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  • Mark on Leviticus 3
    Giving sacrifice unto God with your whole heart is good and it attracts God 's blessings to our lives
  • Moloreng on Psalms 91
    We are so blessed to have a saviour like him, our protector Jesus our Lord
  • Kathy on Acts 18
    Acts 18 9 10 is a verse the holy spirit gave to me when I was going through a terrible separation. The Lord called me and told me that he would use all that I was to go through for the glory of Jesus! Since that time 12 to 20 family members have come to know Jesus through my faithfulness to God. Jesus also healed me totally of cancer. My life have been spared through many terrible car accidents. I 've been to Australia and have witnessed a little boy totally healed of breathing problems!I am remarried now after raising three adult children. And at 40 years old the Lord Jesus gave me another baby after my tubes were tied for 14 years. God is awesome and faithful to his promises. He promised to be with me and that I would not he have many people in every city of this world. I am never alone! Jesus Christ is the only answer for the world!
  • Herman Montford on Psalms 23
  • Harding A Sesay on 2 Corinthians 5
    I like the new life declaration 2corithians 5 17 This verse is not just talking about putting to death your sinful nature by being baptised into CHRIST but also about the benefits attached to the putting to death the old self "...behold all things are become new ". You at once become a chosen generation, a royal priesthood according to 1st Peter 2 9. "a new creation..all are become new. It does not matter the family you were born to. You are no longer bound to reproach and poverty.
  • Philip Noyola on Psalms 23
    I love Psalms 23 when ever I feel worried, can 't sleep I open my bible to Psalms 23 and I feel comfort and relieved.
  • Rob on Psalms 91:1
    Thank you LORD! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit! The LORD is good and his mercy endurith forever! Remember to thank our God today and to invite him to dwell with with us. For where God dwells it is sanctified and we are filled with joy!
  • Barbara Menkins on Psalms 127
    The fact that he allows a created being like me to have a voice to praise Him. I love this Psalm
  • Melissa Chambersmed on John 15
    I love John 15. The lord is the true vine and we are the branches. Thank you heavenly father storing my family.
  • Olujide on Psalms 51
    Give me a clean heart oh Lord
  • Carolyn C Harward on Psalms 84
    To the Honorable T. Robinson Ahlstrom. Unlike you I did not appreciate the invaluable gems I managed to retain as a young girl. Privileged to attend like universities, I cultivated hedonism, gained little, lost more. But I always believed in God and Him in me, the latter I learned when I surrendered my wicked life to Jesus, who has never left me despite my grievous straying. You speak wisely that I could not. I love you my brother! God Bless You! , . AMEN!
  • Bridget Nkosi on Isaiah 41:10
    I came across this verse this morning during my morning devotional study. This is after I had just heard from a Doctor that the problem with the pain in my left leg is being caused by "dsic disease ". I felt so depressed after the news as generally am very fit and exercise at least five times a week. But after reading this verse I felt the warmth of God assuring me not to be afraid and that I should know that He is still God. That even though the Docs report may sound scary I need not be terrified. My strength has been renewed further and i encourage others going through a bad patch to medidate on this verse. it is well. Be blessed. Shalom.
  • Stella ogolo naomi on Psalms 127
    its tells us that God have us in mind and he knows all our thought and what we are going through,its also tells us that his wisdom is more than what we can imagine
  • Laureen Glasscock on Hebrews 1:10
    I just love your site. I love the word of God and these translations, showing the 1611 version of the King James along with today 's King James and it is alive and glorious. This blesses me greatly.
  • Yolinda Border on Mark 5
    I do believed God He can healed in our deseases. I testify for myself He healed me my heart condition He is my best healer thanks my Lord for everything you had done to me
  • CARL MORRIS on Psalms 62
    What people got to understand is that GOD is in control of everything on this earth. We have to pick up HIS word read it and undersatnd what it saying to us as fellowers of GOD people. Everything from heaven to hell belongs to GOD in the first place. You gotta beleive in GOD that He 's our father in heaven having mercy on us as his children and giving us all the time in the world to pick up our cross and fellow him. Whenever you get in trouble or a bill need to be paid and you don 't know how it going to happen you call on LORD LORD give me strenght to keep on and He never let you down for nothing He 's always their for us all. JESUS is the answer to any question you have give Him your all you can 't go wrong.
