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  • Joe Lucero on 1 Maccabees 16
    Thank You for these Scriptures Love the Apacraphia Thank you !!!
  • Burningrabbit on Romans 5:12
    Your logic is tortured and your interpretations are pompous and vain. Go to a 12 step meeting and learn some truths that you can live by.
  • Jim on Luke 6
    Jesus is our rock and the very foundation, were our faith stands. Believe in him, and you will never hungered nor thirst for anything else;except the word of god.Trust in the lord.and the lord will see you through. Comments on Luke 6 chapter.
  • Christine Webb on 1 Samuel 3
    I have been so blessed to come across your online bible!! All of my bibles are written in such small text that it was difficult for me to read it often. God bless you!!
  • Grace on John 1
    Thank you for taking your time to read this marvelous scripture. This website helps me a bunch with my studies!! Much thanks and love!
  • Jesus is king on Ruth 1
    I love jesus
  • Hope on 1 John 4:18
    The Bible tells us in so many ways that,"God is love." God is also perfect. Perfect love casteth out fear. God casts out fear and will cut the ties that it holds on your heart if you'll but let Him. You've got to keep trusting God no matter how you feel because Faith cannot be summed up into a feeling, Faith will keep trusting even when you can't feel or see God. The teacher is always quiet during the test but, the teacher also doesn't leave the room.
  • ATEGEKA ZEBLON on Genesis 28:15
    This is so great..!!! I just can't stop rejoicing in the Lord my God for His wonderful promises to me! When i feel so lost and away, His word renews my hope and trust in Him.
  • Rev Autrey on 1 Corinthians 1:26
    The sin of the Christian Church is it's refusal to say Jesus is it's God, the very one who made us and keeps us alive. Jesus said it like this in John 8:24: "You are from below; I am not. That is why I said that you will die in your sins; for unless you believe that I am who I say I am, you will die in your sins."

    John says it like this in John in John 1:1, "... and he was God." And Thomas said to Jesus in John 20:28: "My Lord and my God."

    Then Jesus said to Thomas, "You are blessed because you have seen me, but more blessed are those who haven't seen me but believe anyway."

    As you can see then, Jesus is our God, the one who came and died for the sins of the world, even if the Christian Church wont say so. And this is a sad commentary on the human race. This means that, even today, we we are ignoring the clear warning David gives us in Psalms 14: "Only the fool says in his heard that (Jesus) is not God." And David is a man after Jesus' own heart."

    See, David is preaching the Gospel ahead of time, long before it took place, that the Lord he knew as YHWH God in the Old Testament is the New Testament Jesus. This is why David says in verse 7: "Oh that salvation would come from Mount Zion and rescue Israel. For when the Lord rescues his people they will shout for joy." And salvation did come from Mount Zion, for this is the place where Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sins.

    So this is my proclamation: Jesus is the One True God, all others are false.

    See, God is a single being/a single person like us. He has to be if we are made in his image. The mystery of the Trinity, then, is not in God dividing himself into 2 or 3 separate parts. The mystery is in the way Jesus speaks to us.

    In other words he speaks to us like this: "I am Jesus," "The Father sent me," "Receive ye the Holy Spirit."

    Stay Safe,

    Rev. Autrey
  • Robyn D Wigfall on 1 John 2:27
    I love all the translations it's still on point with KJV of the Bible
  • Your Name on Mark 4:24
    Thank you so much, best bible ever!
  • Rob on Malachi 4
    It's said in 2 Timothy 4 v 3,4

    That people will not endure sound doctrine but will turn to teachers that basically tell them what they want to hear so they can indulge in their lists and have salvation too .

    It's said in the gospels by Jesus that straight is the gate and narrow is the way , but wide and easy is the way to destruction and Many or the majority follow it . Because they don't want the hard path , deception is so sweet at first . That's what temptation was to eve ! But we know what happened , they lost their paradise .

    The purpose is that if just one sinner repents ! Heaven rejoices .

