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  • Sammy
    God talking to us.
  • Beth hoskins mcfry
    I Love these Verses with Pictures that goes with them !! They are Heart Touching To Me !!!
  • Jonathan
    We as believers in Christ call him our Lord and we call him that for a reason because he is worthy of the title. What an awesome big God we have that showed his pure mercy on the cross taking on our curse and conquering death so triumphantly for us. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! What true power and might!
  • Delores McNair by
    By obeying your parents ,u are obeying the command of God which he said u will live longer on this earth and it will be well with u also put on the whole armer of God there is so much evil In this world stay praryed u keep God first
  • Larrion King
    This is a law. To love your mother and father!
  • Alan
    One Bible,OneGospel,One Lord
  • Osim peter
    What is good is right
  • MockingBird
    I am to hold my parents in high esteem : They brought me into this world and gave me what I needed to grow up with : Some parents have not done this : Still , I believe that we are to obey our parents : If it does not violate God's word !!!
  • Jewmig
    This is so precious, those are the words we were taught at home and in Elementary School.
  • Renea
    The scripture says to obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. The fifth commandment says to honor thy mother and father so that your day may be long. God leads us in all things. If you're at an age that you know right from wrong and if you're told something that is out of the will of God then let your parents know it's not the will of God,but always be respectful of your parent when talking to them. That way you're following the scripture and the commandment. Just make sure in all you do stay in the will of God.
  • Pogu Lalai
    Be blessed for the good work, God will surely reward you abundantly
  • Julie stutler
    Is this the King James Version bible only that what I want to know please thank you
  • Donna
    A parent should never behave in a way to provoke a child to hate, nor should they teach a child to hate. Raise a child to walk in love, respect and tolerance. Help them to be good people.
  • Tilda
    Aimen,glory to God who gives us His word clearly,the word says instruct a child in the way he should go so that when he grows he will not depart from it,meaning it is the role of the parents to groom children in a God's way which does not lead to wrath for wrath comes as a punishment of sinning before God,its a responsibility as a parent to bring your children to the light of God so that they will be able to live right.before God and also to respect you as a parent........................................ Now helping a mother with a problem with her husband,its your role to pray for your family and husband because the word of God says a husband is made holly by a wife who prays,meaning be ye faithful to God and He will help you and not trying to remedy sin by sin
  • Gwendolyn Daniel
    God IS READY for war. He's Ready to take on the enemy head on!!!!!!!! Be watchful of your next temptation because it could be your next Battle and VICTORY
  • Anomonyous
    I am so very thankful for the Holy Ghost, and the Comforter along with the Devine Teacher that leads the truth seekers in to all Truth. For me Ephesian 6:10-12 is a very timely Word for me, as the world is growing darker every day, along with the wiles of the devil, the devil is not playing and their are many people who are fainting, they cannot take the wiles of the devil, Call On Jesus
  • Jacob Friesen
    It is God's divine holiness which we live by that stops all the firey darts of the enemy: Being transformed into the likeness of Christ Romans 8:29 we have the support in Isaiah 11:5 our loins are girdles with righteousness and our reins with faithfulness. The reins are the conscience and the mind; it is the faithful reins that bring into our heart what we aught to live by, and will live by.
  • Jose
    I think you answered your own question why do people still have multiple locks on the door because bad things happen to good people so you must protect yourself and your family just because you are with God and have his armor on does not mean that the people outside are with God and God also said we must be submissive not dumb careles we must forgive but not forget that is what defines us from God
  • Tracey Leach
    We should be putting on the whole armor of God every day. The thing is that we believers have a tendency to think that we are going out to battle Big Fights and forget that the devil has many devices and fiery darts that he uses. I know one of the greatest weapons we have against the devil is Prayer. He knows this too. So, what he does to me many times, is try to distract me with all kinds of things when I'm praying to God our Father. He will try to distract me with thoughts of where I need to be or what I plan to do later, send the cat to want to sit in my lap, the dog will come in whining to go out. All manor of things to distract me. These distractions can add up to my not being strengthened as God intends for me to be throughout my day. These little distractions can lead to big destruction for me. Maybe not immediately but somewhere along the way. We constantly know that we need God to help us through and deal with the "BIG" problems and situations that come at us but in the "little" things, we think we can 'handle' them on our own in our strength and in our own power. The scripture that we need the full armor for the darts and wiles of the devil. Things we sometimes think we are capable of doing or handling on our own. That is why the Armor covers different aspects of us. We are vulnerable in more than one area and not all of that is our physical being.
  • MockingBird
    The whole armour of God is explained further down from this passage. God has equipped us with all we will need for every circumstance and or situation of life. helmet for our mind : Breastplate for our heart : belt , loins girt with the truth which is the word of God : shoes for our feet for to bring peace :Sword of spirit to cut off all lies of enemy : shield of Faith which is the word of God : to Quench the firey darts of the wicked : And praying always : being in a prayer attitude at all times , being aware of the presence of God at all times. Saul's armour didn't fit David : but God's armour equips us to the max and it is not heavy on us or a baggage to carry around : The promises of God are not grevious !!!!
  • Marienicole
    This is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible. If only we, as chiildren, were taught this over and over when we were growing up. That our parents, tho showig love and compassion, were stricter and taught us the right way to go. But so many times our parents of the 70's and 80's went the way of the world and didnt stay together or discipline us children enough. Now many of those children are drug and alcohol addicts, many in prison, many who gave up their own children to the same parents who let them get away with so much, thinking it was best because society thought so. I pray all parents love their children enough to follow this chapter, that they show them love with dicipline. Time is short- the Lord doesn't want anyone to perish, but to having everlasting life in Heaven.
  • Joe suplicky
    Thank you God the Father and Our Lord Jesus for our Victory Amen and Amen to the Praise Of Our Glory !!
  • Lilian
    Having Obedience to God's words and commandments are more important than Sacrifice. All Battles belongs to Christ all we need is to believe Jesus that He is our Savior and Provider of all. Thanks be to Jesus for the blood that shed for us. Amen
  • Dahlia Daniels
    Instead of putting on the Breastplate I wanted to put Put On The Whole Armour of GOD I got distracted forgive me
  • Dahlia Daniels
    This Chapter is basically helping understanding what your award is for being obedience if you can gain life for obeying your parents what do you think you will gain for obeying GOD put on the Breastplate of Righteousness to keep from being disobedience and your REWARD Will BE OUTSTANDING
  • Lowell Nellson for verse 12
    I am in agreement with CDFROM 'S comment. This is the verse I am familiar with...NOT ONLY! Beware of false prophets - Many reside in high places on this earth. Need I mention Hitler? Who would starve, kill and maim for personal glory, power, and wealth in our world today?
  • Craig for verse 12
    this describes to us the darkness America is facing we are being tested or judged as our father has allowed but there still is no temptation that can overcome us when we are in the spirt walking with God thanks be onto God which always gives us the victory - it 's not for us to say why it 's for us to say why not me us.
  • Elizabeth Johnson
    One of my most favorite chapter of the Bible.
  • Gatei
    Every part of the scriptures is very vital and should never be ignored. Every xtian needs this armour of God to make it.
  • Sis Wave
    Pick up your Cross daily and walk with God....

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