  • Lisa on Psalms 27
    This is one of my favourite Psalms. I turn to it when I 'm deeply troubled, or when people I 've helped turn against me for no reason. It help me to keep strong, holding on to His words. Cause pain and suffering!... THATS WHAT THE CROSS WAS FOR.
  • Blessing Moyo on Deuteronomy 31:6
    I want to give glory to The Almighty God for this wonderful or powerful scripture it's not a scripture but a healing word and bring us confidence. What a wonderful word let this word be fulfilled in this world because we are in the last days thank you so much IKECHUKU EMMANUEL my Brother l Blessing in Zimbabwe
  • Muyumbu james on John 21
    Ilove God all my life
  • Toman Emel on John 1:4
    Light means the ability to cause the truth of God 's word, gain a physical form. That was what Jesus did for us. He took the things that were mere promises to us and made them manifest so all men could see it.
  • Maria Concepcion M. Sesbreno on Acts 16:31
    Be the priest of our own home. Lets thanks him for his love and greatness.
  • Angel on Matthew 10
    NOTE TO MYSELF Serve God! Dont expect God to serve you... Obedient children are rewarded. So instead of begging God for things, ask him what you may do for HIM today. Our Father knows what we have need of.
  • Lydia on Acts 22:14
    i think its powerful that is what we need to show our actions and words and soft answers and loving people to show who christ is its amazing we are free and can choose to walk with Him everyday for the rest of our lives. thank you God for delivering me from the snares of the enemy i am free to move and live for you love you Lord
  • Nicky on Job 7:17
    This verse makes me feel humbled and loved. To think of our Sovereign God, Majestic perfect and High. No one can compare or come close to Him And yet He is concerned about us lowly and imperfect beings. How can we not love and serve Him
  • Lissa on Revelation 4
    I am so grateful that at a very young age I know about the Almighty God, though I may make mistakes at times, but i make those mistakes then repent, rather than fall and keep my distance from Christ. I feel so eager to preach the gospel and not what others that seek attention preach, but just preach the word of God and only it.. It 's funny how the pastors now preach something tha is way different from that on the Bible to get big ministries instead of letting people know the truth and let them choose whether they want to commit to it... But anyways our God never leaves us, we 're the ones who leave him, yet still he takes us back and comforts us whenever we feel pains and heartaches.ohw what a Mighty God we serve...
  • Edith Ragan on Psalms 23
    The 23rd Psalms was always my mom 's favorite. She had me memorize it when I was 9 yrs old and bcuz of that, I will always treasure this chapter in psalms as my favorite too. Mom is very sick now, but I have faith she will be healed. I request prayer for my sweet mom. Thank u, Edie
  • Thomas on James 5:13
    It gives hope to the sick and assurance that God hears prayers and being happy is acceptable for Christians
  • Steve on Luke 23:42
    This was a moment of great faith by this man condemned to crucifixion with our Lord. It highlights the fact that anyone at anytime who BELIEVES and has FAITH in Jesus as the Christ...the Son of the Living God...is redeemable. That should be wonderful news to everyone. Blessed are those who believe!
  • Erlinda Ebanks on Psalms 35
    To me, this is an awesome Psalm, just like everything that comes from our Heavenly FATHER. One day I asked my FATHER JEHOVA, to please give me a Biblical verse, one that I could read in times of distress, and as I open my Bible what I saw in front of me was Psalms 35, "to GOD be the glory ", my FATHER that knows my present, past and future, knew what was coming my way, Song of Solomon 3 months after, someone killed my oldest son I couldn 't believe the peace that was within me, yes, I was hurt and very sad for my son death, but at the same time I knew my GOD had everything under control, the ones that had to do with my sons death where there at the funeral home, and I had the opportunity to see all that was going on, they got very confused and each one of them came to me with a different story about how my son death had happened, they gave away their selves...But in my heart my FATHER was telling me " Do not worry, leave it all to me ", so I did as HE wanted me to do. "GOD IS GOOD " HALLELUJAH !!!
  • Shawn Guy on Psalms 91
    May God bless you all that takes time out to read his word have bless day In God we trust

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