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  • Jcvr4life on James 4
    I understand that we are on borrowed time. Our life is not our own. Oftimes we say, "my time is precious " well it is not just a clich , the hour is at hand, and we know not when that precious time has reached its course. Fact is, its GODS time, and it is to be treated as if it were our last moment.Savour the WORD, BE ready when HE comes, treat those you love and come into contact with as if it were your last time ever seeing them, love on them, pray for them. Thanks be to GOD, Amen!
  • Onealsha on Isaiah 10
    Bless you lord and I will always praise you and all of your wonderful work you do and thank you for waken me everday I love you lord in jesus name amen
  • Patrick Edward-Ejus on Jeremiah 32:27
    Even at the darkest and most difficult times of life situations, never be discourage.He will always show up in every situation. Be strong.
  • MockingBird on 1 John 4:12
    No man can look on the face of God But we can have fellowship with God our Father He sent us the Comforter Holy Ghost to dwell within us. If we Love our brothers and sisters in the Lord then we Love God. So how can we not love one another because God is in all of us that are born again. Praise God !!!!
  • Clearisse on Psalms 37
    I love it. It bring peace over me, ever time i read it.
  • Lipholo N Masitha on Revelation 22:16
    Jesus christ is the way of our life if you have him in you,you a bright creature you shine like a star
  • Mfreke on Mark 5
    It is amazing the power and love of God towards us all. Knowing that whatever we desire according to HIS will and with faith, we can receive them.
  • EMETO FRANKLIN on John 2
    John 2 1 5 mary knew that JESUS was capable making provision for another wine that was why she told the servants "whatever he saith unto you do it, and HE that is not associated with impossibility eventually did it.
  • Donna on 1 Peter 2
    I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Glad he saved me.
  • Marie on Deuteronomy 31:6
    Every comment I read was Right On Point, and strengthend me even more! This has always been a favorite scripture for me. It has brought me strength and deliverance many times. I have nothing to fear. I put God first in my life, and he won 't forsake me. WHAT LOVE THE FATHER HAS FOR ME!
  • Cummings on Psalms 91
    I have been reading Psalms 91 for years and always have found it to be everything I need. I dwell in the secret place of the most high and he is my refuge and fortress everyday. My protector. I have my license plate withe this scripture as my tag number and have to pay more for having it but it has more than paid for itself. oh blessn his holy name!!
  • Chimezie egbuchulam on Psalms 23
    Psalms 23 is one of the prayer point my father uses for a daily prayer, and it helps my family alot, thank you lord! GOD please help my family to become rich becouse we are very poor in financial, in Jesus name amen friend please help in prayer about this condition thanks!
  • Rev. Autrey on John 1:2
    John 1, verses 1 and 2 read, 'Before anything else existed, there was Christ, with God. He has always been alive and is himself God. ' The key words here are 'He is himself God. ' This is the greatest proof one can have that Jesus is God. And it agrees completely with what Thomas said about Jesus in John 20, verse 28. Thomas called Jesus 'My Lord and my God. ' Then in Matthew 28, verse 9, we see the disciples worshiping Jesus as God. All of this agrees with what we read in Isaiah 35, verse 4, 'Say to those who are afraid, 'Be strong, and do not fear, for your God is coming to destroy your enemies. He is coming to save you. ' And as everyone knows, Jesus is our Savior. Please Christians! Let 's look at our Savior in the light of what is plainly revealed in the Scriptures. Isn 't the Church called the Bride of Christ? This means that Jesus is our Husband. Then, what bride would refuse to talk to our husband in prayer. This is exactly what we are doing if we refuse to pray to Jesus as God. To put it plainly, what bride would talk to her Father in law, Father God, instead of her husband, Jesus. See what a problem this is. The answer is, God has more than one personality. The Father, then, is the way God makes his decisions. The Holy Spirit is the way God inspires us to believe in what he is doing. But in all cases, Jesus is the way God speaks to us and saves us. God bless you!