    If they all take the wide road , no rejoicing .
  • Sis Jackie reply to Adam concerning 1john1 on Revelation 16:16
    Adam please read the testimony of 1John 1 again, Then read my exhortation ................

    The discussion was not concerning Sin but JOY! I perceive the person to be young in the Lord; comparing their Joy to someone else.Not realizing the spirit now that he /she is born again is now in the process of renewing their mind; being renewed as the milk of the word is received ;Sanctify them through thy truth:thy word is truth St. John 17;17

    As a sinner, nothing we could have done or didnt do would have made us worthy in the sight of God except what the testimony stated,I have

    confessed and I believe I've been forgiven. The scripture says, Grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ! I guarantee His full joy will come...Dont compare, what he has for you, is for You. i AGREE we must have a spiritual walk.but, We naturally or Spiritually cant walk at Birth. The devil is the accuser to reminds you of Past sins But God threw then in the sea of his forgetfulness...Praise

    Almighty God....To answer your question about your conscious I dont know when But I do know He keeps His Word. He did it for me and everyone

    he delivers from sin and shame. The scriptues even states some of our past life 1st corinth.6:9-11vrs.

    We thank our Father, God, for The Gift...Jesus and everthing we need for life and godliness flows out of Him Joy is included..You dont realllly know

    what you got inside. 1John 1 Love yaa with the love of the lord...you are on my prayer list now.. I dont care what else he gives you Salvation is the ultimate thing to praise him and be joyfull or full of Joy about Adam you also join us in our prayer and praise for 1John 1 also pray for me.

    Sis Jackie
  • Mark Lytle on Revelation 1
    Wow. I have been reading through these comments. There seems to be a disagreement with meanings.

    Let me run this by you all. Did you know that scripture, and it's meanings

    are meaningless in some cases.Let me explain.

    I was a missionaries kid. My parents took me to Papua New Guinea in 1963.

    My father preached the gospel to the darkest of the dark hearts.

    I witnessed a great moving of our lord

    and the heathens of darkness came to the light of our lord. They were excited and wanted more of this lord.

    Now, they did not have any books, or anything to guide them. They never heard of a Bible. They were saved from their sins by hearing my father preach the gospel to them.

    They would shout and cry. They were filled with the spirit of our lord. And then they proceeded to learn about the Bible.
  • Lou Contino on Zechariah 11
    Do not concern yourself so much with what is to come in the world that many of us know to be revealing itself day by day, but rather stand tall in the faith of Christ that all you do & see & hear is directed from Christ Jesus. So whether you are challenged or at ease, living through turmoil or calm; we must continue as directed by Christ to show compassion and mercy to all. Even in something as little as allowing another driver to advance in front of you at a toll. It is consideration and compassion to another. So let us continue in compassion gladly. Even when we are frustrated and it feels as it is breaking our backs, return to Christ for comfort to be at peace. Be confident in your faith that Christ will have Mercy upon you as all is directed upon you through Him. Fear not!
  • T - in Reply on Psalms 1
    You need a study Bible. I use the King James Study Bible and it is wonderful! Provides explanation of scripture, references to other scripture, many notes that are very beneficial and translation of words. You can also use your phone, tablet or computer to Google scripture and include the word "meaning"(exp. John 3:16 meaning) in your search. Pray for the Holy Spirit to help you understand what you are reading! As always, give thanks to God for the ability to have a Bible in your hands!
  • Mervyn David Howell on 1 Corinthians 1:26
    These words of GOD give me hope whenever I am tempted to doubt my legitimacy and usefulness to my LORD JESUS CHRIST.
  • Lou Contino on Zechariah 7
    Have we noticed that, the commonality of those commenting and discussing God's Word here are from God's children. Children that think of God throughout their day in everything they do. Children who dwell upon God's word for guidance and security. children that seek understanding. This is a safe haven for us and I see God's Spirit in those that believe His Word. Yet, we need to do more to pray for others to answer God's knock at their door. How is it that all we hear on Social & Televised Media has nothing to do with God's Word? It may be best to leave these platforms behind, they neither build your character or assist in building the character of others who are longing to find this safe haven in God's Word in their lives. Heavenly Father: Give us your strength to assist you in your work on others in this world. Help us to put aside racial, financial & political difference which are of no use to the eternal characters of our souls that you build for us all to praise you throughout eternity. In Jesus name, Amen.
  • Marc Cawthon - in Reply on John 3:18
    Amen Brother, Well said.
  • SUICIDE and SPIRITUAL DEATH - in Reply on Psalms 23
    If they die in their sins, they will go to hell.

