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  • JoAnn on Psalms 150
    I love this Psalm. It puts joy in my soul. Music, dance, song, all is to the LORD. When we give HIM the glory, it's all joy. We can thank people because they are servants of God, BUT GOD gets all the glory! PRAISE HIM! PRAISE HIM!
  • Cade on John 14
    My faith in God is fully restored after reading this chapter. I was scared and I felt I was drifting farther and farther away from God, but after praying tonight, God gave me the idea to look for help on the internet, which lead me to this chapter. Verse 27 is my favorite
  • Hazel Carty on Revelation 21
    The light of the world is Jesus Chris AMEN and amen to the Lamb
  • KEN FERNANDES on Psalms 91
    just love you lord ,just love you lord,just love you--- i just love you
  • Lady A on Psalms 23
    Great is thee faithfulness...... god's word never fails!!!! love
  • Lady A on Psalms 23
    Great is thee faithfulness...... god's word never fails!!!! love
  • Billy Mcintyre on Isaiah 54
    God is our 'Protector'
  • Gage on Genesis 1
    This was my first time reading the Bible and I love it I will continue to read the Bible over and over again this is good for everyone
  • Foxy presnell on 1 Corinthians 1
    CHRIST gave me my faith .and he gave my love. he gave me my hope. he keep from sin
  • Terry smith on Psalms 103
    Absolutely love the book Psalms
  • Concha on Psalms 91
    Psalm 91 is my favorite psalm it sums up so much and many things that surround daily life issues. This is a wonderful Psalm just incredible. When I'm feeling bad for what other have done to me I read this Psalm then I pray. Thank you Lord forever, I thank you.
  • ANN on 2 Timothy 1
    Glory be to god, this is beautiful i love it , really enjoyable to read,and i do beleive god love for his people to come togather and discuss his living word, this is how we gain strength from one another.
  • Linda on Romans 8
    Praise God if we are a child of the Lord "All things work together for good if we trust and walk as the Bible instructs us to do." Paul tells us in Romans to obey the Lord and let our light shine to let the world know we are the children of an awesome God! We are blessed to be a Christian.
  • Hazel Carty on Psalms 118
    This psalms is powerful.it is good to give thanks to ur God his mercy endureth for ever and ever he endlessly and valiantly work in our lives the strength of our lives our salvation he is my all in all hence I will exalted his name I will proclaim he is my Lord Jesus Christ and King and I love you Lord
  • Lillian James on Psalms 103
    Psalm 103 is great! I don't want to ever forget the blessings God has granted me, without God,' Ioving little old me, I would not be here today. I want to love others the way God loves me, which is showing it to all people. People who don't look like me shouldn't matter because we are all children of God. Show that love today. Smile at someone today, it may be the smile they need. Peace
  • Vanessa on Ecclesiastes 2
    seeking pleasure of the things you possess of this world, an glorify in riches means nothing, it will all be someones elses when we leave, nothing here really matters except glorifying God the father and be thankful to him for sending his son to die on a cross so we can have a life with him forever, that's our true treasure and the one I seek, we are free from the burdens of this life. Amen!
  • Brianna vs. 8 on Psalms 62
    I appreciate how God is a source of comfort for us at all times. When we feel like we can not talk to anyone else about our problems, God encourages us to pour out our hearts to him in prayer. When can be open and honest with our God Jehovah and he will listen to us. This reminds me that we do not have to carry burdens on our own. We can always turn to God for help.
  • Melody rufing on Psalms 121
    I really love the Bible and gods word it s nice to know that god will help when we need it .
  • Hazel Carty on Psalms 115
    Thank you Lord for your blessings for salvation for goodness and masses is with me I love you Lord Jesus Christ touch my family and consecrate is heavenly father,
  • Jackie on Matthew 3
    Thank you Lord for sending your only son to sulfer and die for a lost and dieing world that we could have love more abuntedly in Jesus name
  • Dianne on Psalms 91
    I start and end my day with this beautiful Psalm...Thank you Jesus
  • Marchele S. on Psalms 127
    He is worth to be praise!!!!!!! Trust him in the waiting.... If you are going through something God knows, cares and HE IS WITH YOU. Keep silent, trust Him, and pray, pray, and PRAY. Stop complaining giving praises to the devil. Praise God and thank Him.... It could be worst. He will direct your path in His time, which is the BEST WAY EVER! NO MATTER WHAT. It seems hard but God.
  • Robert DeHaan on Psalms 90
    I so love the Psalms because David s is given to writing that which is from the mind of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray this day that the Holy Spirit will continue to help me know the mind of Christ in the Psalms. Lord, keep my mind stayed on You every day and every night. Find us faithful O Lord as we await Jesus soon return.
  • Cristina on John 10
    I love the mystery of the God! Verse 34,35. "Did I not say, ye are Gods", and then, in verse 35, "If then, He". Showing that Jesus, and the father are one. I love the "Mystery" of God, like in Collossions chapter 1, "The mystery of the gospel, which is Christ in you, the hope of Glory"
  • Cristina on John 9
    Love verse 27! When the young man asked the Pharrasies, if they would become his diciples. It is like, to me, a knife of conviction being thrust through the heart! The young man, already had the faith, and, I believe, was now, trying to convict the Pharrasies. Just like the Samaratin women, when she asked,"Is not this the Christ?" She already knew, and was evangelizing.
  • Lilian on Matthew 26
    Thank you Jesus for the blood you shed for us amen
  • Patty Tozi on Romans 15
    Nowadays l sit alone with my God. He gave me a great miracle. After l received it,the evilness came thru people l tried to help. I kept my calmness. I knew what was happening. I would not step into the worlds way of evil, when l knew God had answered my prayer- 3 years later. So realize when God is near you. And the Strength of His Love will calm the storms that attack you. PRAISE GOD--PRAISE GOD!
  • Patty Tozi on Romans 8
    Have you ever gave it a thought about Jesus coming to judge us? Think back on your mistakes. Now think about how many times you asked for your Father's forgiveness. How many times He was there for you. How many times you praised His name, by thanking Him from the bottom of your heart. And how many times you let Satan take over instead. Now, before it is too late-- get on your knees!! Praise Him!!!
  • IN B on 1 Kings 17
    I first heard this story at primary school over sixty years ago. It made an impression on me that I have never forgotten. It taught me the virtue of walking in faith, and always to bear in mind that the humblest person we meet may be the vehicle of the Lord's precious grace. Thanks be to God
  • I believe it would be a lot wiser to believe John the Apostle who saw this first hand then to believe John Dyer.

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