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  • Jim
    Inference to Ephesians chapter 6; Jesus told Peter that satan desire to sift you as wheat; to break you down. That's why we have to put on the whole armour of god.pray daily and ask God for strength. Ask God what to pray for; you have to pray for everyone. As the bible tell us to do ,we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. The role in life that we are to live, being a Christian is to take care of one another. Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he commanded all Christians to love one another. He didn't say go around and choose who you should love; but to love one another, that's everyone. Don't let satan choose your destiny for you. Repent and pray and turn back from your wicked w
  • Chris for verse 4
    Ann, if I could add here: you're an adult now, but bear in mind that your parents will always look at you as their 'little girl". Even if you were 60 yrs old & they were 90, you would be still considered in the same way. With that in mind, often parents fail to re-examine & revise their parental position & responsibilities when dealing with older, mature offsprings. Consider all the problems so many have with in-laws: it all boils down to, "I know what I'm doing, don't interfere in my family's matters".

    We sense your pain & frustration, even though you should accept that you are NOT insignificant to them, it's just that they fail to know exactly where to leave off their input to you & where their advice would really be needed by you. I'm sure you have valued their advice over the years, especially when you had your first child, but now you're feeling the pressure as their 'advice' still continues to swamp you unabatedly.

    As Adam has noted, we don't know all the circumstances involved here, but any advice given can only be of a general nature. I suggest that when they tell you what to do or how to bring up your kids, thank them for the advice & that you will take it away & give it due consideration (in this way, you are acknowledging their input & concern for you but you are the one who will take responsibility for the final decision).

    You will indeed need to consider their advice & be introspective & ask yourself whether they are right, even to some extent, or whether you need to change or do things differently, or if their advice was completely wrong. After due consideration, you can come back to them & relate how their advice has helped you, or how you have modified it, or in fact how you realize you could do things differently. What you are doing, is showing your appreciation for their concern & advice, yet demonstrating that YOU gave it due consideration & have made the decision & will act upon it. In this way, they & you will respect each other more.
  • It's likely they love you and don't show it in a way you prefer. Some parents care much, but show it in a way that can be perceived as overbearing and critical or disrespectful. They may not know they're actions can be viewed that way. So, if you want things to change I think one would need to take a risk and communicate exactly what words you perceive as offensive and be specific. "When I hear you say ______, I feel ____. Can you please not say that?" Go through each word one by one, not leaving anything out. If not in person then at least a letter. They probably aren't aware they're doing anything wrong, so I would at least make that 100% clear in specific detail what you want. If they don't know what you want they shouldn't be expected to do anything differently. Be aware of that they may also wish you'd change something and haven't said it either, so don't be surprised when asking them to change that they bring up something for you to change too. This is just an opinion from limited info. God bless you!
  • I don't think they're very toxic... Not saying they aren't but.. Maybe they're troubled inside. I pray that you find the answers to this. And I sure do pray that you find resolution to such an issue. In times like any.. Be sure to remain thankful to God as Job did. He will surely reward you.
  • Also take a look at Matthew 13:57 - Jesus had the same problem with his family not respecting him.
  • I sometimes pick up the Bible and just open it and read where it lands, tonight I was feeling very hopeless and scared, and it landed on 2 Corinthians 1 - 12. I felt it was God leading me to read those verses. They are speaking of this pandemic (metaphorically). It was such a spiritual feeling that came over me and took away my anxiety and fear.
  • Lugene for verse 14
    What does he mean, "Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth"?
  • Chris for verse 14
    Jesse has given a great Truth there, that we are to STAND against the wiles (tricks, deception) of Satan. The picture here of course, is of a warrior ready for battle. You see the picture in your mind's eye: he may look an ordinary guy, just like someone you pass by on the street, but after he puts his armour on, he becomes formidable & terrifying to everyone. However, unlike the warrior so dressed for the physical battle, the picture is presented by the apostle Paul, that we are to be so dressed & equipped with spiritual weaponry, not against a human foe, but a spiritual one, who is far more powerful than we can ever hope to be on our own.