    The person is depressed, fearful, tormented in mind and emotions; they do not know if God even cares about them.

    No one likes to talk about this. I do. That person is oppressed by demons that are sent, to take that person to hell. Satan is the author of confusion. Depression demons usually have Death in tow. Only a praying Christian can STOP IT. Our prayers can drive out any demon that raises its head To challenge us. You bind that demons works and cast it into outer darkness in Jesus Name! And you ASK GOD to release the angels of heaven to encircle that person with light and peace. Quote Psalms 91 and 51. Every day. Don't stop.

    Suicide dot Org is for military but it's easily remembered; to go to to find resources.

    Me: write the persons name on sticky notes and give them to praying grandmothers at several churches. Praying grandmoms look like big ole drill sergeants, spiritually. Never disdain elderly church mothers. Hug them!

    They know how to release some fire from heaven. Praise God!

    Since it is not addressed much in Church; Google search: 'suicide Bible'. Find a Christian church that has this teaching. No frills, no personalities: just Bible. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you!!!

    Note to all Churches and Pastors: TEACH people that the devil doesn't wear a red costume and say Boo. He hates God and especially people whom God loves. Even people with both arms covered in need marks! TEACH spiritual warfare! Even churched kids get in trouble and need a prayer that could knock asteroids off course.

    Put away your notebook of old trusty sermons, and get hooked into the Holy Spirit who delivers fresh manna and Meat, every meal. Skip some meals and go sit in an actual closet with the Holy Spirit. Ask for NEW FOOD. Pray for your sheep! Even those out wandering off into Apostacy! Ask for fresh Anointing. Groan till you get it.

    Stand up for Jesus. Kick in Satans teeth.

  • Ptjones on Matthew 24:9
    Matthew 24:32. Our Lord Jesus said this parable to his disciples as a prophecy of future Israel. Fig tree denotes Israel nation. Hosea 9:1.Israel nation rebirthed in 1948. Now it is 72 years passed. Israel is well established showing tender branches. That denotes summer is nearing. What is summer to Israel. Summer is the season of harvest.Matthew 13:39 says harvest denotes end of the world. Yes it is time of Messiah to come. In Psalms 90: 10 says "The days our years are threescore years and ten:and if by reason of strength they may be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow: for it is soon cut off, and we fly away". So Israel remains only eight years (maximum) for harvest. Called, Chosen and faithful - be ready for the glorous event.
  • Angela Hope on Exodus 20
    I learned the Ten Commandments using mnemonics, 1bun 2 shoe 3 key & so on, but every time I try to recite them now I get mixed up & can't remember what 10's mnemonic was & I totally miss Commandments 2 & 3!!! Did anyone else use these mnemonics & remember them? Or have other ones I might use? I want to teach my grandchildren but also I want to remember them myself!!

    Please Help!

    I love that this site exists & can easily be found, searched, researched & read. It takes away ANY excuse people might make about not hearing or knowing The Word of GOD & of not believing because they "didn't know."

    Thank You to the many people who would have had to labor to bring this site into existence & to those who maintain it! Keep up the Good Work!


