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  • Connie on Psalms 2
    God We thank you for sending us Your son Jesus.
  • Shar - in Reply on Psalms 2
    With god, jesus christ, all things are possible. amen
  • Steve Anderson on Jeremiah 29
    I love the lord... if i could just touch the hem of his garment

    if i could just touch a part of his robe

    i know id be healed all sins forgiven

    if i could just touch him i know id be whole..
  • PATRICK MERRITT on 1 Peter 5
    I know god is love and faith
  • Steve Vick on 2 Samuel 12:23
    Love the KJV , bible online !

    Only bible I trust to study & know it is Gods preserved Words in English.
  • Ginasino on Exodus 20:19
    I think this website is pretty good. Most websites only have other types of verses not KJV which i read and KJV is all that i will read till i die lol.
  • Nwachujwu joseph on Job 39:27
    Is good to be good in the word of God
  • Michael Smith on 1 Corinthians 13
    I have long used this chapter as a litmus paper to examine my relationships with all in my immediate circle. It being Biblical is useful too to understand the authenticity of others toward myself. Now I am learning it is of even greater importance to use this as a litmus test to measure the authenticity and integrity of myself and a gauge to measure my spiritual maturity. No greater love has a man than he would give his life for his friends. These words of Christ represent the highest attainment within our reach.
  • Angela eugene on Acts 10
    I love this Bible
  • Paul Mitchell - in Reply on 2 Corinthians 13:14
    Elohim is the Hebrew word for God that appears in the very first sentence of the Bible. we remember that he is the one who began it all. This ancient name for God contains the idea of God's creative power as well as his authority and sovereignty.
  • Kasai on Jeremiah 2:3
    I love jesus praise the lord

  • Phoebe on Romans 16:1
    I love god
  • Breana dorcely on Psalms 91
    thank you for this app it is amazing
  • Sacha - in Reply on Psalms 23
    Its about Jesus ,there are tons of references to Jesus in the old testament ,its a real joy to read them and discover how the old and new testaments are linked .
  • Sheila on Revelation 1
    I'm sorry I don't know a particular scripture but when I am troubled. or stressed, I go directly in prayer (talk)to my heavenly Father and Jesus. When I want reassurance I read His holy Word and He shows up there. I have been studying, taking Notes, (not just reading) the books of the Bible. Our Father is Real to me and I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Redeemer. I have a personal relationship with Him. I'm in need of learning to pray better but that does Not stop me from talking to Jesus, off and on, all day. I want Him to know me personally, where as when I get to Heaven I won't feel like a stranger to Him. If I sound like I have it all together, don't be misled, I have my struggles in this life Every day. I only know that Jesus is real to me and I love Jesus and I can hardly wait to meet Him and sit at His feet. I find the Bible to be more interesting than TV now. I have studied so hard and so much I find it difficult to turn the light out and read for half the night. (Retired finally) I also enjoy listening to Chuck Missler on YouTube; he learned to love scriptures at 16 and is a dynamite teacher. Chuck passed a few years back but I enjoy listening to his knowledge of Old and New Testament. It is hard to keep up for he speaks fast; but, I just hit rewind. I pray that Jesus will reach out to you and let you know He is real and Loves you Very much. May God continue to bless you and keep you. May He wrap His loving arms around you and give you Comfort and Peace. .
  • Helen - in Reply on Ephesians 6:4
    Thank you all so much. While reading your replies I broke down and began thanking God for an answer I had been seeking. For I was beginning to feel lost and unwanted. I found this site by accident WHILE searching for answers after reading my Bible. Then reading this online Bible against my Bible my heart began to settle and in studying Gods word I felt the need to reach out. I feel he sent me a answer. May God bless each one of you.

  • Taron mitchell on Genesis 4
    I love God and god love me to and I love his word
  • Reginald Davis on Romans 10
    I put God in my life 68 years ago when I stop doing drugs and drinking. I told him then that this life he has given me is his. My body and my soul is his alone. I love him even if Iam sinner in this flesh please forgive give me olord. He is good and faithful all the time. I stayed prayed up all the time.
  • S Spencer on the deity of Christ on Acts 1
    John 17:5 And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.

    When he was returned to his Glory he addresses his self the way he did in the old testament.

    Isaiah 9:6 (KJV) For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, (((THE MIGHTY GOD, THE EVERLASTING FATHER, THE PRINCE OF PEACE ))).

    Can someone tell me why is the SON called the everlasting FATHER in Isaiah 9:6??

    Revelation 1:8 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, ((THE ALMIGHTY!!))

    Here is how Almighty is defined in Revelation:


    Transliteration: pantokratr

    Pronunciation: pan-tok-rat'-ore

    Definition: From G3956 and G2904; the all ruling that is God (as absolute and universal sovereign): - Almighty Omnipotent.

    KJV Usage: Almighty(9x), omnipotent(1x).

