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  • I'm feeling stuck. I am going through a lot of trials, I know God is testing me to the fullest, I am trying to remain strong and give my troubles to him, but everything creeps back in. I'm searching for recommendations of readings that may help me. I appreciate the suggestions, thank you in advance and GOD BLESS.
  • David A Man After God39s Own Heart for verse 26
    The life of King David represents what a lot of people go through too. You'll have to search back through the comment room history pages 1-100, to see a study I did on Tamar; David's daughter.

    David was "a man after Gods own heart." No matter what happened, or collapsed like a pile of leaves, David always turned towards God for his help/understanding.

    "The Poet King" is how I've thought of him at times. Read his heart.

    He praised and sang his heart out to God at every twist and turn. It gives me much comfort to read the Psalms Of David in his older life. His kids just wouldn't sit still. His enemies railed on him night and day.

    Some people react to that by getting stoney in the heart; blaming God, their dad, Mom, The President; life in general, future in doubt. Blame is a vortex (like a tornado) that just spins around eating up your happiness and future; until you realize that YOU are the problem. Leave all the mess on the Altar of God and turn back to Him.

    Walk BESIDE Him. Not dragging along behind Him. You know...when life gets so painful and it never lets up; pulsating with lost hope and plunges into darkness. Like driving a toothpick under a nail kind of pain?

    Turn back to the one who has loved you so much, He was nailed to a cross for you!

    Return to your first love; when you met Him the first time. Confess your meandering and be restored.

    Grow up and move into son/daughter status. God isn't going to chase you down or drag you back home by the collar. You turn back to Him!

    If you want to love people, family, fellowman; much better than currently: Grow up in Christ. Get off that blame train.

    Be a person after Gods own Heart. Let Him be your Daddy.

  • Carleton for verse 26
    The Gospel Tract and Bible Society have some very simple but clear tracts on very many subjects for wayfarers that wish to cross in due time to the other shore in confidence of peace and salvation in Jesus Christ. They are located in Kansas.
  • Walter Rowell for verse 26
    Baptism is immersion, being immersed in the word of God, not being dunked in water. more at being immersed in the truth. "Thy word is truth" That is what does the washing.
  • Jesse for verse 26

    There is a whole lot of truth in what you are saying here. In your first post, you say "Thy word is truth" and that is what does the washing. There are two keywords I see in Thy word is truth, (Word and Truth). Jesus is called the word in John 1:1. And Jesus is called the truth in John 14:6. Both the word and the truth refer to a person, and that person is Jesus Christ. John baptized with water which could not fully cleanse anyone, but Jesus baptizes people with His Spirit. That is the baptism that cleanses us completely.

    Now as far as sin goes, for the person who has been born of God's Spirit, that person can still commit an act of sin. However, a person who belongs to Christ is no longer capable of living a lifestyle of continuous sin because God's Spirit in that person is there to convict them and keep them from sinning (Habitually). Prior to receiving Christ, a person can live a lifestyle of sin, sin daily, and think nothing of it. But this is not the case for the ones who belong to Christ.

    You mention something that Paul also said, although not the exact same words, "I find no good thing in me except the word (the truth)." As a believer, I understand this to mean that in my flesh there is nothing good. My flesh wants nothing to do with God and continuously wants to get away. But the word, the truth (Christ) in me, He is good. When we as believers stand before God one day, we're going to know we don't deserve to be there. But God is going to look at us and He's going to see His Son. The only way we enter in is to have Christ in us. That is the only good thing God is going to see in me when I stand before Him, and that is how I enter in.

    I hope you have truly called upon the Lord to save you. If so, He has promised to save you and keep you saved. You are doing well to immerse yourself in the word. If you have already received Christ, just know that He is the one who lives in you that is giving you the hunger and desire to remain in His word.
  • Carleton for verse 26
    There are old writings titled; "The mode of Baptism is in the water", food for thought.
  • Walter Rowell for verse 26
    I have been baptized twice, went under a sinner came up a sinner both times. (The sinner on the cross was saved by the spoken word of Jesus.) I still sin. If I were baptized again I dont think I would stop. I find no good thing in me except the word (the truth). We read that we must believe God exist (the devil believes and trembles) but also believe He is the rewarder of thoes that seek Him. I seek Him in the Word, The Word convicts, I repent," The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, A broken and a contrite heart- These, O God, You will not despise." I do not want to spend eturnity with out salvation. I would be like the ethiopian, just let me find a preacher and some water. I am not being argementive, truly seeking answers, the Truth! I read "Thy Word Is Truth" and "you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free" I take that free from sin. Yet I find no good in me. (just sayin) Is there no hope for me?