  • Earl Bowman - in Reply on Psalms 34
    Mac, may the Spirit of understanding grace you with truth, the Psalms were written (as is the rest of scripture) by the Spirit of the Father. 2 Samuel 23:1-2 Now these be the last words of David. David the son of Jesse said, and the man who was raised up on high, the anointed of the God of Jacob, and the sweet psalmist of Israel said, (vs) 2 The Spirit of the Lord, spake by me, and his word was in my tongue. Psalms will completely change the way you understand the word of God when you understand that the Spirit of the Lord is speaking not David. GBU
  • Rolando Martinez on Psalms 22
    October 22, 2020, my granddaughter, Naomi Grace Haywood, turns 15 years old today. We have a tradition of reading one's "birthday Psalm" as part of our birthday celebrations and I wonder: Lord, why have you chosen this for Naomi's birthday? That the Lord's return for us is near is evident: may He make us, especially those we love, ready that we may endure whatever is coming upon us. Bless you Lord Jesus and blessed be your Holy Name!
  • Patty Tozi on 1 Thessalonians 4:17
    The Lord will always Fight for you. Always remember in these days. Never knowing the outcome of each day we are weary and afraid. Put the word of God in front of you. The music of His words that will straighten you. Close your eyes and look for His light that will surround you -- protecting you at all times. Go after everything you were afraid of doing in the past. Go after it as your day to day will end at a moment notice. Protect your self from spiritual warfare of this world. Stay close to God as never before. Look at all His creations. Sounds He created for us. Get your mind off of not succeeding--- But making it work with God right in front of you. Be quiet and listen to God talking to you. Watch for signs. Watch for unusual things to happen for the Best. Stay in Prayer and walking close to Him in your heart. Pretty soon you will feel His Special Light of His Love that will be able to move mountains at what you want in your life. Stay close to God Always....
  • Pastor Christian Onuaguluchi on Psalms 72
    When you are down to nothing God is up to something!

    When you can't trace His hand trust His heart.

    Your JOY is a non negotiable ingredients for the fulfilment of your life and destiny. Make a choice for JOY!
  • Mild Bill on Psalms 19
    The heavens and earth are glorious and speak of God's majesty, but he shows us a greater glory in his word.What man may never discover in outer space or here on earth,is of little loss.What man may miss as God reveals himself through his word is tragic,with eternal consequences for many.As there is nothing hid from the heat of the sun,there is nothing hidden about the love of his son.What man needs to know,God freely shows.Heaven and Earth will pass away,but God's word will last forever. Richer than gold and sweeter than honey, here in your hands, before your eyes, for you, from him.
  • Donavan Price on John 1:3
    Thank you for providing this service!

    Such a blessing to me!

    God bless each and everyone involved and responsible!
  • Pastor JBernard Plummer on Philippians 4:7
    Many have sought To find peace I life in many ways, some thought all of life's problems could or would be solved by money, It could buy you some things but not peace, some thought drugs and or alcohol was the answer, Only to find themselves in worse shape, Others thought it came through love of others only to find themself going through bad relationships and marriages, but I've found that true peace, only comes through prayer and a relationship with Jesus. Don't worry about it, pray about it, Thank you Jesus! You are my PEACE that passes ALL understanding,
  • Modesto Olivo on Ephesians 2:10
    This is such an awesome verse, and it says so much about the Masterplan God has in store for each and everyone of His creation if only they had ears to hear and a heart for redemption. I know that if the Holy Spirit moves on you you have a chance at knowing what repentance is. Why the Holy Spirit moves on some and not others is a mystery to me. But, i do not question the mighty hand of God. So many souls are walking right into hell every hour, every minute. Thank You Father for saving a sinful wretch like me. I was on that highway to hell. You in your Divine Mercy spared my life once, And even after like a dog returning to its bile. You accepted me back like the prodigal I was. Jesus, thank You that by the power of Your Holy Spirit, You delivered me from a state of chronic alcohol addiction, a serious addiction to crack cocaine, and a serious sex addiction. Father you've provided me a sober, clean life, a life void of any addiction to sex or pornography, for the last, going on nine years. But, the years don't matter. What matters is being in Your will.

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