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  • Jo Smith on Matthew 11:28
    How I wasted many years trying to do for my own life..Trying to stay above lifes never ending struggles that nearly drowned me...When ALL I had to do was just call on my Jesus to help me ! What glorious peace I have, I have now that He saved me from myself.Amen !
  • Billy on Exodus 1
    If God be for you.who can be against you. Gods children will prevail.
  • Esther Chulu on Matthew 5
    This chapter has taught me, how to be faithful to God and one another.Thank you so much.
  • Eaglesrock on Luke 15
    The prodigal Son This is a beautiful picture of our Heavenly Father and how He forgives. He says I am not worthy to be called your son. 1st its the Father running to him. 2nd The son says make me one of your hired servants, The Father cuts Him of from saying anymore. Says quick bring the best robe, it was a robe of a prince. The older son even though he was living with his Father was also acting like a hired servant. The Father said "All that I have is yours " The older son never ask The Father for anything, he was acting like one of the hired servants. We are not servants of God we are Sons and Daughters of God. Lets start acting like His sons and not His servants. "As many as receive Him gave them power to become the sons of God " "Forget not His benefits " There are benefits for the children of God. Just don 't be satisfied just being a christian. He is EL Shadi the God who is more than enough, the one who multiplies. He is healer, deliverer, provider, peace, joy, righteousness, and forgiver of all our sins.
  • D.L. Cote on Psalms 23
    "thou anointest my head with oil, my cuppe runneth over. " Imagine, for a moment, what it is like to have God anoint your head with oil? Amen!
  • Roslyn on Philemon 1
    Thank you Jesus for your Love, Grace and Mercy for us.
  • Vindetta on Psalms 23
    This verse is very special to me because not only was it one of my MOTHER 'S favorite 's but it is also one of mine because it give me such comfort and knowing that God is with me all the days of my life and I trust and believe that...
  • Cindy robbins on James 1
    i love the bible its a really good lesson we should all know.
  • Annette on Psalms 91
    I love Psalms 91 it let me know that my angels. are watching over me and the Lord. Have me under his wings. God bless all of you that read this. g
  • Sindile on Isaiah 6:8
    We must be available for the work of God.we must submit ourselves entirely to God ' s service
  • Tonia on Psalms 103
    This psalm is one of my favourite. 'He has not Dealt with us after our sins nor according to our iniquity.Bless the lord oh my soul '
  • Rob Waddell on Matthew 4
    It gives me chills every time I read "it is written " and "get the hence " Jesus had authority over Satan, not as a son of God, but because Jesus is God! They are one! Jesus was sent to this earth by immaculate conception, in the form and as being born from a woman, but he was in heaven before he was born of Mary, because he is of the Trinity! He had dominion over satan!
  • Sylvie morgan on Genesis 7
    I really found this scripture intresting things that I did not know I know now thanks be to God
  • ERICK on Isaiah 8:10
    Those that put their trust in God , will never be subdue to any evil plan,, and the wicked are given free mouth to talk.. But when they talk it shall not stand for God can never fall his people!!
  • Jac on James 1
    God works with each one of us to the way needed to be. We r made unique and he knows us, individually. We r to be hungry for him in order for God to work in us. We will fallings but God is always there to pick us up an continue carrying us.
  • Kiirya Joseph on 1 Samuel 1:12
    she prayed until Eli also new that she was praying. therefore this means that u must atleast pray to the extent that even your neighbour notices u praying.
  • MockingBird on Acts 16:31
    To believe is to commit. I believe on the Lord Jesus. Therefore I my house shall be saved .Praise God !!!
  • Joshua Lumula on Psalms 23
    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow u throughout your life. Believe, Trust and obey and you will surely see His goodness. Spiritual guidance is key in the whole of this chapter. May this goodness rein upon us for ever. Amen
  • Joshua Lumula on Psalms 23
    Surely goodness and mercy follow u throughout your life. Spiritual guidance is key in the whole of this chapter.
  • Shekinah on Jeremiah 1:19
    Jeremiah 1 19 is an assurance that no matter what one is going through, once you totally put your trust in God...no plans from the pit of he 'll will work in your life as hard as the enemies may try
  • Sarah Joannides on Psalms 27
    Psalms 27 in my opinion, gives strength to the weak and those in despair. Praise God.
  • Dingani on Psalms 91
    A psalm of my motivation and confidence!!
  • V.E. Perkins, Ph.D. on John 16:33
    We are fortunate to have this saying of Jesus because it reminds us that, in the midst of our greatest difficulties, He is with us to overcome them. He is able to do so because He overcame them in His own experiences as He lived here, facing lies, persecutions, and abandonment in the end by his own 'friends. ' There is no tribulation that I can face that will, in the end, be any worse than His therefore, I can have peace, knowing that in Him I can overcome any adversity.
  • Eaglesrock on Mark 7
    Mark 7 34,35 And looking up to heaven, he sighed, and saith unto him, Ephphatha, that is, Be opened 35 And straightway his ears were opened, and the string of his tongue was loosed, and he spake plain. Jesus didn 't pray for the sick, He commanded them to be healed. He was always prayed up so when people needed healing He said things like pick up your bed and walk, to the dead he said arise,to the paralize man He said pick up your bed and walk, to demons He said go, to death ears He said open. Take your authority over sickness and diseases in the Name of Jesus.
  • Mikey on 1 John 3:2
    It is Assurance of Gods Grace upon Me,that even though I struggle with Sin as a Christian He has provided a Way,what a Glorious Loving God We Serve.
  • Gracie on Psalms 27:10
    I have a granddaughter , 25 years old,that her mother has forsaken her and her father committed suicide when she was a baby so i want to give her this scripture to encourage her. God will be her father and her mother, praise God!.
  • We are a choosen generation called forth to show his EXCELLENCE NOT OUR EXCELLENCE
  • Felix on Psalms 103
    Glory to God. Its amazing how powerful this scripture is,just meditating on it refreshes the soul and its like a new beginning.
  • Abieyuwa obasuyi on Psalms 1
    Know that God is always ready to forg ve u, just stay put in christ he will prosper you without adding sorrow. Love you Jesus.
  • Rev. Brownking U.Ifegwu on Philippians 3:10
    The knowledge of Jesus and his power or the power that raised him from the dead, is the beginning of sight of any child of God. Nobody really knows Jesus Christ intimately or the more and remained the same. The knowledge of Jesus Christ makes the difference in any child of God 's life. I still want to know him to the power that raised from the dead, l am not yet satisfied. I want to know him the More...Lord Jesus l need to know more of you. Please you, get to know him Jesus your life will never remained the same... God bless you

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