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  • MockingBird on John 16:33
    In Jesus His word I find peace . Peace is an undisturbed being . Although from time to time I face disturbing situations conditions I can always find rest and contentment in my Lord Jesus Christ. I am in the world but I am not of the world. God called me out of the world . I am in His kingdom now. Although I am in this world I face tribulation at times When I go through those times I find peace in Jesus. Jesus said I have overcome the world. and to be of good cheer.
  • Terry Porter on John 14
    it is perhaps one of my most favorite, meaningful, comforting, and loving chapters in the Holy Bible. When my heart is troubled I return to this chapter and feel the love of God through Christ 's promise of the Holy Comforter. I am going through a troubled time presently so I spent the morning with this chapter in deep thought and prayer.
  • Christy victor on Matthew 25:15
    God made us different so that we may play different roles on earth. His grace is incomprehensible.
  • Cathy-Ann on Psalms 35
    I have been going through tough times at my work place and this psalm gives me courage and confidence knowing i 'm not alone, that the Good Lord is with me, He 's taking care of me and will never forsake me in my time of need people can be so cruel but He 's seeing me through my struggles and i have all confidence in Him knowing i 'm coming out victorious.
  • MockingBird on Romans 5:1
    I am justified by the measure of faith that was imparted to me from God my Father. It is up to me to have growing faith. I thank God that through Jesus Christ I have been justified and therefore I have peace with God. Praise God for His many Blessings. Happy is the man that trusteth in the Lord.
  • Moses Njenga on Matthew 7:12
    Whatever you do to people will eventually come back to you, sow love, mercy, compassion etc. and GOD in HIS faithfullness will see that you won 't lack all that. That has been the message from the beginning
  • MockingBird on Matthew 7:12
    How I want to be treated is how I should treat others . I am not to expect from those to return the same unto me . God will repay me in the way that He sees fit. I will get a return but not as I think I should get the return for the good I do. Now if I want to be treated in a bad way all I have to do is treat others in a bad way. I most assuredly will get a return on that also . God will return to me all that I dish out !!! I am to Love others as I want to be loved and I love me very much to be honest !!!
  • GITTA DENIS on Psalms 4
    God 's faithfulness that even though we fall away from His divine grace, He still stretches out His hand to reach us, ohh how I love you Jesus
  • Arthur Carroll on Matthew 10:33
    God looks on the heart. If I was given the chose of dying or living I would deny my faith in my head but not in my heart,why,because my work here on earth is not finished. I still have 500 souls to assist in salvation, and I still have 700 saints to assist in receiving the power of God with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.
  • Lilieth Wilson lo on Psalms 26
    GOD IS GOD and HIS justice will always prevail just trust in HIM . AMEN
  • Tabby Nyambura on 2 Samuel 9
    My future is greater than my current situation.
  • Loveness on Psalms 118:17
    this scripure lifts up my soul when things are tough and when things are hard
  • KB on Psalms 23:5
    Worried about promotion, bonuses? God is the one that provides in good times and bad times. Stand steadfast in trying times, cause God provides.
  • KB on Psalms 23:2
    God will make a way for us. There is nothing to worry about. Facing trial and tribulations? Have God as your shepherd. Let Him into your heart!
  • KB on Psalms 23:1
    Free all your unhappy thoughts. Free all your regrets! It is sufficient for the Lord to watch over us and in this, there is nothing else we really need. God provides and He gives. Everything is throught the grace of God.
  • Tim George on 1 Corinthians 6
    Michael you can know you are saved by placing all you faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross for your sins. Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead. Then you will be a new creation, the old is past, and all things become new. Now your bitterness, and not forgiving others will be past away. Study Ephesians 4 31,32 and you will see how to let your past be your past, and move on to new life with your Lord and Savior.
  • No matter what we are going through God will not leave us alone. God is faithful and will surely deliver us from whatever it is.
