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  • Kenny kgatla
    Ephesians 6:10-12. ...Be strong in the lord, and in the power of his might, -make sure your relationship with Jesus is mature and your spirit is filled with his divine word. 11-Put on the whole amour of God,...against the wiles of the devil, -take with you all spiritual weapons needed for protection and fighting in times of spiritual battle against forces of darkness. 12-For we wrestle not...flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers,... in high places. Here we discover the kind and nature of war: itís a spiritual one against disembodied evil spirits as fallen angels working under the command of Satan, the devil. They are waging war from spiritual space and they canít be seen since they are spiritual. Here we need the blood of Jesus, the word of God and the fire of the holy ghost to win this fight.
  • Lucille
    We have to walk in faith with the boldness God intends us to do and use the whole armor to stand for righteousness and in faith.
  • Andrť
    @ CDFrom,
    The fact is that even when we have flesh in front of us, flesh is always behind the spirit that moves it. So flesh is just a pawn, but the real force is spirit.
    However, as you have that version, you can time after time copy extracts of the same and search them on Google. You may end up identifying what the version really is.
    Thank you for sharing.
    God bless you
  • CDFrom for verse 12
    I have an older copy of the new testament in which the cover and a few pages from the front are missing. This passage reads: We wrestle not ONLY with flesh and blood... The ONLY is a striking contrast to all other versions I have seen, and one word with huge implications, like 7 billion now living, not to mention those the memories of flesh and blood since past, that shape our beliefs. I often wonder about the translation, its origin, and which is true. End story remains the same GOD is GOD, I am not and Christ alone has paid the penalty for sin.
  • Olaniyan Akinyemi
    Be Prayful, let the armor be your guide and make Christ to be your banner
  • Olaniyan Akinyemi for verse 11
    God's word needs to fill our mouth. Let the spirit of Lord overwhelm you. Pray with voilent action all time
  • Eddie windham for verse 10
    As a soldier in the army of the Lord we must totally rely on his strength and abilty to wage war against the forces of darkness
  • Doris Early
    I believe that we should do this first thing in the morning, before we get out of bed.
  • Simon
    its important for True worshippers to put on the full Armour Of God and B ready To wrestle against the Devil schemes, strongholds, prisperities, evil spirits and we become Victorious.
  • Olaniyan Akinyemi for verse 11
    Be upright with God & holiness is also a key. Conversant in Gods word
  • T.Hangzo for verse 3
    Long life on earth which is enjoyed by the blessed obedient children as translated in New International Version, not just a long life with lots of pains and untold miseries,is found more worth-promising by the Almighty God.
  • Stacy
    I like it because it tells alot about yourself an people and that they are some wicked people (men) in this world today .And we must always need to be stayed up and ready for prayer ,an put the whole aromor of God
  • MIKE.
    if only we would always put on the Armor of God more often then things will go well with us.
  • Olebogile Legoreng for verse 11
    Be righteous as God said we must be, and live a Holy life because no evil can touch a holy staff. Evil is afraid of Holy.Being Holy and declaring what we are is the real amor of God.
  • Tosin
    Children need to understand that their Godly father will always train them in the way of God and that's why they should listen to their father. Bad children call 911on their parents. Fathers should be Godly in order to be able to train their children. Godly fathers don't get too busy not to be able to train their children. Note that God knows fathers can instill fear on their children and that's why God didn't mention mothers in this chapter. So, fathers should not abandon their godly responsibilities. Amen.
  • "....against the spirits of evil in the heavens."

    There are no evil spirits in Heaven or Heavens (Sky). Thats not to say there no evil spirits transversing thru the sky looking for evil men and minds.....So, in that respect, there are evil spirits in the "Heavens". One view.

    "....against spirituall wickednes in high places"

    Another view. A more reasonable view when taken with the theme of the entire chapter.

    This "High Places" are political offices of Man. Men who work evil in secret. Rulers who spread deceit....