    Occurs: 10

    In verses: 10

  • Sacha - in Reply on Isaiah 26
    I dont think that there are many people who are either totally good or totally evil ,we are all a mixture of both ,we are all sinners which is why we need Jesus ,right up to the last moment Jesus loved Judas ,Jesus will have washed Judas feet with love ,God doesnt give up on any of us no matter how horrible we are and we are all horrible sometimes ,Only Jesus is sinless .
  • Genny In Christ - in Reply on Acts 14
    I have no certificates, no decorative documentation in the ministry for God. But what good will a document do my soul? I have no high, nor formal, title: I am simply "Sister Genny". But who can and entitle me, in God gospel? Man's highest certificates, in ministry, is as null, void, powerless and frivolous as his highest title in the same. His highest wisdom in the most that he can teach you, which is the least that you could learn from God. So, if man's highest degree is lower than God's nursery school, where will the man go after he graduated from the highest ordination given by man? Who will be left to teach him, once he graduates? Only God. But what good is it to graduate at man's highest class, if it is less than God's kindergarten; who will you turn to that can teach wisdom that is too high for man: Job 28:12-13 (:27-28); 1 Corinthians 2:4-8. No certificate should dare to claim that a person has reached any level in the wisdom of God, for God wisdom is not subjected to human levels; but it is, to the contrary, limitless. If those highly decorated Christians would search the scriptures they will find that God will give them His own wisdom, simply because they nagged Him for it, if for no other reason. Lu 11:8;18:2-8; Jam 1:5. The worst part about it is that, you don't actually have to know God to earn a certificate that serves as evidence that you know about God. You can get a certificate off of the internet from a course that was designed by a minister, you may never know, teaching you about a God you don't have to know in order to earn the certificate. Anyone would rather you meet them before you go around trying to tell people about them: How much more must God want to be known by those who have a certificates concerning Him, but do not know Him? The kingdom of God is not a religious course. . The Kingdom Is True And Living Power. Always obey the epistle's in the new testament, Our teacher should be Apostle Paul, Apostle Peter, Apostle James, John & Jude
  • Patricia Novello - in Reply on Ephesians 2
    Sacha, thank you very, very much for taking your time to pray for me and encourage me. I printed it so I will read it everyday. It's that I know Jesus has healed me because by His stripes we are healed. It's the matter of the manifestation, a miracle. People will not believe of God's power in supernatural miracles if I look the same. Thank you very much and God bless you everyday.
  • S Spencer on Genesis 4
    We often get questions on whether Jesus could have committed sin, some believe he had a sin nature but was just obedient, and all we have to be obedient and trust in Christ and we shall be saved, ( In that order, SANCTIFICATION AND THEN SALVATION AFTER THAT. ) They don't view the ten commandments as our schoolmaster to show us our short comings, and a need for a savior but rather they're instructions to salvation. But how can they be instructions for salvation if they were impossible to keep being we have this cursed sin nature? If you can keep all the commandments why is there a need to be born again? If we are not born with a sin nature why are we baptized in Jesus death? Did Jesus struggle to resist sin as we do? Better yet did struggle with doing the right thing as we do? ""NO"". If we go to hell it will be because we didn't believe in he who was promised to come 430 years before the commandments, because we was transgressors before the commandments, and when the commandments came we died because we became sin. Jesus came to take the PENALTY of sin "which is death" off us and placing it on himself and defeating death when he rose from the dead! so if we was baptized in his death we should walk in newness of life by his resurrection, So sanctification comes after salvation. Man isn't a sinner because he committed a sin, Man commits sin because he is a sinner. ( EXAMPLE) You take a man biting dog and tie him up. he's now unable to bite is he still a man biting dog? The ability of man able to sin makes him imperfect and unholy apart from Jesus Christ. So if you want to be judged by your achievements you're still in bondage, if you trust in Christ you are freed. Thank you.
  • Sacha - in Reply on Ephesians 2
    You are so right ,God and Jesus are always with us ,they will not ever leave us ,we are never alone ,the more we lean on them the more they support us ,may God bless you and keep you safe and happy and healthy and very close to Him .
  • Dr David Ward - in Reply on Isaiah 14:12
    I would get a 1978 New American Standard. I know it was much better. I have a Doctorate in Theology and worked almost a year getting the Bible in Modern English because so many young people I meet could not understand the KJV since what preachers are doing is using Dante's Inferno for its view of Hell instead of searching the scriptures to see that Hell does not exist in Hebrew, Aramaic, or Latin. It is a German and Old English word meaning a hidden place.
  • Denise on Isaiah 6:2
    An angel came to me as a child! Called my name twice as if he was standing right next to me! I was 5 then and now 57. Jesus Christ has always been before time itself! All shall give Him the honor, glory, praise, for there is no other name on earth or heaven then Jesus Christ, for He made all things possible in this life and for the eternal life that I hope I am worthy of only by His will will I be with Him forever!!! Every knee shall bow at His second coming and remember Jesus Christ will come, with His Holy Angels!! Our hearts shall rejoice with for all eternity!!!!! Selah!!!
  • Ebemba bitangacha on 3 John 1
    I love this kingjamesbibleonline
  • Wendy Reynolds on Matthew 19:14
    I think this is how we should come to God as little children, guileless, seeking nothing only wanting to love the savior.
  • Emma anthony on John 1
    i love listening to the blble
  • Opeyemi Elegbeleye on Psalms 91
    Great is our God. Thanks for making this platform available.....cheers

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