    As this spiritual battle constantly rages against Christians, we are told to be constantly fitted out (not ever changing into our casual clothing) as the enemy never rests & his attacks are relentless. So Paul envisions the warrior (he may have also got the idea when looking at the Roman soldiers that were around him), and he sees his armoury & relates this to that which Christians should also wear, but our armoury is for the purpose of spiritual warfare. Our head protection: helmet of salvation; our chest protection: breastplate of righteousness & shield of faith; our physical weapon, though not used for physical attack but for spiritual contact: sword of the Spirit (God's Word); our midriff to thighs: God's Truth; our feet: carrying out the Gospel of Peace. And there's more! As in hand to hand combat, combatants will voice their hatred or curse their opponent to unsettle him (a little like what happens on the football field), the Christian is to "pray with all prayer & supplication in the Spirit": no curses against Satan, but being in prayer & dependence on God's Power & skilfully using God's Word (Sword) against him. And we know, when God's Word is spoken, even Satan has to withdraw (Matthew 4:1-11).
  • Jesse for verse 14

    This starts at Verse 11 where it says put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Every one of these pieces of armor from Verse 11 to Verse 17 is Christ.

    It says put on the whole armor of God. And this is Aorist Tense which means do it one time. That's very important!

    Put on the whole armor of God. The purpose: that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. The word wiles in the Greek text is the word Methodea which means methods or schemes.

    And notice that all of this is to cause us to stand. Not to fight, but to stand. Why? Because our position is in Christ at the right hand of the throne of God in the spirit realm! We don't need to fight Satan because he's already been defeated.

    We are told in Verse 13 to take the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Wherefore take unto you, (Aorist Tense), the whole armour of God, that you may be able to withstand, (and that's the word resist), in the evil day, and having done all, that is, after everything has been worked out, to stand. In other words, once the dust settles, you're still standing. Stand, not fight!

