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  • Akinolu smart on Psalms 27
    the psalm has given me a courage nd mak me feel that truly, God 's liveth, nd i hav trust in him, nd accept him,nd promised to serve him wit all my heart nd my entire family,cuz the LORD is good all the time.
  • Akinolu smart on Psalms 27
    the psalm has given me a courage nd mak me feel that truly, God 's liveth, nd i hav trust in him, nd accept him,nd promised to serve him wit all my heart nd my entire family,cuz the LORD is good all the time.
  • Thomas J Nesbitt on Mark 5
    When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment.God is move by your faith. when you hear of the goodness of Jesus we need to press our way. I 'm heal from from drugs, cheating, fear,religion and foreign gods. I now serve a true and living God through Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. AMEN
  • Claude Mouteng on Psalms 1
    Blessed is the man that walk on the way laid by Jesus Christ, who knows the commandment of the law of God and abide in it. He will be strong as he will be rooted on the rock which is Jesus, he will be continually nourished through the holly spirit and the fruit of the spirit will be available to him anytime, love long suffering endurance diligence dedication compassion... and who ever is in need of this fruit could get it from this tree strong tree as he will not be barren, he will not be destroy for lack of fruitfulness.
  • Ginjin on James 1
    I have been going thru health issues and began reading james, and it speaks so clearly in verse 2.just want I needed to hear. Praise God for his clarity to my heart.
  • Tim George on Psalms 127:6
    Yea thou shall see thy children 's children, and peace be upon Zion for those that fear Jehovah.The Lord will bless your home, and your wife will be a fruitful vine. So thank God for the Christian home, for it is a heritage of the Lord.
  • Sonia beasley on Psalms 35
    It has been such a comfort to me to god be the glory it 's my strengthener
  • Moses Njenga on Psalms 1:3
    We are called, nourished by His water of Word, then empowered to be fruitful.
  • Akinyele Olanipekun on Ephesians 5:16
    Redeeming the time means to be LOYAL to the ONE who own the time. What did you used your time for? How did you spent your time? What is controling your time? What is the purpose IN and OF your time? What are the GOALS and TARGET in your time. Everybody on earth have 24 hours to his or her self, OBAMA have 24h, I have 24h, you also have 24h to your self. Our diffirent in success in life is what we do with our life, how we do and use our time. Our success in christianity and the HOPE of making HEAVEN is what we use our time and life for. Here is my final conclution Fear God and obey his commandment, for this is the entire duty of man. For God will judge us for everything we do with time we spent on earth, including every hidden things good or bad.
  • Blessed on John 15
    Abide in JESUS
  • Lisa on Isaiah 41:10
    There has never been a time in my life that Our Heavenly Father has failed me. Never!!! To those that feel all hope is lost remember what precious Jesus told us.... "Iam the Way, the Truth and the Life. "JOHN 14 6 "
  • D on Psalms 121
    Whenever I feel overwelmed by the storms of this life.I read this psalm.It really helps me to hold on to the Savior that never let go. He is our present help in trouble times. My GOD is so faithful.
  • William Boakye on Exodus 14:14
    The Lord will surely fight for us because he never fails so we should trust in only him
  • Shyrl Scroggins on Galatians 6
    We are currently studying the book of Galatians in our Wednesday Bible study. My faith has been increased and I 've learned that we cannot live under the law, we have to accept what Jesus has done for us, he has done the COMPLETE work! and unless and until we believe there is nothing we can do for own salvation, we will forever be walking in blindness!! We like to sum each study with the phrase and what we truly believe, JUST JESUS!!! Amen
  • Patricia on Matthew 4
    Jesus heals and he is the Son of God in whom all things are possible by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • MockingBird on Joshua 24:15
    Every morning I wake up I make the decision to serve God. I choose Jesus. At first I didn 't because Jesus chose me first then after I accepted His calling I started choosing Him. Sometimes the road is rocky but my Lord didn 't promise me a hammock to rest in. There is no other god like The God of heaven and earth. Jesus I choose you. I choose to live the abundant life.
  • Mary Harris on John 6:35
    This statement to me means that whatever your problems or situation is Jesus is there for you if you believe. Jesus never leave us it is the other way around, we forget him. He is there all the time today and forever.