    Do I need a foot wahsing every day? I go out in the world every day I sin, I come to Jesus and pledge forgivenes.

    thank you for your wittness still surching. You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me.
  • Carleton for verse 26
    Hello Walter, I can remember being baptized (the mode was immersion) because I accepted Christ by faith. Folks clapped when my decision was made. Like you seem to be saying, I lacked power over changing my life from constant sins, I studied the Word and gained knowledge but not peace and not power. I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit only it was outside of me instead of inside me. Life went on several years like this until I finally reached a point that I felt burdened with sin in such weight that I began crying out in my heart to Jesus for real. I was led to believers whom had power over willful sin. I could see their peace and I wanted it. I learned about repentance at any cost to me and again by faith (happened to be in the back of a box truck at a dock in the middle of the night) I kneeled down and cried my heart out to the Lord. In seconds I had the peace of the Holy Spirit comforting my soul on my inside. This comforter reproves me as I begin to error to this day. Do I want to lose my peace, do I want to return to such a sad position I once was found? The answer is no. Clearly the evil one would like me to stray and many traps have been set, but the Lord guides by His Holy Spirit. My Baptism by water (the mode was pouring) joined me to fellow believers that help by love to be witnesses of Truth that is in them. If I stray, if Satan takes me on a an unplanned trip (say in thoughts, or offense) the Life of the other witnesses speaks to me of my need to repent.

  • Carleton for verse 26
    Hello again Walter, I would like to add that the events mentioned took place some 28-30 years ago. I have Children still living at home that have the same power and peace with songs on their hearts after their true repentance, born again relationships with the Lord began several years ago.

    There is no righteousness in what I am now going to say, but the reasonable service has been helpful in my Christian Life.

    I do not read end times books, listen to Radio or TV nor watch movies.

    I am careful what I do read.

    I do not participate at all in exercising my American rights on any issue as a point, to any neighbor.

    I do not vote.

    I understand that offense and pride are the easiest targets for Satan to disrupt my Life in Christ.

    I can claim that I have peace with God and man this very day to the best that I am able to understand and remain teachable.

    I believe that the Lord will only return for the harvest thus claiming His Bride.

    The reign of Christ in the hearts of believers along with the written Word has provided an adequate witness to the world that God is true and His Son Jesus made away for our sin to be reconciled (Forgiven) as children in earth.

    God bless the Christian walk which is our conversation.

