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  • Tom on Romans 1:16
    The true gospel needs to be preached. These days, satan knows that he cannot deny Jesus, and hence is in the process of diluting the truth and propagating false teachings. Hence the need for the 'True gospel ' that Jesus is the only way for salvation and there is no other real gods...
  • Vera steve okunlola on Psalms 23
    This scripture has being keeping me moving in life all we need 2 do is 2 have trust in God as a good shepherd,The only friend n time of need,trouble and distress.
  • Shirley Dimoh on Psalms 35
    I know god is with me every where I go. I have so much to be thankful . I give thanks every minutes and second of the day ... I love him soso much !!!
  • Olabode on Romans 1:16
    Whenever we find ourselves, we should preach the gospel either in the street, ship, car,etc because it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believe.
  • Vincent on Romans 5:5
    After experiencing a very serious car accident in 2007, my faith was shaken very much. But then hope came to my rescue and the Holy Spirit gave me assurance that God could and would use me in the area of pastor duties that I was involved in, Hope came alive in me.!!!
  • Rev. Kayode Afolabi on Genesis 28:15
    As believers we should cultivate the habit of hearing from God. When we feel weak, lonely and troubled, the ability to hear His voice brings hope alive in us and strengthens us within to carry on.
  • Mattie brown on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 I love it only God knows what I have been going through but I know it will be all right because I have put it in the right hands
  • Rob on Mark 10:27
    All things are amazing with God. I was just married on the beach 2 nights ago and we were blessed with a breathtaking sunset. I know that was the Lord approving. Thank you Jesus.
  • Le'Roy on Nehemiah 4
    We must all work together concerning the Church,every aspect of the body is equally important to complete the build, evil will come upon the church in one form or another. We must ernestly contend for the faith which once was ,to the pulling down of strong holds...I see HIS FAVOR IS UPON US. JESUS CHRIST THE SAME YESTERDAY TODAY AND FOR EVER ...
  • Gladys on Psalms 121
    I thank God for the word of God because it is indeed a light unto my soul This verse has helped me to go to many of life 's uncertain circumstances I love my lord and savior Jesus Christ and I know he loves me too!
  • Diane on Psalms 91
    I used to go through severe panic attacks mainly at night, but ever since I 'd started using my spiritual weapons according to the scriptures, I had seen a tremendous difference in my own life. I am blessed to say that I no longer have panic attacks that I 'd struggled with for majority of my life as a result of quoting these scriptures over my life on a consistent basis. Praise Jesus for His Word of Life!!!!
  • Jenny on Job 13:15
    We experience so many things in this life but our faith ought to remain firm in God. We don 't always know the reason why we experience some of the things we do but i can encourage everyone to see God throughout it all and He will open our understanding to His ways. I went through a very bad time recently and friends made various assumptions as to why these things were happening to me but when i sought God he eventually showed me that I had to go through those things to be freed from the very thing that was holding me in bondage. The Hebrew boys went into the fire and was not burned but note the robe that was used to bound them was burned in the fire. We cannot tell God how to work things out but be encouraged that God is truly in the midst of all out trials and troubles. Be bless in Jesus
  • Geraldine cole on Revelation 1
    This O my God is beautiful! all I can say if u are looking for real true Love try Jesus he will love us in our good days and our hard times he is a God that sees everything we do. so he know the truth about us. I thank God sister and brother that I am saved and I thank him for his holy Ghost leading and guiding me to all truth that I need to know. all of God children are bless.when God is your father all u have to do is obey him and he will take care of u I am a witness.praise God.
  • Rob on Psalms 100:4
    Thank you LORD God. I love you. You have been amazing to me, I 'm sorry I turned from you for a while but I 'm glad you sent Jesus and your Holy Spirit to bring me back. Amazing Grace. How sweet.
  • Wesley on Isaiah 43:8
    we are advised to go forward teaching and fishing more of lost sheep, for our lord loves us all and is the shepherd
  • Haizel on Psalms 39
    This verse hit me the most, O spare me, that I may recover strenght, before I go hence and be no more. I am asking myself of what legacy will I leave when Im gone. What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits towards me? Sometimes, life demands so much from us and we tend to feel like quitting, that we cant go on any longer, but God 's promises are never fading. We just have to believe Him. He is our strenght when we are weak, he hears even our silent cries. Worry no more, pray more!
  • Geraldine cole on Proverbs 1
    Well praise God .God children has nothing to worry about just do not let the devil and his sinful children lead u their way because the wicked watch the righteous and they want to slay them but God will not allow it. how Do God know what the devil childrens have plan for the righteous God looks down on the earth he knows the hart of man and don 't u worry God is our defence praise God Amen
  • Aisha Richard on Psalms 23
    It is everything to me and makes me happy to know that I have everything in Him
  • Olabode on Matthew 25:23
    It is an illustration Jesus gave to us that if we can follow His steps that is have faith in him, obey him, keep his commandments, serve him with the whole of our hearts, worship him only, wining souls for him, fear him, study his word, waiting for his second appearance, etc he promised us that he will make us ruler over many things.
  • Osborn Wanjala on John 11
    no matter our problem will be, God will always be faithful to respond to it. even if it will take long
  • Joshua Makolo on Isaiah 49:15
    Can there be a man who will not sleep? Yet there is a God who does not sleep. He takes care of,you even when men sleep.
  • Ethelbert on Psalms 100
    Oh ! How GREAT thou are, the Father of ALL spirits and flesh...the mountains melt like wax before Him...fire goes before Him and consume His foes...the creator of all things visible and invisible, men and animals and called them by name...founded the earth upon the everlasting ROCK...you Lord counted the sands of the sea and knows the number and measureth the oceans and hold them in a spoon...oh! Jesus thou art a GREAT King, thank you very very much for saving me.
  • KIngsley kinate on John 5:39
    I think search the scripture keeps us closer to the almighty God and not only that but it boost our knowledge and understanding the word of God
  • James on James 1
    I cannot count the number of trials I have been trough, but when I I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I know that these trials will just make me a better person and Christian. THANK YOU Jesus for you helping me be the husband, father, spritual leader that you intended me to be from conception.
  • Joshua barnabas on Romans 6:14
    Its late for the law to sow back the VEIL my JESUS torned apart in my life....... Am a New Creation.... Halleluyah!!
  • Nkosinathi Thomas on Luke 15:23
    Fatted cows are normally called vealers, as they are reared for human consumption.In this context, the Holy Bible clearly indicates that the young man had been lost for closer to a year, because of two reasons 1 a calf becomes a cow when it is a yearling. 2 a fatted calf is reared thus for veal, And it clearly shows that the father never lost faith and kept fattening the calf, which might have been born a few days before he left or a few days after he left.Such is Our Father, nothing stops Him in being our compassionate, loving, merciful, patient God
  • Sharon Frankiln on Psalms 103
    I have read Psalm 103 over and over today it is awsome,powerful great to live by.
  • Michael on Psalms 66:20
    The Word of God quickens me. This psalm or verse is full of comfort, knowing that God will never leave us or forsake us and that he is always there to hear our prayers is more than anyone can ask. What a God like that?
  • Jenifer john on 2 Peter 2:14
    Jesus,i trust in you
  • Linda on Psalms 91
    I was shown psalms 91 in a dream about 4 months ago it 's like this worlds 911 but its are spiritual number to call on the heavens I read it once a day and what I was shown In the dream has and is still coming to pass it is my 911

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