  • Bonita helm on Revelation 3:20
    This song that sing ..im chasing after you no matter what I have to do cause I need you more and more. ...more and more. ..more and more...ok, the scripture said behold in Revelation 3 20 said. Behold I stand at the door and Knock. Jesus is knocking on the door of our hearts every time we sense we should turn to Him. Jesus wants to have fellowship us, and He wants us to open up to Him not breaking and entering, but knocking. He allows us to decide whether or not to open our lives to Him. Back to the song im chasing after you no matter what i have to do cause I need you more and more... to me you are cchasing God and He 's running from you, and the scripture let you kn all u have to do is open your heart and let Him in, He 's not going to run from you He wants to have fellowship with us
  • Toni on Joshua 24:15
    God sets before us two ways life or death blessing or cursing. He tells us to choose this day. Deuteronomy 30 19 . Every person must decide what they will do with Jesus. There is no riding the fence. Either we will accept God 's free gift to the world and follow Jesus, which means giving up the world and its idols, but gaining spiritual freedom and life eternal. Or, we will reject that chief Cornerstone and continue in sin and worldly pleasures that will lead to damnation eternally. But one way or the other, every man, woman and child, must choose the path they will take on this journey of life. Like Joshua said, as for me and my house, I will serve the Lord. It 's good to serve the Lord. It 's peace. It 's joy. It 's truth. It 's light. It 's health. And it 's life. What will you decide?
  • MockingBird on Matthew 28:19
    My understanding of this scripture is that I are to go and teach wherever I am at that what God has taught me and the babtism is In the name fo the Father Jesus Son Jesus Holy Ghost Jesus All three is Jesus I believe that wether a person is babtised in the name of the Father ,Son , Holy Ghost Jesus name is one and the same. I am still babtised. God Bless.
  • Olabode on Hebrews 4:12
    The Heb.4 12 tells that, the word of God is quick and powerful, meaning that, the word of God can be used to address any situation. For example physical,spiritual, mental, psychological, physiological, financial, intellectual, emotional etc. We can also use it to address the situation in the past, present and in the future.
  • Pastor Nicholas on 1 Kings 18
    I am much inspired by the comment many has made for 1 Kings chapter 18
  • Anthony on Philippians 4:19
    This implies that the more glory we give unto God, the more blessings He gives in return. Therefore be ceaseless glorifying our father in heaven and you shall be blessed more abundantly.
  • Jacob O. David on Ecclesiastes 2:14
    I love to always read the Bible even at my work at my lecture time, everything 's about human is in the Bible. Lord, I ready want to know you through please give that zest to per sue deep into your words within the Bible.
  • Toni on Exodus 33:22
    The Lord Himself will deal personally with those who love and honor Him. How do we do this? By coming out of the world and calling on the name of Jesus. The glory of the Lord will be upon those who fear Him. Jesus is that Rock. We are protected and hidden in Him. He will cover us and keep us safe and secure.
  • Moses Njenga on Galatians 5:13
    I am called to liberty since I am raised and seated in heavenly places in CHRIST JESUS, I shall not give in to the lust of the eye and flesh or pride of life, for I serve a higher law which empowers me to serve the body of CHRIST.
  • Mary Brown on Revelation 1
    Sometimes i think that i 'm scared of God because I know that he is the creator of this world. Heaven and Hell belong to him. I want a more personal relationship with God because I thought that I could take care of this addiction on my own but I can 't. I can see that he is the only one that will take me thru this problem. I hope that God knows that i love him very much and I don 't want to go to hell and burn. So I have made up my mind to serve him to the fullest of my abilities. I would like for him to help me get my life back together so that I can go to church but i can 't if i don 't have all the tools i need. I truly appreciate that he gave me the right mind to seek help for my problem but for several days i have heard a little voice that said that June 1, 2014 everything will work in my favor. I have faith that God doesn 't lie but man does. This is why I 'm rededicating my life to God tonight. I love the Lord because he always hears my cry. Thank You for loving me because i forgot to love myself. Amen
  • Toni on Psalms 9:10
    "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me. " John 10 20. Those who spend time in prayer daily and call on the name of Jesus sincerely, they know without a shadow of a doubt, that He is real. If we truly know Him, then we know in whom our help comes from and that is from the Lord God above. When we seek His face with our whole heart, God will reveal Himself to us. It 's through this daily fellowship, that the people of God are made assure that no matter what trials we face, God will be with us and bring us through with a mighty hand. This is only for those who seek after Christ and not the world. To those people, God will never leave them abandoned, stranded nor neglected.
  • Cpryce on Psalms 42
    This chapter means so much to me,I an feeling so down and the holy spirit just reminded me of this chapter and i am encouraged. I just love the Lord...he is the best friend and comforter i know, Bless his Holy name, he is indeed worthy of all the honour, glory and praise!
  • MockingBird on Isaiah 60:1
    When I arise from being in the presence of the Lord God I will shine God 's people should have a glow about them. God is Light and when I walk in His light I see light and His glory is risen upon me. God Is So GOOOOOOOD !!!!!!

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