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  • Florence on Psalms 20
    Thank you jesus, thank you my lord
  • Bernard Collins jr on Genesis 32
    I love the lord jesus and live under GOD DESIER plan of life on this earth to the everlasting life through jesus the savelir
  • Timothy on Psalms 55
    For you God are kind to the unthankful and evil. praise thee!oh wretched man that i am. Praise the for ever and ever and ever! amen!
  • Timothy on Psalms 55
    I pray LORD, that we may all be men (& women) after thy own heart. that all our ways will be pleasing unto thee alway. for it is your good pleasure to give us (ur creation after your image and likeness) the kingdom of heaven which is righteousness, and peace, and joy in the HolyGhost. thank you so much for saving me and others. you are the kindest, nicest most precious, above all to my heart. you make the sun to shine and warm me, the moon to bless my heart too, water and food. Peace that passes understanding when hope wanteth to fee away. i am safe, thy gentle mighty holy hand surrounds me in protection, and like wise all your saints, specially those that are faithful in trusting you who cast their care upon you our heavenly father. thank you so much. may praises of the joy of my heart fill the heavens and the whole earth alway. Praise you, Praise you, Praise you forever more who art worthy of all Glory, and honour and power, for thou hast created all things to praise thy holy name for ever more. Blessed are those who's iniquity's are covered, who's transgressions are put as far as the east is from the west. Bless all your holy household, from the least first unto the greatest. and may we all obtain those like precious crowns that please thy heart to reward us thy unprofitable servants.. may all come to a knowledge of the and be saved. all! amen amen amen amen amen amen! forevermore, amen!
  • David
    praise the Lord in all he has done for us praise the Lord for the promises he makes to us
  • Brothers and Sisters in Unity
    Keep coming back. We are all to put ON CHRIST. Consider others better than ourselves. Learn Tolerance and Patience. Edify and Build up those who have questions.

    You are needed here. I tell myself sometimesgoats eat trash, but sheep and lambs do not.

    Don't allow this to cause a ripple. If I learned nothing else, idle words get personal attention from the Lord.

    You showed me today that there is much more to you, than others realize. Let's be more like Christ. It was hard for me to not trade punches with those who punch. That's how I know about idle words, punch outs, and being reactive.

    I actually feel the Holy Spirit grab my collar and pull backlike he's reining in a horse. Yikes LoL

    Or He got silent for a while. That hurts worse.

    Don't be offended. It all works out.

    Brother Chris is always a good teacher; patient and kindsorta like Jesus. :D. He's a missionary.

    My favorite Apostles are Paul, John the Beloved; Barnabas too because he cheered others up. My favorite Prophets Ezekiel and Jeremiah. When I first studied Jeremiah, I would cry a lot. A favorite preacher: David Wilkerson. He has videos on YouTube. His son, Gary is a missionary (World Challenge dot com) and puts out regular news bulletins. You should sign up to get those. When I'm through reading them, I go leave it on my neighbors doors.

    Don't you know Jesus loves all of us and wants us to be more like Him. I love you in Jesus and pray for the oil of joy to soothe your heart.

  • Victor on Ecclesiastes 7
    i dont know how i stubble to this page but i've never seen anything like it. God bless the organizers of this page cuz it going to be my daily reading site from now on. love the comments section sharing more light.
  • David on Psalms 79
    Thank you Lord Jesus for always being faithful to your Word and Promises. Thank you Lord for Your patience, and long suffering towards our sinful and wicked ways. The Blood of your Son shed at Calvary washes away all sins. Praise the Lord.
  • Renee J McPheeters on Psalms 101
    Thank You for making the Bible available online!
  • Obi on Psalms 119
    Thank you for creating this website I am able to pray everyday on this and every day God is blessing me. I pray that He will also bless you in abundance. Peace be unto you and all those you relate to.

    Yours sincerely, Obi, 12 years old

  • Farren Hall on Ephesians 6
    Praise God
  • Sincereofconvertz21@gmail.com on Isaiah 55
    I love Jesus and it explains its self if you truly understand!
  • The Lord is praised when we publicly praise Him at any time and place. This forum provides the saints a place to worship together with like minded people.

    May God shine His face on all and encourage us all to glorify the Lord. If we don't then the very rocks and trees will.

    October 12, 2021
  • Amy
    I have been asking our Lord God to give me and my family peace love and joy and God is sending people which are really nice encouraging me and also God is giving me signs that he is working. Praise you Lord God you are absolutely good all the time. I love you so much thank you for being there for us!
  • Nica on Revelation 12
    just want to say to god be the glory great things he has done
  • David on 2 Chronicles 12
    Lord teach me to love you as You have loved me.
  • Paula Collinscook on Deuteronomy 31:6
    I love the Almighty God and also Jesus jehovah thank you for raise isal children for ever greatful
  • Emily. Campbell on Genesis 1
    Want to read the word of God Daily am at work on my break could do more reading

    And meditates on the words of God

    It's so. sweet to trust in Jesus just to take him at his words the e more. I read the words of God the more. i will be strong. and. Understand and believe and my faith will be in vrrase
  • Cynthia Moody on Galatians 1
    Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever more that same sprit that raised Christ from the dead, is that same sprit that quickens us today to walk in the newness of life, We have been set free and he whom the sun sets free is free indeed. Thank you Jesus
  • Mavis on Psalms 59
    This is awesome I love this said deliver me out of hands of the evil ones thank God for this Psalms.
  • David on Psalms 65
    Thank you Lord for choosing me. I Praise you Lord for being present in every facet of my life. Nothing happens without your knowledge of it. The abundance of your grace and mercies are available unto whomsoever chooses to receive them from your hand. Let me Lord desire your thoughts in every thing that is before me. Let me shout for joy and sing of your greatness, your majesty, and loving kindness. Let me tap into your wisdom and knowledge and stay there to feast on it daily and for all times. Come quickly Lord God Almighty!

    Bless our nations leadership to call on you and receive the salvation of the Lord. Turn our government, society; but especially the people of the land to seek your wisdom.

    October 1, 2021
  • KAYTHERINE SIMON on Psalms 100
    God deserves all our praise
  • Umani Bryant on Psalms 62
    This is good bible
  • Linton Samuels
    Worshiping god is the way to go
  • Ahimbisibwe Dan on Isaiah 30:30
    God is good and great all the time
  • Maria muruga on 1 Thessalonians 2
    Thank you so much for the bible, i can read the word of God from my phone anywhere any place.

    Thankyou and blessings
  • David on Psalms 56
    May the Lord God of peace and comfort bless all on this forum. May His face shine continuously upon you. The Lord's arm is not shorten that He cannot bless. His righteousness is upon us through His Son, the Anointed one. His healing is all who call on HIm. His peace is upon us because of His Precious Blood that was shed on the Cross of Calvary for all who trust in Him.

    May our country's leadership call on the Lord for wisdom and courage to turn to your Word. May we pray with boldness and fervor that will glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. 2 Chronicles 7:14, 15

    September 22, 2022
  • Tim legarie on Ecclesiastes 9
    The whole world goes through trials,and afflictions,and pain.Allthough the christian be better equipped through God's mercy ,and grace.The light of our Lord shinning the way,to everlasting peace ,and divine happiness,and joy.
  • Elliahna molina on Psalms 107
    This bible is truly Amazeing.
  • Don Schenck on Proverbs 21
    Verse 23 REALLY cuts, eh? Like at two-edged sword.

    Thanks for this web site.

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