    Taken together,

    "against the rulers of the darknes of this world, against spiritual wickednes in high places."
  • Gail
    Staying in our fathers word is just like drinking a cold glass of rich water,that lingers with in our hearts and souls
  • Melissa Mack
    Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
    I thank God for the instruction.
  • Sherri
    Many People including some pastors continually state "I make mistakes and sin all the time and will continue to do so... after all I'm human and so thankful that Grace covers all my sins" When one walks in the Spirit one understands that our battle is not with our flesh but with evil powers. If we truly desire to do Gods will the Lord has given every true believer the armor, power and the authority to triumph over sin. Because of Gods Grace, he has given us through our belief in his son Jesus, his Spirit. The same spirit that dwelt in Christ when he became flesh. It was his connection to God, the direct channel through which Gods will, power, comfort and strength flowed through Jesus. Christ continually drew from the Spirit while living here in the flesh. Upon returning to heaven he had paid the price to buy the Salvation for all who believe. To the believers he left his precious gift of the Holy Spirit, apart of himself, to live in us the same way the Spirit lived in him. He lived to show us how to live! His death paid the price for a permanent connection! Our works and deeds show what we believe. If we believe in the Trinity we have living inside us the Word, all that is necessary to grow and stand strong against any evil power. Gods Grace sets us free to Boldly take a stand and win not to cower and continue on in sin or blaming ones flesh for losing the battle.When we choose to walk and grow in his Spirit, we are choosing to fight the enemy causing our evil fleshly desires.When we put on the whole armor of God ....We Win!
  • Cindy for verse 24
    This is a good chapter about submissison to authority and God in heaven is above all authority. He tells us how we can do this, by putting on the armour of God. First, submit, then put on,and stand. We submit to God first and then we can have the power and authority over spiritual wickedness
  • Mr. & Mrs Paul Shelton
    After reading Acts 19, it was easier for us to understand the reference in Ephesians 6 to our warfare with spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places. Today we no longer have to live in fear. We must continue to put our trust, faith, and hope in our Lord Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Lavon reese
    I think this is the best book in the bible, realy give you the underestanding of what you have to do to stand srong in the word and world today .it manly saying that you have to stand with god not along . that is the only way you can do it.also that life will be so much easy for you if you understand that.
  • Mr. & Mrs. David J. Vopal for verse 17
    It is significant to recognize that our salvation is directly tied to the Sword of the Spirit - which is the Word of God.
    Thank you
  • Precious for verse 6
    I think it teaches us against hypocrisy in that when we are in the service of God we should do it willingly with a pure heart and not care about pleasing people or being seen
  • Frank
    makes a lot of sense. need more of this nowadays.
  • Livingstone
    The only offensive instrument in the whole armour is the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Faith is more of a defensive tool against the enemy's darts.
  • Steve Blan
    When often asked how do we as Christians live a victorious life and have more power against satan and his wiles and trickery. Well, one f the best places in the Word of God in right here in Ephesians 6. Yes many places in the Bible have ways that God has plainly laid out for us to prevent falling prey to satan.
    First off in Ephesians 6:10-11 we need to understand we have to be strong in the LORD and His power. So often we are weak because we want to fight in our own fleshly power and have no spiritual power. We are not, within our own strength, strong enough for him but through the power of God we can be victorious. We have to put on all the armour and have to use all the equipment God has given us. We can stand against the wiles of the devil when we do so.
    Now in Ephesians 6:12 the Bible tells us that we aren't fighting against a particular person even though sometimes one of the wiles of satan comes in human clothing and form and is in fact a human being. However when taken in context we aren't fighting a flesh and blood person but against powers that are in high places. The enemy is spiritual and also is the type of warfare we are fighting. The places of authority that are in spiritual darkness are such places as the presidency, governors, congressmen and women as well as senators. County governments and well as municipalities such as cities and those that are in charge and last but not least is even magistrates.
    The devil always has a counterfeit for the things of God. The armies of the LORD are set in battle array and set in particular positions with positions of authority. Just like in our military we have the generals, colonels, majors right down to the enlisted men. Well the LORD also has angels that are in positions of authority also such as Michael and Gabriel. Satan also has himself as the leader and then has all the other fallen angels that are his subortinates.
    People do not believe that demonic warfare is really real and that is a tragic mistake. It is just as real today and even more so in a sense beacuse of all the avenues that satan has at his disposal to get out the message of ungodliness. Things such as the T.V. radio, magazines, so called comic books, video games and computers. The church of satan is alive and well and does try to lure unsuspecting people, especially our young adults and kids. Evil spiritual forces are at work everyday. They work against the true Christian church that are soul winning and missionary minded. Many missionaries are under spiritual attack from places that say they are part of the church. Missionaries in many countries ae being martyered for their testimonies and for proclaiming Christ and Savior, LORD and King. Much of this is done from high places, places of authority in government and sad to say even from places of authority inside the church.
