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  • Ms.smith on 2 Thessalonians 2
    I love you bible.
  • Nida on Isaiah 55
    And IIIIIII will always love jesus
  • Sammi
    The two thieves on the cross either side of Jesus , while of course they were two individual human beings , they are in fact representing the whole of humanity , us , me and you . For starters , under Jewish law , thievery was not to be punished by death . So when one of them says that they are recieving their due punishment for their deeds , he's not talking about their thievery , hes confessing his human state of sinfulness , the wages of sin is death , he's confessing that he is a sinner and as such deserves to die . This should be part of our confessions also . Then he asks Jesus to remember him in his kingdom , he acknowledges Christ , that Christ will not die and stay dead , Christ will be ressurected , Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verse 5 , he acknowledges that his only hope is that Christ will remember him and have mercy on him when Christ is ressurected . Thus , these two and their words are there solely for our learning and understanding , they represent the whole of humanity . It pays to read everything many many times and very carefully and also to listen to what others have to say , even if we don't agree , those little brain sparks can start firing off in lots of good directions if we allow ourselves to be stimulated into continually open to learning . I've been so inspired by this site , thank you all !
  • Sunil Younas on Revelation 4
    There is no one like Jesus
  • Geraldine B. Gaddis on Luke 2
    I was challenged to read the book of Luke starting today. I was amazed that I learned things about the conception of Jesus that I didn't know and about Mary's related that God blessed with a child called John, too. A Bible Challenge is a good idea. I am proud of my cousin for doing this on FaceBook. I love my online Bible. I post scriptures every day for others to read. I love this website.
  • Abiodunrin Odumosu on Psalms 103
    Knowing the forgiveness of sins and receiving grace!
  • Texsis
    Good morning everyone. Pray this day finds you in better health & spirits.! Read, study, learn & know His truth.!
  • I am blessed and closer to GOD
  • Falldown7standup8 on John 14
    Praise be to The King of Kings! Hosanna in the highest! We serve an awesome and mighty GOD! Word's cannot not express the joy that awaits us in Heaven. Let us rejoice and praise and bask in the glory of GOD! Soften our hearts lord. Let us not be vain or puffed up against one another. We love you, We love your word. We are filthy and vile lord. You are our only hope, The author and finisher of our faith. Thou are art the only one found holy, oh lord. I will praise thee in the gates. I will sing of your holiness, your beauty and your righteousness. Filly my cup with the overflow of your abundant love. Cleanse my mind of impurity and evil. Lord I pray for all of the people on this forum lord. May your love overshadow them today in a mighty way. Bring tears of love and of joy to our eyes lord as we think of the beauty of your holiness and glory. Oh GOD, How great thou art! I love you King Jesus! I love you father! We love your spirit, Your holy spirit! AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! Alleluia! Praise be to the King of Kings!
  • Mati on Exodus 20
    This great God is all powerful!
  • Hovnisko on Amos 1
    best book ever, love it:!!!!!!!!!:)))
  • Marimay
    A Blessed Sunday to all of you guys !
  • David T on Zechariah 9
    The LORD is praised and magnified as we learn of HIS will and desire for us. Let us build up our nation by praying for the leadership to lean on the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    Thank you LORD for the blessings and daily benefits, for the LORD GOD HIMSELF will blow the trumpet soon and we will experience "... the LORD their God shall save them in that day as the flock of his people: for they shall be as the stones of a crown, lifted up as an ensign upon his land.

    17 For how great is his goodness, and how great is his beauty! corn shall make the young men cheerful, and new wine the maids."

    GOD shine HIS face upon all on this forum.

    November 20, 2022
  • Jesse Sizemore on Ruth 1
    god is good all the time to you and me!
  • David T. on Romans 6
    Words and Tune: Robert Lowery (1826-1899)

    What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the BLOOD of JESUS!

    What can make me hold again? Nothing but the BLOOD of JESUS!

    OH! Precious is the flow that makes me white as snow. Nothing but the BLOOD of JESUS!

    My GOD is wonderful and gracious unto all who seek and find HIM.

    GOD to shine HIS face and bless greatly for all on this forum. November 18, 2022
  • Anonymous
    God bless you all !
  • Diego on Romans 3
    I love God with all my heart
  • A.
    Lord Jesus thank You for all You are doing right now in the midst of trials,

    You are mighty! You understand Your children perfectly. And feel for us

    so deeply . You know it's not easy and I'm touched by Your constant

    Faithfulness. I know by faith alone that I will be celebrating for the

    outcome of this passing trial. And by Your grace, my spirit can declare

    Your Faithfulness in weariness tonight. Thank You for Your strength.

    For carrying me through. Alleluia!
  • Allen Walker on Matthew 24:35
    I just love the word of the Lord.
  • Thalia on Genesis 2
    I love this book
  • Sammi
    A nice thing today . I was stood alone in a bus stop and a young man on a bicycle came up to me and said something in a foreign language . He got his mobile phone out and spoke into it , then beckoned to me to read his phone . It said " I have come from the Ukraine to tell you that Jesus loves you " . He put his hand on my shoulder and said a prayer in Ukrainian , I did the same for him . What a nice way to start the day . I'm a bit of an introvert and that sort of thing doesn't come naturally to me , so today I thank God for the kindness of extroverts .
  • Tr kato joseph on Psalms 1
    God is everything on the planet earth.
  • Annnacol
    Oh how i love jesus
  • Annnacol
    GOD is so good
  • Dawn kemp on 2 Samuel 22
    I will trust in the Lords always. God you are my strength from day to day. I just want to thank the Lord for what he had done in my life I am nothing without him. Thank you, God, for your blessings in Jesus' name amen
  • Nunu
    I love this I love Jesus god bless all in need
  • Nensemka on Luke 1
    i love bible studies.
  • Robert Echevarria on Genesis 6
    Very interesting I love this Bible
  • Elma Cardona on Psalms 4
    Great scriptures
  • Leland on Psalms 91
    I LOVE this thank you for making this online bible

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