  • Shaughnessy for verse 31
    My wife and I, from the very beginning of our marriage, 32 years ago, made the Lord the foundation of our marriage. We have not been difficulty free all these years and what compounds our lives is; my wife has a twin sister and she is not a believer. She has tried at times to come between my wife and I however, my wife is a strong Christian woman that put her sister in her place! My definition of "family is; you, your spouse, and your children. Everyone else is "extra!" My wife and I are very happy. We love Jesus, we attend church regularly, we love each other, and we have a solid marriage thanks to the Holy Spirit. None of my wife's family go to church nor do any of them believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as savior. We finally moved away from both our extended family and are doing well. Never let Satan drive a wedge in between you or your spouse via anyone or anything! Be obedient to His word and always keep Him nuber one in your life. You wife should be #2 and children #3. God bless....
    Ephesians 5 is beautiful. Paul preaches with so much love in his heart. GOD can turn anyone around if he could change Paul like he did. AMEN.
  • Robert pieper
    Paul does cover everthing the church needs for today, we need to him a lot more.
  • Gennie Gennie Gennie
    We are not to sin as becoming believers Christians Walker's of light. We are to please God and please him only walking in the will of God and not in our own will that causes us to sin. There is consequences and continually doing wrong. Husband's should love their wife as Christ loved them. Wife's should love their husbands and submit, to the right things that he tells her to do not just anything he want her to do that it's a sin or anyting that displease God. If people will obey this scripture a lot of marriages will be saved in this chapter.
  • Wayne Geralds
    Ephesians is one of my favorite books, i love chapter 6 with the armor of God.
  • Jere
    Verse 14-20 talks about revival and it can be connected to us being like water bottles. Before we are saved we are empty but when we get saved we are full. Then we go back and do the things of the world and we are half full. Because we are doing both, the worldly things and the godly things. but they don't mix well. But, when we go to church and get back into church and read the bible we are full.
  • Vanessa
    Do not be amongst those that do unspeakable sins, the church is to preach against it not ignore it, you cant be delivered from unholiness, if your not taught all the ways of the Lord and what true repentance is, with a pure heart, love of the word and praise God, everyone is worthy of his grace and forgiveness, if they turn from the things that go against his will. I pray people get the message
  • BSP
    Verse 3~We want to make sure that our speech is clean before God. We should stay away from unclean jokes and words.
  • Seventh day is sabbath
    BSP- Commandment 3, Exodus 20:7 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. Commandment 9 Exodus 20:16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. The 10 commandments are still in effect today, God does not change. Commandment 4 Exodus 20:8-11 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
  • Brianna vs. 4-6
    I appreciate how the Bible is a reminder of how we should be striving to keep our moral standards high. The Bible is very clear on what it says. In these verses it states that if we practice obscene talking, dirty jokes, fornication, etc. we will not inherit Gods Kingdom. Honestly, if we practice these things willingly, and know what the Bible says, what will we say to our heavenly Father!?!?!?!?
  • ALEX
  • Richard Handran
    Vain without real significance, value, or importance baseless or worthless: vain pageantry vain display. Vanity is placing value on something that does not contain value. similar to a painting sold as a Van Gogh when it is a fake. It is advertised as a million dollar work of art. In reality the painting is worthless, baseless. Vain living is living as a baseless life has worth.
  • BSP
    Verse 6- we must be careful not to put faith in everything that we hear. We want to compare what we hear with what we know for a fact is the truth.
  • Yussuf Kay
    Verse 6- we must be careful not to put faith in everything that we hear. We want to compare what we hear with what we know for a fact is the truth. the TRUTH must be proven by the scripture. Therefore any thing that is not written or that is contrary to the scripture MUST BE REJECTED by saints. The truth is THE WORD OF GOD IN THE SCRIPTURE.The TEN COMMANDMENTS and FAITH IN CHRIST are the LIGHT that we must walk in.people have deviated from THE TRUTH and gone after false doctrines: forgetting the SABBATH that GOD says REMEMBER; worshiping idols(pictures/photos/drawings) they call JESUS...that is not light brethren..2 Timothy 3:15-17,Romans 15:4,Exodus 2o,2 peter 3:14-17,Revelation 12:17,John 14 &15
  • Jhonny rafael henriquez
    we got to be thankful for everything God give us
  • Sherleen
    God is LOVE! His love IS unconditional. And, yes, His Love chastises us when we disobey His Laws and Conmandments. Christ, in Spirit and Soul form, shed His Blood for us before the foundations of the world. Then He came into time, took on a body and died on Calvary s Cross we have been twice bought by the Precious Blood of Jesus. God s Ways and Thoughts are much higher than man s.
  • Larry
    God does not love us unconditionally we must first believe and receive his son Jesus Christ then nothing can separate us from the love of God. Another condition is Jesus said draw nigh unto me and I will draw nigh unto you you cannot love unconditionally if your wife hits you or your husband beat you you are not going to love him like you should there needs to be loved back
  • Yilpit sunday
    Is only children of God that put that Ephesians 5:25 in use but those who did not know the ward of God take that as nothing they treat their wife like slave .forgotten the love Christ shown to us that he gave his life, crucified died on cross for our sins. Mark 15:15-20
  • Lilian
    All good gifts comes from above it could be your husband or wife and all explosive blessings are always comes from our Abba Father thank you Lord Jesus and please help us to protect our heavenly manna by destroying every works of the defeated enemy i will praise you Jesus forever for you are worthy amen
  • BSP
    Verse 10 shows that there are things that are acceptable and things that are unacceptable to Jehovah God. We have to read the Bible and ask for discernment to help us recognize and stay away from the things that are unacceptable to him.
  • Jenny
    I love Ephesians 5 because it tells us how to live as children of God. He tells us to walk in love, the same kind of love Jesus walked in. Jesus loved others as he loved himself. He tells us things we are not to do such as sex outside of the confines of marriage, which is fornication. Uncleanness is an evil dirty person who is morally impure; a filthy person is one who has an evil nature of sin,

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