle of the Gentiles persecuted the Church of God before Christ came to him. ALL sin can be forgiven if left to the Sacrifice of Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ who only can forgive sin. He is God and will not deny Himself. He means what He says and will not change His mind. He is NOT like us . He is the God that cannot lie.

    That does not mean people can go on killing and committing all kinds of sin. There will be suffering for all of us who believe in Christ. Because we sin all the time. We cannot keep the law.

    Jesus said, "if you hate your brother you have already committed murder in your heart." and "If you look at a woman to lust after her, you have committed adultery in your heart." The law only points out the sin and convicts us of it. It cannot save us. "My Grace is sufficient .." God says.
  • Chris - in Reply on Esther 10
    Thank you Dianne. I did say that murder, indeed all sin, consigns us to hell as deserved punishment. But when we come to the place of contrition for our sins, even for murder, there remains a place of forgiveness for us.

    With King David, he recognized his grave error & repented; generally Psalm 51 is understood as that prayer, also Psalm 32 may also be associated with it. But when one, in his great distress commits suicide, where then is the place of repentance? I'm of the belief that we only have this life to make amends before God, through His Son - after death (or, suicide), there remains no further opportunity. However, I did qualify my thoughts by saying that even in this matter, God is still the Omniscient Judge as He knows much more about the suicide event that will always be beyond human knowledge & judgement.
  • Dianne - in Reply on Esther 10
    Chris you said if someone commits murder he will Go To Hell King David murdered bathshebas husband and still its says in the word he was a man after Gods own heart. Not disagreeing with you just sticking with scripture. Smiles !
  • Chris - in Reply on Esther 10
    That's not a question that can be easily answered as it can only be God's Decision based on all that He is & requires of us, that gives us our destiny in the after-life. All we can do is study & show from the Scriptures what the Mind of God is, & where there is silence or uncertainty, it would be wrong to assume the position of the Deity.

    We do know that sin, all sin, is offensive to God & requires our repentance & faith in His Son for forgiveness & restoration into God's ideal. If we don't admit to sin & don't seek God about the matter, then damnation & Hell is before us; if we humbly seek His Face, torn by our sin & seek His forgiveness, we are accepted & given a place in Heaven for eternity.

    If someone murders someone it is sin & in the volume of his sins, he will, being unforgiven, suffer an eternity in Hell. If a man chooses to end his life, it is still murder, self-murder, & he is left with no opportunity to rectify that wrong before God. In the natural understanding of the Word, then that sin brings on the same fate as the one who takes the life of another.

    But God is the final Judge, Who may well consider the dire circumstances that the person was in to resort to such a difficult decision. Or maybe, the hopelessness of the person's diminishing health & excruciating pain that led this person to do such a thing because of a degraded mental state. We don't know & can't say with any certainty. What we should focus on, is how we can minister to such a person, to help relieve the mental or physical pain, giving comfort & hope that only Jesus can provide. I lost a very dear friend by suicide over 12 years ago. His pain was too much to bear but he refused to accept the ministry from Jesus, preferring to end his life that seemingly would lead to further deterioration & of no value to himself or any other. There is value in every life & always a hope & comfort from the Lord of all comfort. When we look to Him alone, all of Heaven's resources avail for us.
  • Dianne - in Reply on Esther 10
    This is really not the place to get into all you're asking. But trust me the answers are their and they make sense by the way the rapture is known in thessalonians as the gathering together unto Him when Christ comes for His Church.
  • Patrick - in Reply on Esther 10
    Yes ma'am, im not trying to discourage anyone from God. But 1500 denominations is a problemmlm

    The 1560 Great Bible was the 1st collection of stories That King James wanted released to the people because before then only clergy were allowed to read to the people from whatever they had.

    It is odd with the spelling, no vowels except here and there so 51 years later they did another 1611 King James Bible a d it has vowels and several other books that dont appear in our King James version today.

    Not to mention all the softer versions that Bible college graduates boast about.

    So plenty of adding and subtractiing going on and the interperations get even more radical. But satan is decieving me?

    Then "rapture". Wherd did that come from because there is no word remotely close to it in the Bible but plenty of versions of when it will happen.

    Why are we looking for God up there when we are supposed to KNOW he is in our heart because thats what we do to recieve salvation.

    Jesus said seek and you will find but churches are guilting everybody for tithes and there are plenty of "places to go worship Jesus" with 3 convenient ways to pay.

    And the homeless and widows and orphans are scowled at as people pass by to go to church.

    I could go on and on.
  • Dianne - in Reply on Esther 10
    Patrick if the Bible is to be Gods word what he put in it originally is what he want, without adding other books or additional thinking look at Psalms 119 verse 2 above all Gods creation He says His Greatest work is His Word. Food For Thought.
  • Dianne - in Reply on Esther 10
    Patrick where are you getting this information just curious.
  • Dianne - in Reply on Esther 10
    Patrick I don't understand the question.
  • Patrick Boone on Esther 10
    Why does Esther end at chapter 10 but the Additions to Esther starts at chapter 10? And it is different.

    I believe in God but we are given so little and they put this book together, by the writers admission it was a collection of writings gathered and listed as the inspired word of God.

    But then we see they have changed the spelling from the 1560 Great Bible.

    And now there are even fewer books in todays Bible.

    And now Bible college graduates use 5 different Bibles to relay one verse. Ya'll blew it by blindly following whatever "they" said was good or bad. And then you claim righteous judgement is Godly?
  • Rahmi - in Reply on Esther 10
    The Additions to Esther Chapter 10 Verse 4 4. Then Mardocheus said, God hath done these things. 9. And my nation is this Israel, which cried to God, and were saved: for the Lord hath saved his people, and the Lord hath delivered us from all those evils, and God hath wrought signs and great wonders, which have not been done among the Gentiles. Also Verses 10-13 Chapters 11,13-16 See Apocrypha
  • JON DERIEL on Esther 10
    I am perplexed by all the comments herein about God and prayer. God is nowhere mentioned in the Book of Esther. Neither is prayer, nor keeping the commandments, nor religion of any kind, nor even living a virtuous life Mordecai pimps out his niece to gain influence in the royal court . It is a story of people who are a disliked minority in the land using their own wits and courage to survive.
  • Doyinsola on Esther 10
    1.Mordecai from low reputation. Jesus Christ came through a family of low reputation. 2.Mordecai was despised, our savior too. 3.He won and was promoted next to Ahasuerus . Jesus Christ won and was seated at the right hand of God. 4. Mordecai continue speaking peace to all his seed. Jesus Christ is the prince of peace. 5.No record about Mordecai's death. Christ lives forever. Think on these.
  • Irene123 on Esther 10
    To Panayam - Go to any dictionary - book, online, and read what it says about the apocrypha. This is a KJV bible site.
  • Jyline Kaari Ireri on Esther 10
    This book of Esther makes me understand how the power of fasting is strong. So if we put God first, fast and pray for anything, God in heaven will favor us and can never a shame us. Thanks be to God.
  • Carleena on Esther 10
    The favor of God triumphs over evil. Esther was placed in the right position by God to protect His people when the time came.
  • Gwendolyn Johnson on Esther 10
    God is good
  • Anne on Esther 10
    Mordecai was faithful to his people and became a great leader of his people. God used both he and Esther to deliver His people.
  • Stella marcum on Esther 10
    what great book.
  • Panayam Yasharahla on Esther 10
  • Faith Isonhood on Esther 10
    Esther was faithful to God and help protect the Jews. I loved reading Esther it was so beautifully written . I will read it again

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