  • Blessed on 1 Corinthians 10
    verse17 we are all of the same GOD. FOLLOW THE ONLY WISE GOD
  • Tona Branch on Matthew 2
    As it was in the bible days so it shall be with us for a time such as this. In other words, we should be modern day wise men. We should always search for Him in every aspect of our lives just as the wise men did. As the bible stated, when the wise men found the place where the baby Jesus was, they came into the house....in other words, they entered into His presence. Oh, glory to God, we have to enter into His presence, for the word says In His presence is fullness of joy and at His right hand is pleasures ever more. You see, in His presence, we allow Him to love on us an us on Him. It 's that place of intimacy. Then the bible tells us that they bowed down and worshiped Him. Yes, you 've guessed it, we are to worship Him and Him only for He is truly worthy!
  • Sis.SAC/,coTMH on Psalms 19:14
    Let my words speak softly,earnestly, true,not just anything,anyway,but let my spirit be enter twined with yours,and my heart kept in peace, when that "still small voice speaks,your humble servant will shall be satisfied, "in Jesus Christ !!!
  • Michael on John 15
    I am old and ha I am old and could have lived a better and less selfish life.What I have read here has filled me with remorse when I think of all the good people I have known and the lessons wasted on me. I see the truth now and am deeply ashamed,and hope the world will see the truth also.God bless.
  • Cliff on Acts 9:39
    hi people of GOD my comment here is as we live this life what type of life are we living because Dorcas was a very good woman that why people was crying for her please child of GOD as we live let us not just live for nothing but to a life of remembrance to the glory of God
  • MockingBird on John 10:10
    The thief is the devil Back in the garden the thief came in God started to make provision for man then Jesus came to give us life and that more abundantly. Everything that the devil stole from me you we can get back through Jesus Christ. That goes with a life of prayer and reading and church attendance and obeying and submitting to God. We have a job set before us. The way is strait and narrow. Few there be that find it. The way to destruction is wide and well traveled and many there be that go in there at. The way if our Lord is not easy But very ,very rewarding !!!! Life and that more abundantly !!!
  • Excellentbeauty357@gmail.com on John 1:50
    if u believe Yahweh for little things you open yourself for great things.
  • Blessed on John 10
  • Pamella Madze on Psalms 1
    This Psalms simply tell us if we are like the tree that is planted by the river , and we also planted to God, what ever we do shall prosper
  • Virginia on Psalms 37:25
    I am a walking testimony for this n many more.Choose to trust n wait upon God as you walk in His ways.who or what God will use to bail you out should not bother you.He provided money that i desperately needed through a stranger,He did it for me,He will do it for you!!!!!
  • Egwim David M.J. on Psalms 84:11
    No one who lives uprightly will leave this life regretting.
  • MockingBird on Matthew 11:29
    The yoke of God is God 's best for me. When I take His yoke upon me I do find rest for my soul. To my understanding there is sometimes two beasts of cattle with a yoke on them to do the job that the farmer has to do . One beast cannot do it without the other. God does not call us in His service to do His work alone. He is there along beside us to help. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. It is a Joy to serve the Lord. Praise God !!!!
  • Olabode on Matthew 11:29
    In literal sense, the word Yoke means a bar of wood, so constructed as to unite two animals usually oxen , enabling them to work in the fields, drawing loads, pulling instruments used for farming. Figuratively, It is a symbol of Slavery 1 Tim 6 1 Servant hood Leviticus 26 13 I broke the bars of your yoke and enabled you to walk with heads held high. Also Jeremiah 27 8 12 Submission, Forced Subjection Burden, Load Christ Jesus has set us free from the yoke of bondage through the law. Jesus took upon himself the yoke of Law and fulfilled it. Therefore, through him, we can be set free from the yoke of sin and death. What a wonderful picture, Jesus is giving to those who are exhausted, weary and burdened from carrying the load by themselves! What a comfort, peace, joy and rest it is to know that Jesus is right with us, walking with us, teaching us and strengthening us side by side! We may be under the yoke of sin, oppression, guilt, failures, anxieties 1 Pet 5 7 , or worries. Jesus has set us free from the yoke, we just need to COME to him and cast our heavy burden on him. And he will give the rest for our souls.

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