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  • GITTA DENIS on Psalms 66
    God is sovereign and mighty, faithful to His Word
  • CLOVER MEADE on Psalms 91
    that no weapon formed against me shall prosper .... i am covered in the blood of JESUS AND IM HIGHLY FAFORED
  • Doreen Steele on John 3:16
    I think that John3 16 is the love verse of the Bible. It defines the greatest love of all that God has for mankind. He gave His only Son who knew no sin and became sin for us. Those who believe and receive Him as Lord and Saviour of their lives will be free from sin and condemnation.
  • MockingBird on Matthew 17:20
    We are given a measure of faith at birth It is my responsibility to grow in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ. I can only do that by being in His word daily. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. That grain of mustard seed is equipped to grow. my prayer is that I do not stay a baby Christian I have been with the Lord 35 years and I have made many mistakes and had many victories !!!! God has brought me a long way . I Praise God for His patience and longsuffering He has showed toward me for His names sake. I Love Him more than I did from the first !!!!
  • Donald O. Driver on Psalms 4
    We must look to Lord God the Father our Creator in heaven to supply all our needs and to wait patiently for them
  • Tishan moore on Psalms 5
    Good morning everyone beautiful morning to praise da lord. I wonder if everyone get up this morning with joy in their hearts and read a few chapter from this book.It is great when you are interested in this category and you shout out for help from the Lord. He. Here everything we say. Lord if you reading this email just know that I love you. With out you I don 't know where would I be this morning. Prayer keep me going through the ruffes. Times. That 's why I say. Eat drink and laugh and have fun. In jesus name. Amen
  • Bisi on 2 Kings 4
    Wooh! I got an answer to my prayers, I needed divine wisdom for my graduate program and God just confirmed to me that all things is possible for me, praise The Lord. Just as the woman open her door to Elisha and he went in and blessed her, so will Jesus bless you if you open the door of your heart for Him as He stands knocking at your door, give Him a chance and you will be glad you did, He will save and bless you.
  • Okuwa uchendu on Philippians 4
    Bein able to rejoice in all circumstances, trusting gods words always is the key.it gives me joy eternal.
  • Tishan moore on Psalms 30
    Good morning this psalms got a hold of me most time you went to sleep you don 't know what going to happen sometime you went to sleep crying but in da morning you wake up with a smile on your face. So I 'm just saying remember to pray. Read a psalms. Keep your day bright. I love da lord he kept me going through my fears I 'm not going to give up. The anchors hold for da ship less battle amen amen
  • MockingBird on Romans 8:39
    The Love of God is a mighty strong hold !! Nothing shall be able to sever the love of God to me and for me. I can depend on that. Why ? Because God said it and that settles it and I believe His word . I cannot ask for anything better !!!!
  • Friday A. on Exodus 14:14
    Our God indeed is great,only if we can have but a little faith the He will level our mountains.
  • Olabode on Romans 8:39
    The word height is this verse means 'high level of success or achievement '. While depth means how serious a situation is. This particular verse tells us that no mather what we are passing through in this life is temporal. For example, Jesus said, in the world, we are going to face tribulations, persecutions, trials,etc. he completed it by saying, we should be of good cheer that he has overcome the world John 16 33 . So if we are going through one problem or the other, we should not let it to separate us from the love of Christ that is, we should hold on with our faith, for he is just and faithful that promise us, he will not let us down, he will see us through.
  • Ronald g Morris on Ezekiel 16:6
    This scripture works Ezekiel 16 6 I had gallbaddler surgery the old fashion way I was cut about 12Inchs down my side the doctor put staples in to close my side but they didn 't do there job I suffered for several days with my side bleeding . And God reminded me of this scripture Ezekiel 16 6 And thank god it worked. Only Belive.
  • John on Proverbs 3:5
    I do not have any problems that GOD can not take care of. Thank you JESUS.
  • Luvenia Rouseau on 1 Corinthians 2
    I 'm striving to live right and please God everyday of my life because I want to spend etermal life with him and I 'm so excited to see what he has prepared for me.
