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  • Tracy on 1 Kings 5
    In this chapter i can see how god can give you peace on every side. He also is the provider of all that we need.
  • MockingBird on Psalms 31:24
    The Lord is always saying Be of Good courage It is Good courage , not bad or evil He will strengthen my heart The joy of the Lord is my strength. My hope is in the Lord without Him I can do nothing I can not even take my next breath . Praise God for His Love and care for me and all that Hope in Him !!!
  • Yemisi Jesse on Psalms 19
    My heart rejoices anytime I read this Psalm. God is mighty. My favourite passage Ever.
  • Jerome on Psalms 108
    God is my protection. He saved my wife and Son from sure death within a week. Thank you jesus for your kind mercy.
  • Saroja on Psalms 103
    The Lord 's grace His unmerited favour is revealed in Psalms 103
  • MockingBird on Psalms 103:12
    East from the West is ever ongoing while the North to the South has an ending. God sure knew what He was saying here and He always knows what He is saying for He made all things, I Thank my Lord for forgiving me of all my sins and always will. I also must remember that even though I am forgiven of my sins There is a just recompence of reward for obedience and disobedience . If we confess our sins He God is faithful and just to forgive our sins , and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness . Praise God for His everlasting Mercy !!!! My transgressions and sins are removed.
  • Rob on Psalms 103:12
    What a great line of scripture to read following the yesterdays celebration of the Day of Atonement! Thank you Jesus for saving us! Amen.
  • M on Luke 18
    just think of all of the people that could be healed if we would truly believe and take GOD at HIS word and not doubt for one second, I would love to see allot of people healed of diabetes and cancer while here on this earth.all that i can say is GOD PLEASE heal so that people like some doctor 's and people that do not know you will believe that there is a GOD that heals and delivers people.
  • M on Habakkuk 3
    My hope is build on nothing else but JESUS LOVE and righteousness all other grounds are sinking sand.
  • Ruby on Matthew 4
    I believe Matthew 4 is informing us that if we learn Godword and use it accordingly then Satan will be no match for us. Just as Jesus made it his business to use the word as a weapon we can do the same .
  • Junior on Haggai 1:6
    This passage is truly real and I personally feel guilty and convicted for relegating God to come 2nd best in my life. It 's my sincere prayer that i return back to his righteous ways and serve him in Truth and spirit.
  • Mandla on 3 John 1:2
    In fact price paid for us by Jesus Christ what we need is have faith in Him only Him. We have everything let us not worry about tomorrow.
  • Debrawhite on Leviticus 1
    Jesus the redeemer how grateful and AWESOME is that. God loved us so he gave his ONLY begotten Son for our SINS a FRESH new start...I love the Lord not because of what he does but WHO HE IS, NO one could EVER love us more or better. How thankful WE ALL should be for his MERCIES and GRACE, Amen!!
  • Reuben munguti on 2 Chronicles 7
    2 Chronicles 7 14 This actually reminds of how merciful, loving and concern is our God the Lord of Abraham. I got saved when I was in form two in the year 2010. By that time I was 16 years old. Imagine all that time from the first day of my life in this world being a sinner, but God did not get tired of my sinful ways. Meanwhile, He was waiting for me to make a simple choice, "repentance, " of my sins and He really forgave me, actually is He not a God of Love, God of Mercy and Concern? So, my brethren, if you happens to read this verse try to interpret and share with your friends. May the Lord our God bless you so much. Amen.
  • Vijay kumar anchula on Revelation 1
    Brothers please don 't get cofused,and don 't confuse others no devil can take the mighty name of Jesus and do miracles. Only gods chosen people can take his holy name and do miracles. Satan was tormenting me by high blood sugar which was at very high rate nearly 700 .and a man of god k.shyam kishore bro prayed in the name of mighty lord Jesus and it came normal only Jesus can heal us.but devil 's work is to destroy mankind and he wants to take all the people to hell.so be patient and wait for the lord.
  • Cynthia on Psalms 30
    Give thanks unto the Lord for he is worthy to be praised. The lord hears our prayers unto him.Sometimes we have to go through trial and tribulations to make our faith stronger in the lord. Remember our Lord and Savior will not let us go through something we can not bare! Our weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning! Hallelujah!!!!! I am a true witness and a living product of this chapter!!! Patience!!!!!
  • Gideon on Matthew 5:8
    The PURE in HEART are those who are born again and continually obey and follow the word of God no matter the situation and circumstances. They have laid their hands in the plow and cannot look back. Their affections is on christ and heavenly vision.
  • Brianna on Psalms 111:10
    A very practical and powerful scripture. This calls to question what does it mean to Fear Jehovah? In accordance with this scripture, the fear of disobeying his commandments and displeasing him. The laws in the Bible serve as a great protection from many of the pitfalls that befall so many today. Would it not be wisdom to obey those laws, and benefit ourselves???
  • Rev. Velma Brown on Romans 4:17
    We are to call those things that are not as though they were. We speak in faith believing that God will bring it to pass. My trust is in God not in the world system. God will take care of you if we stop trying to take care of ourself.
  • we serve a risen savior that is King of Kings Lord of Lords.
  • Wisdom Mwale on Isaiah 59:19
    The standard resembles the word of God which the Holy Spirit empowers us to use to overcome all the attacks of the enemy. The devil is the enemy and he does not respect the level of annointing someone has, if it were so Jesus would never have been tempted but he is always stopped by the word of God spoken by revelation unction of the Spirit of God .
  • Lizzy on Luke 1:37
    Even when i was in trouble God never leave me he was there all the time
  • Adekunle A.E on Joshua 1
    The ways of mennn is different from the way of the Lord. Walk in his way, work for his way, and you shall surely get to your beautiful destination by choice or by chance. Just obey when he calls obedience. Do not argue or complain, he will see you through.
  • Studda Box on Psalms 35
  • MockingBird on Deuteronomy 6:5
    This is the total of man . Spirit Soul Body The devil works from the outside toward in body soul spirit While God works from the inside out Spirit Soul Body. When the first two are in agreement then the body will follow. Become one. Love the Lord God is a command not a suggestion !!! It is a Great Privilege to Love our creator !!!
  • Geraldine cole on Psalms 30
    After reading this psalm I like to read Psalms 37 and 35 and 34 God has a way of lifting us up when we are feeling down he speaks to us threw his word and threw other sisters and brother what the devil do not know is we win in the end we may stumble but we will not fall and when the devil thinks he got u God always makes a way out of No way Amen
  • Belisa Kirk on Psalms 34:1
    No matter what we go through always remember to blessed God and he will bring us out alright
  • MockingBird on Mark 16:15
    I believe this scripture is telling me to preach the Gospel in all the world that surrounds me. the part of the world God has placed me in. Yes Even to the lost people in my world. I have excess to the internet and I can tell of Jesus there. If My Lord God tells me to go else where then I must needs go where He tells me to go !!! I am to be a witness of my Lord Jesus Christ to all His creation. I am apart of His creation.
  • Ann on Psalms 92
    I love singing praises to the Most High God. It brings His presence upon my life. Psalms 92 1 I remember working up one morning hearing the Lord saying to me "sing praises to the Most High God " and knowing that Psalm is full of praises I did not know which Psalm and God referred me to Psalms 92.
  • Ann on Psalms 91
    Very powerful assurance from God. I remember I did not know the Lord back then when in a dream God held my right hand and told me to stop running, I stopped running knowing that I was safe in God 's hands. I then started reciting Psalms 91 in my dream.

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