  • Jude K on Ephesians 1:3
    Knowing Very Wel That The Un Seen Things Are More Real Than The Seen, This Means That God Has Blessed Us To The Extent We Can 't Explain. This Is An Assurence To Any Person In Christ That They Have Even The Unseen Life. Jude
  • Lorraine on Matthew 4
    It is one of the most awesome andinspiring chapters in the bible. In Matthew chapter 4 we hear how Jesus dealt with the devil. When I am tempted by the devil I have always recited the verse that Jesus told him "man shalt not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of GOD. Every single time I say Jesus ' own words the devil immediately leaves me. Try it. I guarantee you will experience the same thing. As I write my thoughts here, GOD put it on my mind that I should ask Him to send angels to comfort me after the devil has left. I received an email from a doctor who says that the cure for disease is found in this chapter. I really believe that is true. We know that JESUS was fasting. I think it is the fasting that eliminates disease from the body. God gave me this revelation as I write this. I thank and praise Him for it. He has also told me to ask Him to send angels to minister unto me when I recite the verse. I hope that whoever reads this is blessed by these words.
  • Quite an inspiring verse, that requires faith like a mastard seed to reap the fruits.
  • Dharam on 2 Timothy 2:19
    There is no place for hypocrisy in the Body of Christ. Only genuine believers can really make an impact in the Body of Christ. If we dont live by the Word of God we will en up deceiving ourselves.
  • Carmel on Psalms 75
    Verse 6 Look not unto man for promotion not from the east nor the west but look to God from whence cometh your help, whatever man give or do is just for a while but when God set you on high it is permanent .
  • Lonestarpitbull on Proverbs 31
    mothers womenI 'll need to read this word it teaches us love honor and respect how to protect your familynot a perfect woman but a virtuous woman
  • Dorothy Chase on Isaiah 40:31
    Waiting means you are not in control...must wait..no matter how long...for God 's timing.
  • Brelan-fayette :Knighten on Psalms 127:9
    I was so well comforted by these words, that I put a tune to it, and I sing it almost daily.
  • AMOS on Isaiah 7:7
    God has good plans over our lives
  • Dharam on Acts 4:12
    Jesus is the only name that we can call on to be saved. No other name or no work that we can do can obtain salvation for us.
  • Beneditte Idiagbonya on John 2
    This is awesome Jesus first miracle his mother was present, She knows her son 's ability, who he is and what he can do. Glory to God. I pray that we as parent know in depth about our children. His disciples believed on him. Awesome.
  • Suzie Namaliu on Isaiah 1:19
    If you obey God 's word, you shall received God 's Blessing, either physically or spiritually
  • Sweet and lovely mommap on 1 Timothy 3
    The comments are all directed to people stating what someone else should be. Let a man examine himself. The scriptures tell me the requirements for ministry as a Deacon and a Bishop. Which neither I can be, because I 'll never have a wife, I 'm a woman. So my comment is, I 'll try to live by the requirements even though I can 't be one. Thank you Lord Jesus for instructions.
  • Shylet on Ephesians 2
    I am grateful for the grace bestowed upon me and others to receive salvation by grace through faith. Thank you Jesus Christ my Lord
  • Keron on Matthew 1
    That y we afto serv the lord...look what he as down for ous....he want to save ous from our sin
  • Maegaret Polimis on Psalms 80
    We have hope in God no matter what we experience.
  • Mockingbird on Hebrews 12:2
    I agree with Vernon My focus should be on Jesus and on the finishing line. This is a race and I am a winner !! I will look unto Jesus I have been through shame and suffering in this life But not like Jesus. I will never have to face what He did so I should have no complaints !!!!! Even though the things I face I will face them with Joy for the Joy of the Lord is my strength. I will soon be sitting down with my Lord and Saviour. The joy is set before me . JESUS !!! What I acquire with my Lord in this short life is what I want to have in heaven for eternity !!!!

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