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  • Pauz
    am really amazed with the confident of Esther for being foreigner in the land and ended up the prince of the kingdom, One thing have learned in the these story is that Gods grace is always with heart broken people and those who mourn.That reminds me when Jesus also said that blessed are the poor. blessed are those who mourn for they shall lough,And now we esther is loughing, we need to humble
  • Melchezilek
    Esther was an Israelite.
  • DOT
    If only women of today would follow Esther's example. Women have taken over in all fields. Don't see many "ladies" any more.
  • Irene Allen
    If my husband was partying for a long time with his male friends from 127 provinces an d at the end send for me, I would not go. My life and reputation in such a drunken crowd. Yes wives are to obey their husbands and shouldn't a husband respect his wife? The king was a Godless boozer along with his cohorts. This might have been God's doing to save the Jewish people.
  • Andrew
    I want to embrace this book of the Bible , I really do I used to think was illegitimate for reasons of not even mentioning ‘God’ Have realized that the Sacred Name may be in acrostic, whether in King James English or the Hebrew manuscripts or both, I know not. Only would love to find His Name ‘hidden’ in the text.

  • BSP
    Verse 17~The bad decisions of those in power can have a bad effect on those who associate with them or are under their power.
  • Esther
    God is awesome. Esther had grace. So let's be praying for the grace of God
  • BSP
    Verse 12: Vashti did not have respect for her husband and this led to her downfall.
  • Emodi Ogechukwu
    The first time I read Esther, I was inspired beyond words. The obedience of Esther to Modecai, her humility to Hegai, and her strong faith in God. I saw where God used something out of nothing and made something out of it, to the glory of his name. if we trust in him, all things are possible. I am currently writing a short story for children on Esther, so as to inspire them as it has inspired me!!
  • Judeth of the seed of Abraham of the tribe of Benjamin
    Israelites ancestry of How the Feast of Purim came about
  • Pearlie Webb
    God always has a plan and a way of escape for His people.This happened in order for Esther to come in .At the same time it's still a lesson in ch. 1 WIVES HONOR YOUR HUSBANDS..God is a God of order..
  • Irene123
    We all have to have faith that is stronger than the fear of death; otherwise we won't make it. God knows our faith and He WILL test it in this life. A month ago I came down with a combo of flu/pneumonia. I was in hosp. for 7 days, sick at home a week before that. In hosp. God told me He was using me in answer to my prayers for my husband's salvation. Then I REJOICED for my trial.
  • Cynthia
    Esther is one person that when we get to Heaven, I shall seek out. She has always been a source of inspiration for me when I have had to face the "Haman's" in my life. She not only ruled well, she believed well. She is a role model for all women who love God and are faced with a situation where we need courage, in spite of our fears.

    My mother read this story to me as a child. I never forgot.
  • Fabian Ngomah
    Its a dream verse for me
  • Patricia
    The book of Esther has many inter. ideas. I am encouraged when I read of her obedience to her uncle M. and trust in God - as she request prayer and fasting! Could this be a lesson for us to go boldly before our King? He loves us even more than King A. loved Esther - He extends the golden scepter as we seek Him. Also inter., this happened 5 years after Esther was queen.

  • Jennifer
    Queen Vashti was out of order. Women are supposed to honor and respect their husbands, reverence them as kings, even if they are drunken. Meek and lowly wives are to be; symbolic of Jesus... "a sheep for the slaughter."
    Have faith in God, no matter what. Do not take matters into your own hands or you can be replaced. Don't let your beauty go to your head; stay humble.
  • Nancy Darius
    Enjoyed the book of Esther.m
  • Shannon
    I like the fact how Ester's faith was stronger than her fear of death
  • Gwendolyn Johnson
    I think God is saying know who your ruler is. Know where you belong.
  • Kimberley
    My favorite book in the bible! God made Esther for such a time as this... To save her people from destruction, but Esther had a heart for God, and all was in Gods perfect timing, when we put our total trust in Him, there is nothing He won't do for His children, He loves us so very much!
  • Shirley
    esther she was a true woman of GOD humble and hounarable , faithful and always seeking the face of GOD .
  • Sammy
    Esther is great revelation of how perfect is Gods plan for salvation he will save no matter how weak we are or how strong the enemy is
  • Salami oyiza
    Esther is a humble charming girl and God rewarded her humility remarkably.
  • Salomey
    The fact that God was working on the other side women should be respectful and honor their husband's because the word of God says men are the heard of the family whlist Chris is the heard of the church.
  • Esther Martin for verse 12
    Esther is a great women that was chosen by God his self to set his people, free.
  • Theophilus
    I think all is working in favour of Esther, the kings summon and the queens refusal is for the grace and favour of God in the life of Esther to accomplish
  • Eaglesrock
    Ester The End Time Book to the Church. My favorite book in the Bible, no its not revelation. Ester, let me tell you about Ester. She is a type of the End Time Church. Ester was an orphan. Ester or the Church was young and beautify. Ester was a virgin. Let me tell you something Ester Church, you could have been the biggest Street walker in town but when Jesus cleanse you, He made you a virgin.Ester had favor, Ester hid the fact that if you are the Messiah s you are the same as Abraham s seed. Even though she hid her Jewish roots. Ester soak in oil for a year to smell nice for the King. Ester equipped the Jewish people with the Sword, the Word of the living God. Ester when she reached out to spare the Jewish people opened up the door for the greatest Gentile Revival in History.
  • Vashet
    Vashti was full of pride that she couldn 't even respect the king,her husband.
  • Preciousnanakwakyewaa
    The king liked her
  • Nkukuamarachi
    Vashti did what is right to do

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