  • Curtis Little on Psalms 26
    I am thankful and grateful God is so great and cares so much for us and about us.I was raised in church and taught right,Love hard work dedication are the way.In highschool peer pressure a need to feel connected trying to fit in I lost some of the light and dabbled in darkness.I am sorry and ashamed of this choice,now having made it to age 55 by the grace of God I am healing and choose to return to God.I know now I belong to him.I am proud and have abundance because he and I are closer now than ever before.Only through him are truly happy and sound,healthy and what he expects is for us to trust daily living for him our family other Christians spreading his joy.He is the truth the light and the way.Awesome!
  • Stephen F. Zielski on Ezekiel 9:11
    Christ Yeshua....the Hope of Glory. Shalom.
  • Dexter McM's on Psalms 37
    Hi I am so glad to have an the chance to say my feeling 's I think Psalms 37 is one of the greater encouraging chapters ever. Like wise I've been going thru but GOD said he is more than the whole world against you.
  • Antoinette Hawkinsa on Mark 10:52
    This is very uplifting to me to know that JESUS is truly a healer, my father has acute leaukima i pray and ask JESUS to heal our father if Its JESUS WILL i will still praise HIM and seek JESUS from now until ETERNITY!!!!!!
  • Brianna on Deuteronomy 5:29
    Have truer words ever been spoken? BY doing things Jehovah 's way, by obeying the Bible, I can truly say that my life is relatively free from problems. By obeying the counsel of abstaining from unclean things, I am not plagued with the problems of alcohol, drugs, or other unclean habits. By obeying the counsel on fornication and adultery, I have not dealt with unwanted pregnancies, or the hardships of being a single parent, or even the heartbreak of courtship with someone who does not live by Bible Standards. The bible truly can help you to have a satisfying life, just as it has helped me.
  • Remi Okeke on Isaiah 10:27
    we are reminded here that anointing is all that it requires for one to be free from that problem.That as we move from one prayer house to another, we should be praying for anointing.Once it falls on us, salvation follows, deliverance follows, breakthrough follows, prosperity, power,good health, every good gift becomes our portion
  • Fineman Ndimele on John 3
    John Chapter 3 is a great Chapter for me. In it I have seen the love of God revealled. The Holy Spirit has given me the understanding that what Jesus brought to us is the new life. Any one who believes in Him will have it. I believe that Jesus is the son of God. He died for my sins and was raised for my justification. I gave my life to Him to be my saviour, and I confessed Him as my Lord. Now He gave me a new life from heaven. No condemnation for me as a child of God. The broken fellowship in the garden of Eden has been restored. God is my Father, I am His Child. The Holy Spirit is living comfortably in me, teaching and comforting me. Thank You Jesus.
  • Khali on Mark 11:23
    I am using this verse for Jesus to set me free from smoking ans nicotine addidction,so far so good. i find it very reasuring and elevating as i continue to confess this verse out loud, everywhere i go especially when I have to endure a spell of cravings.
  • Audrey on Psalms 35
    It gives me a sense of hope and great belief and faith that no matter what evil force may try to block me, I will fear NO evil because my Heavenly Father got this!!!
  • Anonymous on Psalms 46:10
    respond for nelly I myself was bless with a larger and expenses home but God did abundantly and exceedly all that I could ask for didn 't know how I was going to pay for it .I started a business in the home that God spoke to me his word did not returned void but it accomplished what he send it out todo so if he say be still and know that he is God.do so because he is able to do it God bless u
  • Brian on Revelation 1:9
    The Bible clearly states that John Was on the isle of Patmos. John was separated from all, giving him time with the Lord alone. We know that Christ went into the heaven being seen by the apostales, so Jesus could send us His spirit. The same spirit that revealed Revelations to John.
  • Geraldine cole on Proverbs 2
    What I understand is that if we want to be. lead my God he will lead us and help us with what we need help with .it is up to each person to work out their own soul salvation u got To want God and what he has for U.
  • Chris on Isaiah 41:10
    During a time of great discouragement from my circumstances a friend saw this verse on a truck while driving . I know God wanted me to remember He is Sovereign and Almighty. If God be for us who can be against us ? We have Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. He is enough , today and forever. Hallelujah !
  • Judith simmons on Psalms 18
    Psalms 18 will see you thru whatever you are going. HE IS OUR ROCK DELIVERER I hear people say this one or that one is their rock. what happens when that person disappoints or dies, that 's all you have left, but JESUS is our Rock that has risen can never disappoint anyone ever.
  • Christianna taper on Proverbs 14
    Its always good to hear the word of God and it always encourages you to want and do better in your life.

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