    So in Ephesians 6:13 we are told to take the whole armour of God so we can be able to stand in the evil day. The key to this verse is not only to put on this armour but to stand. We are not to run when the battle gets fierce but to stand against the forces of hell. The arsenal of weapons we have to use are for defense. The only offensive weapon we have is the Word of God, our Bible.
    Now in Ephesians 6:14-15 we are told we have as part of our arsenal. In that day the girdle was the part of armour that was places about the loins that basically held everting about the uniform together whether it was the pants and right down to the equipment it held in place.
    The breastplate of righteousness is to have on Christ. The breastplate was to protect the heart which is so vital for survival in spiritual warfare also as it was for the soldier in that day to protect the human heart from the arrows and darts the enemy would throw.
    Your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel which will always bring peace. Shoes basically means you need a foundation to be able to stand strongly. Shoes in the physical realm help us to protect our feet from the things that would pierce them and cause us to become weak and not able to stand. So likewise in the spiritual realm we are to have a solid foundation we need to be able to plant our feet firmly and to have them anchored. We need our feet to anchored in the Rock of Ages which is Christ. The Roman soldier of that day even has spikes on the soles of his feet so he could anchor himself firmly and also he could stomp down on the enemy's foot thus causing the man he was fighting to be hurt and stumble.
    Now in Ephesians 6:16-18 we are told of the shield of faith that indicates that faith comes from hearing the Word of God. It is compared to the use of a shield by the Roman soldier which was to be placed in front of the individual soldier. Also when they would form a line of defense they could hudle besides each other and form a line of shields and crouch down behind them to protect themselves from arrows and darts. It was one of the main defensive weapons. In the spiritual realm Christ acts as and is this shield of faith, the door and He protects from the enemy from without. Faith allows us to enter the door and Christ is that door as is indicated in John 10:9. Faith enables us to stand behind the shield. It defends against the firey darts of the wicked one. We are able to stand behind this shield of faith with complete protection.
    The helmet of salvation is God appealing to the mind within man. In the natural realm the helmet was used to protect the head in which the mind is placed. If a person's head is injured badly enough they will not be able think clearly and thus leaving themselves open to even more attack. So in the spiritual realm Christ is the spiritual head of the believer. We need Him to be that leader. We need Him to be our helmet to protect our ears, eyes and mind from the vicious attacks of the devil. We need to be able to see and hear and think through the heart of Christ and not the eyes of those in high places which abode in spiritual darkness.
    All of the weapons so far have been placed in the front of the battle. There is no defense for the back. We are to stand firmly. A person who runs from the battle whether spiritual or physical is wide open for attack and injury and even death.
    So in closing only two weaons are for offense. The Bible as was already said and then the other is prayer. Christian people need daily Bible reading and daily prayer or satan will eventually overtake you and you be defeated and of little use to yourself, family and friends not to mention people in the work place as well as folks in the world.
    Stephen Blan
  • Anonymous for verse 2
    every child being raised with the teachings of the people would like to do this and follows it, believe in it with his whole heart and soul until he realized that he was abused by the very people who should have protected and nurtured him but instead these very people abused him and did to him every whim they got on their minds. Bible should have included in its commandment "Love your children next to God". Parents have responsibilities of bringing up children who appreciates the life given to them by God through their parents. It is hard to appreciate life when you have been abused and certainly hard to even look at your parents face to face if they have abused you. So how can one honor the very same people who abused him.
  • Ben weaver for verse 11
    V.11. Because so many Christians struggle with the wiles of the devil, I appreciate Bible statements promising ability to stand against him. Notice! It dosn't say that God will put the armor on us, but that we are to put it on. Neither, does it say we are to put on our own best will-power, determination or education. Since man is made a little lower than the angels (and the devil is a fallen angel) our best human tactics are no match against him. We can't overcome on our own, but neither will God do it without our involvment. Only we can apply to our lives that which only Jesus could have provided for us. In order to stand against any strong temptation to do wrong, we must cover our humaness with God's armor promises of the Bible. 2 Peter 1:3 says "God and Jesus our Lord has given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness". When we declare, "I am an heir of God through the faith of Jesus, devil you were defeated by him and you are unable to rule me any longer, God's word will accomplish that for which it was sent. Thanks be to God for victory in Jesus.
  • Solomone

    We are the children's of the most high God

    Let us put on the whole armour of God and walk without fear.

    Oh, what a mighty GOD we serve.

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