    So when we put on Christ, we put on the whole armor of God. It's a one-time deal, and the armor never comes off.
  • Felisha Reeves for verse 17
    Is there a sunch thing as being haunted and so how do u know
  • Chris for verse 17
    Felisha, if you mean as in a house that is haunted, then I have not encountered any & the Bible doesn't speak of such occurrences. The Bible rather speaks of spirits & particularly in the Old Testament in the Bible, warnings for God's people to not deal with familiar spirits & wizards. There were people in those early days, & of course these days as well, who consulted the dead & who deal with satanic spirits. These satanic spirits are very real as seen in Scripture (see Mathew 10:1, 12:45, Mark 3:11 for a few examples). But as far as haunted houses or even in seances, it could well be evil spirits mimicking departed people. But these are just my thoughts as I've never been involved in this. And these of course, are very dangerous practices & you should stay well clear of them & from anyone who tries to seduce you to join them.
  • Marc
    6.12 Warns us of the grave danger we are in today.Many of our "masters" are evil, malevolent creatures under Lucifer's control. Our churches, nation's, families and friends are in mortal and spiritual peril. We must be faithful to God the only true master of all creation and clothe ourselves in the armour of His Church and Word.
  • Liberty In Life
    We have a Wonderful Promises in Romans 8:1-39, V38-39 For I am Persuaded that Neither death nor life nor Angels nor Principalities nor Powers nor things present nor things to come nor Height nor Depth nor any other Creature shall be able to Separate us from The Love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. We won't fear when we are Born Again of God's Seed 1John 3:9 and Perfected in His Love 1John 4:17-21.
  • Carol Goree
    I was laying on an emergency room bed because I couldnt hardly move. It felt like I was bout to dye and all of a sudden God spoke to and said you battle is spiritual and not physical. Get up and pray. The next few minutes the doc came in and said there was nothing wrong with me. And mentioned that I had to leave. When I got home I opened up my Bible and Ephesions 6:12 he showed me
  • We are at war, so never take off your battle uniform, until God (Commander in Ch
    Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!
  • Brianna vs. 5-9
    The Bible has advice for everything!!!! Our Masters, may be anyone that exercise authority over us, like a supervisor. We are encouraged to keep a good work ethic, as Jehovah God will repay us if our fleshly "master" doesn't. It even instructions these "masters" to deal kindly with their subordinates. After all, we ALL have a master in heaven, whether we recognize his authority or not.
  • Henry
    Lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us. Everyone has a spiritual weakness which has to be worked in daily. That s why Jesus said to take up our cross daily. That s also why Paul said to crucify the flesh with the affections and lusts.
  • BSP
    We need to put on the complete spiritual suit of armor because we face superhuman evil spirit forces. The only way we can come off victorious is with Jehovah God's help.
  • Dgoodrich
    Dear BSP..."We Are Victorious"..thru the blood of Jesus The Christ! if of course, our hearts were True to God as we prayed and proclaimed Jesus..Our Lord God and Savior! Chapt 6:12 stands out most to me in drawing attention that...if it's "not flesh and blood "...then it's Spiritual!.. Thus Spiritual Warfare...which by the way, I don't hear it being talked about much amongst "believers'.... Sad..Sad.. Thus "The Battlefield of the Mind"; as Born Again Believer's, we must 'ask the The Holy Spirit in us, to guide us in thought and decisions according to God's Will ! Thoughts and decisions ultimately reached by the "choice/choice's" made and eventually, if not sooner, consequences follow!
  • Bruce
    Lewis: Adam or Man Comes From The Same Hebrew Word, Meaning: Human, Species, Mankind, etc. That Means Women or Men, Any Race. Man was Made First because God wanted Him to Take Care of Eve. To Watch Over and Protect. He's The Head of The Family. Sounds Like You're Playing into Satan's Hand. The Lord Said: In The End Times there Will be Mockers(Jude18)or is it Just a Lack of Understanding?
  • Lewis
    Genesis 1 "let us make man in our image"...the word is "man" not ladies. It so interesting you admonish Satan for changing GOD's word, yet you do it by claiming something not recorded. Unless you scapegoat your way thru by saying "man" is intended to be "man kind" as generality. Whomever you are memorize James 3:1 do more, pray often type less. John 14:9 -Jesus was a Male. A woman comes from man. Adam was created first for a very good reason. Masculine Feminine are not the same. "Father in Heaven" makes it clear. Jesus did not teach us at anytime GOD was Unisex nor genderless. In Fact when ye pray...it is recorded... Father in Heaven. May GOD Grant you the wisdom knowledge of His Word.
  • Dgoodrich
    Lewis's comment was expressed with wisdom of God's Word..
  • Baptist
    Who did the sons of Adam Eve marry, their sisters? if so how come there is such a variety of genetic material and multiple races?
  • Anne
    You should check out Creation Ministries online. They have some good discussion on genetics during bible times that are objective and viable.
  • Anne
    You should check out Creation Ministries online. They have some good discussion on genetics during bible times that are objective and viable.
  • Obbie Beal
    verse 10-17 above assures the SAVED we are in a war 24-7 or everyday of our life; and we must have all our equipment (equipment mention above) on or at our side 24-7, because the war will never end for us individually until we take our last breath. Wow! Wow! Wow!
  • S
    Building up one another is so important, the world likes to tear one down.
  • Brandon
    The offspring of the nephilim were not allowed into heaven when they died. They were the origin of evil spirits. I have seen them in their craft and as they tried to approach me personally. The name of jesus protected me and made them leave. They have infiltrated every aspect of our society. They have perpetrated great deceptions that are still unknown to most and are still in play.
  • Susan
    Put on the whole armour of God... This makes me think of a soldier in battle. If the soldier makes the wrong move, that person can get hurt very bad.

    God is Love and in Him is no darkness at all. God, who is love, gave His only begotten son, Christ Jesus, so we can be saved-Romans 10:9/10, 17. We can manifest the power of God in our lives as we walk in God's love--that's life in all abundance.
  • Ann
    Lori A Harter, read the scripture 2 Corinthians 5:8.

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